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And you people think that you have bad neighbors... I used to have a really nice married couple living next door, and I was even friends with their 3 daughters (one my age, one who's about 7 or 8, and and one 2 or 3 year old). But then they moved away, and we got total a**holes for neighbors. They out in noise complaints about me and my family, when THEY'RE the ones who bang the walls all the time! They have NO consideration for us when we want quiet and then WE had to put in a noise complaint about them! It sucks and I want them to move already.


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My neighbors at the moment are great. Most of them are elderly people who keep to themselves.


In the house that I used to live I had these people who had an American Pitball Terrier living with them. And one day the dog came around to out house and killed my dear rabbit, Thumper. Long Live Thumper the Great. So we called Animal Control and the dog was taken away. My neighbors HAD the choice to have it either put down or be muzzled. They CHOSE to have it put down and they started being all agro at us making out that it was our fault that the dog was put down. So for some reason they started to throw apples at our house and all sorts of other fruits.

I was like WTF you chose for it to be put down, not us, so throw your apples at yourselves, not at us!


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Hmm, my neighbors are very hippocritical. They complain about this old lady across the street that doesn't pick up her dog's leavings whenever she walks her dog, but then they leave all of their dog's leavings, in front of the gate to the backyard. I wouldn't be that mad, except for the fact that I normally ride my bike every other day. They're also really nosy, and sometimes when I come out of the car, I can see either the wife or husband trying to camoflauge his or herself as he or she looks out the window. Sometimes, they babysit children, but they don't babysit them well. Often when they do, I hear them being rather loud.


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My neighbor's dog always chase me for no apparent reason and barks at me whenver I walk near my neighbor's house.

Yeah, that just happened.


my neighbors are my family, we just follow the saying "do to others what others do to you"...if they leave huge pile of dog dumps in our lawn, we do the same...XD...anyways, our neighborhood in vacations gather in the afternoon to play bingo....hahahaha...so much fun being in a neighborhood this aggressive...lol
Hehe, lets see. I live in a sub-division so I have lot's of "neighbors". The ones that live next door or accross the street are cool enough. One guy even gave me a free riding lawnmower.

In one house there have been 4 differant people living there in 4 years. We didn't get to know the first people. Then there were these kids. like 10 12 and 17 and teh 17 year old was always trying to get my little brother alone. The 12 year old was a jerk and the 10 year old girl had bruises all over her face. As far as we could tell the perants were not very good at all.

Then we had some nice neighbors with a girl my brother's age. But they moved away. Now we have more good neighbors who give us food and we give them books.

Then there is the "lawn man". Even if it's 90 Degrees out, he's out mowing or edging or something.

Also there is the Anal woman. Mom had a flower bed growing and they were nice and big. Then this lady reported us for having weed that were too long. and if we didn't cut them down we would lose $1000.

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We're a relatively reclusive family, we don't really talk to our neighbours.

They're not bad though. Relatively quiet, and they don't bother us, so I suppose that's good.


99% of our neighbors are either annoying little kids, freaks who rarely ever come out of their house and hate everyone, or drug dealers. No, seriously. Someone just called the cops on them a few weeks ago.

The 1% is our next door neighbor who's a really nice guy in his early 20s. He let me ride his motorcycle once, so he's alright in my book.


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My neighbours are going through a divorce and I'm stealing their Wireless.


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Uhm, once I had a neighbor that was so annoying!!!
I had a inflatable pool and he made a BIG hole on it, so I had to trsh it, only because her daughter told that I didn´t invited her, but the true is that she never appeared.
I live in the middle of nowhere, so we have to drive our garbage bins like a mile down the road to the pick up place, and there is one old retired guy who pays someone to line them up in perfect lines several times a week, he also randomly sprays Xs on the road where there are slight bumps. Another of my neighbors drives so badly (and this is on a tiny country road) that she actually killed someone (she claims they jumped in front of her).Than the neighbors next door who no longer live there were nice themselves, but had a crazy dog (named chub-chub because he was really fat) that had far to much energy and would eat all the nearby dogs food and would always sneak over to swim in my fish pond (poor fish) he would also wander miles by himself, nearly to the freeway, so they moved, hopefully to a place with a fenced yard.
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a man down my road thinks i'm his grandaughter.
He's old, and indian, and i'm ginger xD


My neighbors are.... I don't know, crazy lunatics?

They curse day and night, play loud music like they own the place, and smokes so much like their lives depended on it.

My neighborhood is messed up. D:


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Yes, our neighbors 3 years ago were so annoying. We lived in a duplex and shared a garage. They left their garage door (from house to garage) open just to see what we are doing in the garage. They reported us to the police for having a pool which isn't against the law. When we were moving they called the landlord right when the movers came to spite us.

So, the last day we were there, my mom verbally harassed them.


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My neighbors while they lived near us were the weirdest famiuly I've ever met.

The husband was really a really mean control freak. He never let his wife learn how to drive. She had no way of going anywhere when her husband was working. She would always be calling my mom to give her a ride to the supermarket or something. This got really old really fast. My mom is a very busy person, she doesnt have time to be bringing some woman different places.
Things got worse when the mom forced me to play with her freakish duaghter. She was a weirdo, what 16 year old teenager would want to "play" with a 10 year old little kid? She did strange things. SHe told me that in my past life I was a hippo (fat joke ftl)when she was a lion in hers. My pet lizard was a pilgrim on the Mayflower, in his past life, and my dog was Hiltler. WTF this girl was nuts. She did nothing but try and freak me out, and it worked. One time when we were on my trampoline with me and my sister, she asked us if we had heard of those two people who died in that car accident in a nearby town. We said yeah, then she told my little sister to get two pieces of construction paper and peanut butter. I asked what was that stuff for. She than said she was going to contact the two people's spirits. Luckily her mom came over and said she had to do something with her daughter, so she left before she could contact the spirits.

Good thing she moved away the next week lol she was just soooooo wierd.
My neighbors across the street adopted TEN kids. Yes, ten.
They're all like ten years old. o_o
And my next-door neighbor has a huge crush on me.
That's about it. xD

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I live in an apartment, and of course, I had a lot of neighbors. There was an old lady who lives alone with a cat and a little boy. She always whining and shouting, but she loves animals, especially my dog. She came to my father store every day, and often stay to chat with him. She died 2 months ago. We found her dead when we came to invited the boy to my birthday party. She was alive for a few minutes when we came. We couldn't do anything about it. Later, another family moved in and we've never seen her nor that boy again. This story still haunting my mind now...


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The neighbors called the cops on me because they thought I was robbing...my own house.