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The house on the right of ours has 3 little boys, aged 6, 9 and 11. In the summer, they like to spend their mornings in the backyard, running around and screaming like crazy. This is, of course, particularly annoying at 8 am on a Saturday morning. They also like to race up and down the back hill on their bicycles, also screaming loudly. This aggravates my dog, who thinks there are intruders roaming near the back of the house. Not to mention the general racket would annoy anyone.

They also have a dog, named Fluffy. Fluffy is somewhat elderly, fat, but he's constantly running away from home. Whenever they open the front door - WOOSH! Out comes Fluffy at 50 miles an hour. And what happens? The kids run after him, yelling. There have been instances where I've been walking with my dog - without a leash - and Fluffy has come running past. My dog won't chase him, or run away with him. He'll stay beside me and follow me back home. I like the dog and everything, and I feel bad that he keeps having to escape those rambunctious boys, but I hate those damn yelling kids!

The house on the left used to be occupied by an elderly lady, but after she died, another family moved in. This one has a little girl, and my dog once barked at her. She cried like a baby. It was funny.

Heh, but these two neighbors got nothing over an old neighbor I once had. There was a family, and the parents often got into heated arguments. I suspect they were going through a divorce, or it was an abusive relationship in general. Often times, it would escalate to physical violence, and the police were called a couple of times.

This happened for about 2 years, until they moved out. I don't know whatever happened to them, or the domestic situation.
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we used to have great neighbors til they moved away. then we got a horrible family next door: they have a kid that never stops shouting at the top of his lungs at all times of the day; a dog which the kid torments and so never shuts up either; and some adults that are always screaming at each other and slamming car doors (and probably every other door available it seems) at 3am.

my neighbors on the other side are pretty snobby though, and we never see much of them. =/


When I was a tiny little lad, we had a weird neighbor who we used to avoid.

They said he "ate" children, but I think he was a child molester, and the adults sugar-coated it by saying he was a cannibal.
My next-door neighbors are fine. They let my cat use the pile of dirt they have on their front lawn as a litter box.

BUT I'm not sure about my other neighbors, yesterday I looked up info on my house, there are 45 registered sex offenders in the area.


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I was like WTF you chose for it to be put down, not us, so throw your apples at yourselves, not at us!


Anyhow. Our neighbors are extremely reclusive.. but they sometimes literally sneak into our yard and steal our blackberries.



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My neighbor always stares at me when I am playing in my backyard its kinds creepy you know what I mean sometimes I want to hit him in the head with a rock.


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Anyhow. Our neighbors are extremely reclusive.. but they sometimes literally sneak into our yard and steal our blackberries.


Yah, ho doooooooos that? ;<

My neighbors are mainly nice. We live on a plot of land, and abotu 3/4ths of a mile separates us, and they sometimes come over for B-B-Q's and stuff.

Our old nieghbors complained about how far our fence was from the road.
My old neighbors (who moved away 2 days ago) had 3 little girls that always ran around screaming their heads off for no apparent reason. :< I can't even imagine what the parents had to put up through. I know that they were bad parents, anyway. I'm glad that they moved away. They never gave me peace and quiet. >< Even when I'm in the far side of my home... D:
Man, my neighbors are so annoying.
Theres this one guy that keeps on trying to hit on my sis :p


We never talk to our neighbors so no

except that their dogs never shut the hell up!

and our next door neighbors mow there lawn almost every 2 days!

and there kids are annoying. The parents let them just go outside with no parental vision at all. One time I swear their son got out the hose and sprayed the whole house with water.

And whenever they grill the smoke always goes in out eyes since they use something different

there the only ones that really bug me
There are alot of odd coincidences with my family and my neighbours

my neighbours we believe are always spying on us, and it just so happens that everywhere we go, they just so happen to be there too
it's a little strange for us.
I used to live next to a pedo. He was always nice to us but one day he tried to rape my sister.. <_<
And the other neighbours even cut down our trees while we were on vacation.. o_O
Luckily we moved, now there's an old lady living next to us who's always spying on us.. XD


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Our past next-door neighbors had a little incident.

The wife overdosed on her meds and stabbed the husband in the leg. They're around 70 years old. They're still married, and moved out of the state.


Our new neighbors party 24/7. We have had to call the police numerous times.

Now they are trying to get revenge...

I hate this neighborhood.


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Our new neighbors party 24/7. We have had to call the police numerous times.

Now they are trying to get revenge...

I hate this neighborhood.

get revenge?

on what?

if you called the cops, you obviously have a legit reason.

The only annoying thing about my neighbors is that one of them constantly has to text.

it gets on my nerves.

other than that, they aren't bad people.

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The neighbours opposite my house got a cockrel, for the sole reason (or at least, what I think is the sole reason) of pissing everyone else in the neighbourhood.

I reckon I'm probably a far annoying neighbour mind you, what with the unplanned late night poker parties accompanied by ludicrous bass.