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The evilly named ship is back! For those of you who don't know, neoeeveeevolutionsshipping is Gary and Sakura. It was named because at the time they were the only recurring characters with eeveelutions and this was when Umb and Esp were new.

I know this isn't the most popular of ships but it's got a few fans here and there. :D

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Hmm, seems logical enough.

To be honest, I don't even remember the last time Sakura was around though. (What was it, Ecruteak?)
Would there be any episodes or events I could look into too about the two? (Focusing on Sakura)
She hasn't been around since the chronicles. This ship was made when she first appeared with Espeon.

And she's only in three eps, they're all in her profile: http://www.serebii.net/anime/characters/sakura.shtml As for Gary, he's got numerous eps, I'm sure you could find something.

It'd be nice to have either of them appear again, but unlikely for Sakura since she's travelling around Kanto.

It'd be awesome if there was some kind of eevee competition that they could appear in along with all the other Eevee trainers from the show. It wouldn't happen but if it did this would no longer be a nevermet ship! :D


I love this one, I read a one-shot posted here some time ago that was so sweet it made me get into this pair ^^

Even though I support Ego and CavalierShipping before this, NeoEeveevolutionsShipping is very cool :D

oooh, eevee competition, where we could have a reunion of the eevee brothers from Kanto, the eevee sisters from Johto, May with her glaceon, Gary with umbreon, Sakura with Espeon...and we need someone with Leafeon !!! xD
...someone made a fic!? Oh god, I've been waiting forever for someone to make one. Heck, the only fanart I know of it was a sprite WaterBlaster (long gone member ;-; ) made for me.

And yeah, I want a competition with every character ever to have an Eevee(lution). :D

BTW, it's spelled NeoEeveeEvolutionsShipping. You missed one of the Es from the group of three, lol. Told ya it was evil. ;D
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Wow, that was a nice fic. I support all the other shippings in it as well. :D Too bad it's so old I can't review it. :(

Anyone else know any fics/pics with this ship in it? Surely there's more than the two previously mentioned.


er...no...can't find art :( but I can set topics ! ^^'

How would you want them to meet ?

Classic beginning, and give me an answer other than "an Eevee convention !!!1!1one" :D
Actually I was thinking more along the lines of an Eevee competition. In fact, I was planning on in a fic I'm writing and thought I might include those two and stick a hint of the ship in. ;D
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