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If you're wondering how you're going to spell it without c/ping, it's actually easier than it looks, just break it down into the separate words: Neo eevee evolutions shipping.

Neoeeveeevolutionsshipping is the pairing of Sakura and Gary. The name derives from the fact that they're the first trainers in the anime to have the 'new' eeveelutions, Espeon and Umbreon.

This thread is dedicated to Ki. ;)


♥Tea for Two♥
As I said on the first day you told me of this pairing's name, I was like "DANI WTF. THAT NAME IS LOOOOOOOOOONG. =A=;;;" And I still do. XDDD

I still wish Sakura and Gary could have met at some point in the anime. =[ I guess that isn't really possible anymore? >> alskfdjlsdkf Hmm... I can't really remember how I got into this shipping tbh. XD; Dani, a little help to flicker my love for this ship again? ^^; It's been a while (like a 3+ years) since I discussed Neoeeveeevolutionsshipping with anyone really. =[ And it's only you that I know who supported this never met ship. ;A;


oooh! I support this shipping! It's on my [currently down -_-'] shipping list!

I've always had fun shipping Sakura with everyone I could find because she's just so adorable! lol, I love her personality and it seems like it would be compatible with lots and lots of people. But, for some reason, I think especially Gary. So on my search for sakura ships I found this shipping. It's always been my favorite! Wouldn't Gary bother her and make her mad? THat would be prety cute. ^_^ Then they would warm up to each other and become pretty good friends!

I also like the whole Sakura's Espeon x Gary's Umbreon thing. I already like Espeon x Umbreon, because they're really cute together and other such things...but I won't make this a nightlightshipping thread. ^^ It's the kind of thing that would hint the ship if it wasn't nevermet. I can actually see Espeon and Umbreon running away from their trainers, and stumbleing along each other. When Gary and Sakura looked for their pokémmon, they would find each other! ^^

So...that's just about all I have to say about this ship, here.

I can't really remember how I got into this shipping tbh.
You got into it cause I support it. :p

I can't see these two ever meeting in the show but there are valid ways they can meet in fics. One would be for Ash, Misty, and the others to have a big get together with some of their old friends (most reoccurring characters). Another would be an Eeveelutions competition.

riolulu - So you want them to get together in the way the two Nidoran trainers in the OI did? I could see that happening. :D
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