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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Rise of the Ancient Mechs


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Neon Genesis Evangelion
Rise of the Ancient Mechs
Fan Fiction by Deokishisu.123 (Rated PG-14 for action, violence, Alcohol usage, some language, and suggestive themes.)
Disclaimer: I do not own Neon Genesis Evangelion- I am in no way affiliated with Gainax, or Anno Hideaki, nor do I own anything in the fiction in and of iteslf. Please support Evangelion!

Author's Note:So, a fanfic I may actually stick to writing? Quite possibly. This is a fanfiction of Neon Genesis Evangelion, after Shinji and Asuka make their duet against the split Angel Israfel. This story is in a separate timeline, which means none of this is based on the canon story, although some elements and events were alluded to and/or used to progress the story. The only new characters I have made thus far are the Mechs themselves, the new male Pilot, Sam Halcyon (Hey, can't be my Fic without me in it.) and, at her request, the character Dara Radke, the NGE personification of the user Buchou. I do not intend on adding others, so do not ask to be put in this story. With that said, I hope this story lives up to your expectations, and have a fun time reading.

Chapter One: Awakening

Dusk, Tokyo-3 Underground, Nearly twelve hours since the defeat of the Angel Israfel
The sky was dark, and lit by the lights of Tokyo-3's city scape. The angel, dubbed Israfel, was blasted into the side of a mountain by Evangelion Pilots Asuka Langley and Shinji Ikari, performing a synchronized assault on the divided Angel. When the Angel made it's impact deep into the Earth, all of Tokyo-3 saw that a brief instance of peace was among them, until the next Angel attacked.
But another Angel will not come.

"..." A large object began to stir. It's eyes slowly opened, awakened by the sudden rumbling. It was surrounded by rocks in a cavern below the earth. A huge hole had been blasted in from the surface. Long ago, ancient wizards developed artificial life forms in the form of humans, each of them were forged by magic in an effort to harness the power of the divines. It was what a human would call a Centurion. It watched as a reddish liquid poured into the pressured, dry room. The liquid bounced off of their energy shielding that preserved them. All 6 of them. Each of them harnessed the powers of the elements, one each for Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Darkness and Light. They were all of a rather large height, and all shared a distinct look- but they were colored differently to correspond to their elemental power. The liquid then filled the entire room, and began to lift their compression spheres where they were magically sealed away up and out of the hole where the liquid came from. They rose up, and up, and up.
Eventually, the liquid was eroding away their magical cases- it obviously didn't agree with it. The mech looked at the bubble cracking and melting. He looked around at the other mechs. They too were begining to crack, and he could see all of them were aware what was happening. They all looked to one another with a thought in mind. They noddeed to each other, and burst from their shields, rocketing themselves from the deep crater and out of the ground, sending them soaring into the skies above Tokyo-3.
"..." The mech of Light looked at the cityscape after he and his brothers began to shake the stange red substance off. "The humans... they have advanced."
"Yes, they have." The one of Fire stated. "Were they the cause of our awakening?"
"No." The Light one said. "I have just scanned this. It is not of human making."
"Then what could have woken us?" The blue one of water asked.
"Perhaps whatever made that oddly shapped crater?" The one of Darkness pointed out a strange crater that contained a small, circular hole in it. The crater was humanoid shaped.
"That's far too tall to be a human." The Light one said. "We must find whatever made us awaken before our time, and stop them before they do this again."
"Because of the advancement in human technology, don't you think they would make an entry of these things?" The green one of Wind inquired.
"Indeed. We must find out what they are, and destroy them." The Light one said. "Find a source."
"Found one." The green one said. "They have this thing called 'Wi-Fi', I just sensed. I have access to a communication network called the Internet. It appears to be a repository of information. A massive one."
"Perfect. Let's find out what they are. Look up the location's history."
And so, the ancient Mechs searched the Internet for Tokyo-3's history, nearly immediatly learning of Second Impact, and about the Angels.They studied the history of what happened since this Second Impact and learned about the Angel's abilities. They set off across the globe to track these angels down, and stop them...​

Morning, Misato's Apartment
"Shinji, Asuka, get up, now!" Misato called down the hallway to their rooms. "You have to see this!"
Shinji grunted awake, and sat up. He was very groggy from yesterday's Angel attack, which tired him and made him very sleepy. He wanted to roll back over and sleep, but knew Misato's orders were orders, as she was their guardian. Shinji opened the door to the hallway, only to be shoved by a speeding Asuka, back into his room. Shinji scrambled out the door and rushed to the living room too.
"'Bout time!" Misato scolded. "Look!" She turned up the news. Shinji and Asuka looked at the screen.
"And the thing just fell out of the sky! Right on my crops!" The chubby man said to the reporter. The camera panned and zoomed in on a giant black mass, covered in what looked like LCL. No mistaking it- that was an Angel. But it was dead! How could it have died?
That question was answered by the chubby man. "I dunno what this thing is, only it got in a battle with a huge robot! And then it dropped clean out of the sky from only a few blows!"
"This just in." The newscaster said. "We have recieved word that another insident, this time with another strange creature, the agency SEELE has dubbed 'Angels', was just felled by a large robot over North America. The robot looked like this." bleep! Went the screen, and a picture of a skinny, but powerfully armored mech colored a bright yellow, that looked absolutely nothing like an Evangelion, standing over the fallen Angel, a large bird like creature. "This one was attacked and killed up in the uper stratosphere. We don't know exactly what these things are, but we will keep you posted as we uncover more."
Misato muted the television.
"Wait, so..." Shinji stumbled. But Asuka finished for him.
"You mean there's no more Angels!? How?!"
"I'm not sure." Misato said. "No doubt Nerv will want to hear of this if they haven't already. You guys go get dressed, we're going to HQ."
Shinji and Asuka began to get dressed, and they headed out to Misato's car. They all got in,a nd drove to Nerv HQ's entrance. The ride felt odd. It was funny to think the Angels were suddenly all dead. They never felt like they could ever walk (or drive) the streets of Tokyo-3 without the threat of an Angel attacking any second. Shinji remained totally silent on the way there. Asuka, however, was off the wall with questions.
"So, since all the Angel's are gone, does this mean we're not Eva Pilots anymore?"
"I don't know, Asuka." Misato replied.
"What were those giant robot thingies?"
"I don't know, Asuka."
"Where did they come from, though, I wonder..."
"Just answer all of your questions for me with 'I don't know'. I'm trying to drive."
Asuka grunted, and looked at Shinji, who was still silent. "Why are you so quiet?! I usually can't shut you up!" She turned and looked out the window. "Stupid Shinji."
The small blue car reached the garage entrance of Nerv HQ, and took them to a small parking area, where they got out. They went to find the meeting room, where everyone had already gathered.
"Misato, I just called your place." Ritsuko, the lady with bleach-blonde hair and a lab coat said.
"Then you must already know." Misato said. She looked around. Nearly all the main personel were there- even Commander Gendo Ikari and Fuyutsuki, his right-hand man, were there. Gendo was in his usual pose of linking his fingers- only this time, he looked a bit more stressed. He didn't give off that calm, cool aura. He looked like he was just told his first dog died, and he's trying to keep a poker face.
"Sit." He said, his voice ever so slightly choked. Asuka, Misato, and Shinji, who was surprised by his father's sudden change of mood, all sat that the confrence table. A girl with lavender hair sat next to Gendo; Rei Ayanami, the First Girl.
"As you all know," Fuyutsuki began, "The Angels have all be decimated by these strange mechas. The mechas do not appear in out database, and therefore cannot present an analysis. We believe they were sent to destroy the Angels on their own."
"Wait, are you saying they're sentient?" Misato said, appaled.
"Yes." Fuyutsuki said. "Their target were definately the Angels, and they want them all dead."
Gendo then spoke. "That includes Adam and Lilith."
"Wait, so, you think the Mechas may attack here next? To get to and destroy Adam and Lilith?"
"Yes." Fuyutsuki said. "We have strong reason to think our headquarters is a prime target for these robots next. We must prepare for an attack. If they can easily pierce an Angel's AT Field and destroy an Angel with so much ease that they took nearly a few short exchanges, then we need to prepare to the highest degree. SEELE has already sent another 2 Eva pilots over from America to aid you three in defending Nerv against the probable Mech attack."
"Whaaaaat?!" Asuka cried and stood from her seat, obviously exasperated. "You mean I have more pilots to deal with past Stupid Shinji and Wondergirl here?!"
"Asuka, know your place!" Ritsuko scoled her, glaring at her. But Fuyutsuki wavered her down.
"What is more is that the Eva Pilot must stay in company with another Eva pilot to learn from. Rei, you will be in charge of the male Eva Pilot."
"Yes sir." Rei replied quietly and obediently.
"No, Fuyutsuki." Gendo said, not breaking his signature pose. "Rei must be with the female of the two. The male Pilot will live with Misato and the other two children."
"Yes sir." Rei said. Shinji and Misato looked indifferent. But Asuka was fuming mad. So much, she made her head look like it caught fire. She silently stormed from the room, slamming the door behind her.
"Until we hear more information about these mechas capabilities and locations, Tokyo-3 will remain on lock down, and we will provide the highest defence necissary to defend the city, and HQ." Gendo said, calmly. He stood with Rei. "You are all dismissed."
"Alright people, let's move!" Ritsuko said to everyone, all were then shuffling about, getting to their work stations to hold security. Gendo, Rei, and Fuyutsuki went down a LED lit lift to a lower level. Misato and Shinji walked out, Asuka was still angrily waiting near their car.
"So, looks like we're going to have a new bunk mate. Shinji, we're going to have to put an extra sleeping bag in your room."
"Alright." Shinji said. "I wonder what they're going to be like?" He wondered aloud.

Aboard a plane, above Japan
"Attention, passengers." A female announcer said. "The plane will be landing shortly in Tokyo-3 airport. Please take your belongings with you, and thank you for flying with us!"
The teenage boy groaned, holding his head up. It was three days since the report on the Angel's deaths, and his relocation to the Nerv branch in Tokyo-3. He knew his Evangelion unit, Unit 07, would also be arriving there, and being docked. He roused himself up, and took his bag out of the top holder. He slung the bag over his back and sat back down, waiting for landing. Sam Halcyon had never been to Japan before, and he was rather excited to go. He had to learn how to speak Japanese, learn their culture, and learn to read Kanji (partially) before he became an Eva pilot, so he could move to Japan at any convienence. He felt the plane land on the runway and screech to a halt. He waited until everyone else began to move before he stood. He got up and walked out of the plane, and went to the ticket return. He flashed his passport and walked to the exit of the airport and took a bus to the place he had been designated to go- an apartment in city limits, where he would be living with an employee and two pilots under her care. Sam sat down on the bus seat, and took out his MP3 player, and put the Earbuds in, turing on some techno music. He sat there and waited for the bus to stop at it's stop.

About 30 minutes later, the bus screeched to a halt outside of the small building, which had several floors to it. His destination was up a few floors. He took an elevator to the floor in question, and walked to the door directly ahead.
He looked at the name on the door label, and knocked. About 10 seconds later, the door opened, and a brown haired girl answered.
"You know we have a door bell, too." She remarked, and pointed out the door intercom.
"Oh, didn't see that, sorry." He looked back to her. She was actually quite attractive, but she held an air of attitude around her. Sam took note it was probably best not to cross her. "Is this..." He glanced back at his paper. "...Misato's residence?"
"Yes, it is!" A purple haired lady came from behind her. Come it, come in! You must be the new pilot sent to help us."
"Ayup." He said. "Sam Halcyon. Glad to meet you."
"'Halcyon?'" The brunette scoffed. "That's a funny name! I never heard of a last name being so silly. Well, except Stupid Shinji's..."
"I'm Misato." The purple haired one introduced. "This is-" She tried to introduce the girl, but was shoved aside.
"I can introduce myself, thanks!" The girl fired. "I'm Asuka Langley Shikinami." Her mood was suddenly changed from a firey girl to a pleasant person. "Charmed!"
"Nice to meet you both." Sam said. "You mentioned a 'Shinji'. Is he the other pilot said to be here?"
"Yeah... stupid Shinji. You don't want to meet him..." Asuka said.
"Asuka!" Misato sharply replied. "Yes, he is. Come inside! I'm sure he want's to meet you too."
"Thank you." Sam walked inside, his bag over his shoulder. He walked down the small hallway to a kitchen/dining area, which was also small. A boy was walking towards them. He had short, black hair and a pale complexion. His expression looked near emotionless, but it did have a sense of surprise when he saw Sam.
"Oh, you must be Shinji, right?" Sam asked.
"Yes, I am. Shinji Ikari." He bowed.
"Sam Halcyon." Sam returned the gesture.
"Good, we're all aquainted." Misato said. "Sam, take your stuff and take it Shinji's room, you'll be bunking with him."
"Sweet!" Sam said, putting an arm over Shinji's shoulders like a friend. "Bunkmates, eh? Looks like we're brothers, now!"
"Uh... yeah." Shinji said, half amused, half exasperated.
"Hmm?" Sam said. "You're a bit lifeless. Well, that's not going to last long. I'ma turn you into a bro, like me!" He said, giving Shinji a noogie.
"Wow, Shinji, looks like opposites DO attract!" Asuka remarked.
"Really?" Sam said, teasing her. "Then are you two married?"
Asuka's eyes flashed, and she charged for Sam, planting him to the ground with a fury of punches.
"How dare you call us married!" Asuka exclaimed. "I wouldn't be with stupid Shinji, even if we were the last two life forms lieft on the planet!"
"I think were all going to get along just fine." Misato said. Sam took his bag to the room Shinji lead him to and set it on the ground. Sam began to set up his stuff in the room, which wasn't a lot. He had some clothes, some movies from America, his Nintendo DSlite, and an MP3 player. He set them on a small box, which he dragged to his sleeping mat. He folded the clothes neatly and set them in the box, and flipped it, placing his other stuff on it. He flopped on the sleeping bag.
"Awww, man, I can get used to this!" Sam said.
"You have an MP3 player?" Shinji asked.
"Uh, yeah, don't you?" Sam asked.
"Well, not really. I use a SDAT."
"An SDAT? Those thing's have been here since the First Impact, bro, why are you using one?"
"Well, it's because it was my fathers." Shinji said. "I use it hoping he will approve of me."
"You dad? That's Commander Ikari, right?" Sam said. "I heard he was a bit of a prick."
Shinji said nothing. He couldn't help but agree. "Yeah, he kinda is, I guess."
"Well, we should probably get to know each other." Sam said. "I'm Sam, and I'm from New York in America. I grew up as a gamer and a writer. But I wanted to become an Eva pilot so I could be the hero I always wanted to be, and save the world from the Angels. But the Angels died, so I guess we have to defend... what was it, Adam and Lilith from a bunch of Centarions? Well, I became the American pilot for Nerv's Evangelion Unit 07. Immersed in the gold and white of the Eva unit... it gave me a sense of pride! And from then on, I would protect the world with my Eva." He sighed. "Well, that's enough from me. What about you?"
"Oh, he won't say anything important." Asuka said from the doorway, who had apparently been listening in. "He's so boring, he's put you to sleep."
"I don't think so." Sam said. "Shinji, tell me, just who ARE you?"
"Well... I'm 14 years old, and I'm from Japan. I..." He then got quiet. "...my father abanonded me when I was 3, when my mother died. I was raised by teachers until my dad sent for me to pilot the Evangelion. Then-" Asuka suddenly began to make loud, fake snoring sounds.
"Whaddi tell ya, boring, huh?" Asuka came and sat down next them. "Let me introduce myself. I'm Asuka Langley Shikinami, and I'm the proud pilor of Evangelion Unit 02! I was born in America and raised in Germany. I am the captain of the Euro Air Force, and I'm a college graduate!" She sneered at Sam. "And I'm also 14."
"Heh. You guys are 14?" He jabbed a finger to himself. "Me too."
"Agh, it's almost 7. Well, I have to go cook dinner." Shinji said, getting and trotting from the room.
"Yeah, you better run." Asuka said, folling him out the door. That left Sam alone. He layed back.
I never had friends back in America. Everyone I knew thought I was the most socially awkward person they knew. They didn't like me very much. He thought. I'm glad that I met these people though. I don't feel so out of place anymore.

Sam left the room after a short while to hear Shinji cooking food in the kitchen, and Misato taking a shower. He walked into the living room, and saw Asuka on the couch, playing what looked like a Wonderswan.
"A Wonderswan?" Sam inquired. "Pretty low tech gaming equipment, if I do say so myself."
"Oh, really?" Asuka snapped. "And I'm sure you have something more advanced?"
"Actually..." He ploped down next to her,and took out his Nintendo DS, and turned it on, the binging resonation noise sounded. "I do." He grinned at her, which she didn't return, and went back to her Wonderswan. Sam began to play the game that was inserted. A few minutes into playing, He caught Asuka looking at his screen instead at her own.
"What are you playing?" Asuka asked.
"It's Pocket Monsters White." He stated. "Or Pokémon White Version in America." He showed her the game, which she didn't really seem to care at, but Sam saw that look in someones eyes that he recognized- she was slightly interested. "You capture creatures called 'Pokémon', and you aspire to be the best trainer in the world- a Pokémon Master. You can capture Pokémon in the grassy plains, in small lakes, or even the depths of the ocean."
"The ocean?" She said, slightly surprised. "With life? You're talking nonsense."
"Well, Pokémon is set in a world were Second Impact didn't happen. So the oceans are blue and full of life." Sam explained.
"This still looks like a stupid kids game." Asuka said, turning her mind back to the Wonderswan.
"Yeah, your right." He said. "But I bet you couldn't beat me, even if you did play."
Asuka grunted, and didn't say another word, as Sam entered a Pokémon battle. Asuka again watched him play, as he saw from the corner of his eye. He just let her watch, and Sam played until Shinji made dinner.
They sat at the table as Shinji passed out food to them. It was rice with some vegetables and what looked to be Miso soup. He picked up my chop sticks and attempted to use them. They fumbled awkwardly from his fingers. Asuka laughed.
"Wow, you're a clutz, Sam!" Asuka said. "I mastered chop sticks when I was 8!
"Asuka, be nice." Misato said, slurping some of her can of beer. "So, Sam, you know what we have to do right? The entire city is in lockdown until the mechs are identified and located."
"Does this mean no going outside?" Sam asked.
"Oh, no, it just means the city is pulled into the Geofront until the crisis passes." Misato said. "We can still go outside."
"Oh, good." Sam said, taking another attempt to use his chopsticks. He picked up a piece of sushi with the chopsticks and fumbled it again.
"Wow, I just got the perfect name for you!" Asuka said. "...Klutzy Sam." She teased.
"A klutz?!" Sam said loudly in disbelief. "If I'm a klutz, then you're a..." He cut himself off. Calling a girl that will really ruin anything he would want to start with her. She glared him down.
"A what?! What did you say?!" Asuka yelled. "You wern't about to call me a Nazi, were you?"
"Well, you must be psychic, I actually was." Sam said, teasing.
Asuka looked ready to fly at him and pound him, but she didn't. "You have a lot of nerve to speak to your captain like that." She angrily took a bite of her dinner.
Misato took a large gulp of her beer, and began to roar with glee; "Awwwww, yeah! My first beer all day! This hits the spot!" Her voice seemed a bit more scratchy by the sound of it. Sam continued to mucnh on his rice, which was actually quite good, despite being plain. He sat there and thought to himself with a smile;
This may be the greatest thing that happened to me.

A plane, above Japan
"Attention, passengers." A female announcer said. "The plane will be arriving in Tokyo-3 shortly. Please gather your belongings, and we hope to serve you again!"
The teenage girl was already getting her stuff frantically from the small cargo holder above her head, pulling out two large trunks, filled with fashionable clothes and other things, such as her laptop, and an assortment of snacks. Despite howmuch she ate, she never gained any real weight. It was almost like her metabolism was so high, it didn't matter what she ate. She sat back down in her seat, holding her teddy bear. A boy she loved as a young girl gave it to her, and he had suddenly passed away when she was going to confess her feelings to. The incident happened almost eight years ago. She never talked about it, but she always held her teddy with her, and sometimes even spoke to it to take her mind off the world she lived in. Her blonde hair cascaded over her back and to the bottom of her spine. She looked almost like a kid herself, because shed stuntted her growth on drinking coffee too early. Her warm brown eyes were covered by a pair of sunglasses. Her name was Dara Radke, an 18 year old girl from the United States, and was sent to work in Nerv's Japanese HQ as an Evangelion pilot to defend Nerv itself from these mechs that were going to get to... some sort of creatures that they apparently did not want them to get to. She was reluctant to pilot her Eva, as she knew of what catastophies can occur in one. But she did it anyway to make her parents, and country, proud of her, giving her a sense of self-worth. She felt the plane land on the runway, screeching as it struck past the airway guide. She could feel the giant aerial machine halting to a stop as she stood.
"We have arrived in Tokyo-3. Thank you for flying with us!" The announcer said, as people began to get up restlessly. Because the Angels were no longer a threat to them, Tokyo-3 had become much more safer, and people were flocking to it in droves. Dara had to work extra hard at her part-time job to get enough money to fly out to Japan, which was actually something she wanted to do her whole life. She even made great grades- all A's- just to get into the University of Tokyo. Although she went to Japan to pilot an Eva unit, she knew she would ask Nerv if, in exchange for the protection of their HQ, they would fund her to go to the university, to study medics. She always had an intrest in the human body, and found a sense of pleasure in making others feel well again. She got off the plane, and flashed her passport to the receptionist, then leaving and taking a bus to an apartment that was on the other side of town. She sat on the cold bus seat, which felt extra cold, since she was wearing a short skirt, and she held her teddy close to her, looking out at the rainy Tokyo-3 from her window. It looked like a great place to live, even though it looked badly ravaged, thanks to the Angel attacks. She sat and waited until she arrived at her destination- an old apartment building that looked like it was finally being renovated after such a long time. She got out and went up a few floors, outside an apartment that was labeled 'Ayanami'. She knocked, hoping to soon get out of the rain. She hoped it was the right apartment, as she lost the letter Nerv sent her for her living arrangements. She was soon greeted by a creaking open door. There, stood a pale, passive looking girl, definately younger than her. She looked totally blank, her red eyes and pale blue hair making her look very unique. But that was okay with Dara- she actually liked uniqueness.
"Hello." Dara said, shyly. "I'm Dara. Dara Radke. I assume you're... Rei Ayanami? My roommate?"
"Yes." Rei said in a very calm, colorless tone. She didn't appear happy, nor sad. She looked like she had her soul sucked from her.
"What's wrong?" Dara asked. "You don't look very happy."
"No, it's not that." Rei answered, just as colorlessly, but she never gave a reason.
Dara walked inside, thinking, Man, I'm stuck with an emotionless girl in a place like this? She noted the appearance of the apartment; it was dirty and dark, looking like it had just been lived in, and not so much as made a home.
"Erm... nice place you have." Dara said, already thinking of redoing everything from top to bottom.
"You don't need to try to make me feel better." Rei said. "I know what you're thinking of this residence. I don't mind." Rei showed her to the main room- her room, in a nutshell. It was just as dirty as her kitchen. "This is our room."
"Wow, lots of space..." Dara said, a bit preoccupied by the blood stains on her matress. "Say, that blood... you don't... cut yourself, do you?"
"Cut myself?" Rei questioned, apparently unfamiliar with the term. "I don't understand."
"Oh, okay, then..." Dara had a feeling that she would like it more here if she could just get some light in here... "Does the electricity work?" she asked her quiet friend.
"Yes, everything works fine." Rei answered.
"Alright." Dara said. I'm DEFINATELY going to clean this place up. No wonder she's so passive, she's living in such a pigsty! If I made this place better, I know she'll feel better! She laid out her things on a table. She neatly sat on her unused matress, and held her teddy.
"That stuffed animal... it poses great signifigance?" Rei asked.
"Yeah..." Dara responded. "It was a present given to me by a boy I knew a long time ago."
"Did you... love this boy?" Rei asked
"Well... yeah, I did. But before I could tell him how I felt, he..." Her voice trailed off. She was suddenly reminded of the boy's death, and she buried her face into the teddy and began to cry softly.
"I see..." Rei said. "I'm sorry for mentioning it."
"No..." Dara said, sniffing and wiping her eyes, "You didn't know. It's only natural you asked." She smiled to her. "I can tell... we're going to be great friends."
Rei looked at Dara with a slight look in her eyes, as if she was slightly stunned by the sound of making a new friend. Rei made an attempt to smile back, but then she said; "If you want to, there is the bathroom behind the corner."
"Oh, thank you!" Dara said, quickly grabbing a set of clothes from her suitcase and rushed to the bathroom to take a shower, something she wish she had done before she left, but she overslept, and didn't have time.

Sam was finished eating, and had sat back down on his sleeping bag, opening his cargo case, which still hade some stuff in it- a PS3 and a laptop. He hauled the playstation into the living room with all the wires and hooked it up to the Sony television. It wasn't a flat-screen, but it would do. He brought in a few games, among them were Tron; Evolution, Dragon Ball Z, and a mecha game called Mobile Suit Gundam. He never watched the anime it was based on- he just wanted to play it because it was the closest game he could find that resembled Evangelions without it being Transformers. He set them neatly on the bookshelf adjacent, and booted up the PS3.
Shinji walked into the room as he configured it. "Oh? A video game system?"
"Yep. A PlayStation 3. Pretty sweet, huh? It can play Blu-ray movies too." Sam handed Shinji a controller. "Want to play?"
"Oh, um, okay..." He started, but then, as Sam expected, A wild Asuka appeared.
"Ohhh, no. I'm playing Klutz at this thing first." Asuka said. "I'm going to beat you in that Gundam game!"
"Oh? You play it?"
"Play it? I watch the anime whenever I can!" Asuka snatched the controller from Shinji, who obviously didn't do anything about it, and sat down, ready to take command of a Gundam. Sam sighed, and booted the game up. He picked the only Gundam he ever chose- a custom one that had the exact same color scheme as his Eva, along with several custom attacks that resemble his own abilities in an Eva. Asuka looked at the model select, and immediately chose the red Gundam, not even reading it's stats.
The duel started, and they fought. Asuka didn't know the controls well until she began to test them. Sam fought normally, as if he were teaching her the basics. Asuka didn't catch on, and was just trying to figure out how to control the robot.
Then, Asuka learned a combo move, and all hell broke loose.
"Hah! I win again!" Asuka triumphatly said, after her 6th win. I groaned.
"You spammed me with the same move the past few matches, Asuka, can't you find out any other moves you can use?" Sam said, annoyed by her success over using the same move irritatingly over and over.
"Oh, what's wrong?" Asuka said, in a very antagonistic manner. "Are you mad 'cuz I won?"
"Yeah, I am!" Sam mocked her. Asuka gritted her teeth. Sam was now in competative mode, and Asuka was in Immawin! mode. She took up the controller and glared down the screen, as did Sam. They both fought each other, this time without words of smacktalk or disgrace. Shinji just sighed and put on his SDAT. Misato watched from the doorway, and smiled warmly.
Look at them. She thought, They're so innocent, and so young. I'm surprised they mannaged to click so well with each other. Sam and Shinji seem like they will take a bit longer, but Asuka and Sam hit it off just fine, both being competative. Misato giggled. I wonder how all this will play out...

Dusk, somewhere outside Moscow, Russia
"So, all these 'Angels' have been destroyed?" The Light Mech inquired.
"No." The one of Darkness said. "There are still two more left. According to the last Angel I killed, they needed to reach two other beings called Adam and Lilith in order to initiate an event known to the humans as 'Third Impact'. I assume that means the eradication of all life on Earth."
"We cannot allow that to occur." The Light Mech said, galiantly. "We have to destroy Adam and Lilith while we still have time. If those Angels return somehow, they will know our weaknesses. We have to kill them before they can return and initiate this event."
"What if the humans misunderstand out motives?" The Fire Mech inquired. "I'm positive they will find us powerful, and relentless. They will be afraid, and they may think we also want to cause Third Impact."
"If that is the case, then we will have to tell them what we mean to do." The Water Mech said.
"Then it's settled. We will find the beings known as Adam and Lilith and destroy them, at all costs."
They all nodded in agreement.
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Yay! You finished it.. although.. I am disappoint at the author's note/disclaimer. >:/

Anyways.. I was never good at reviewing fics. I tend to.. stay away from them lol. The only thing I ca offer is to separate your paragraphs and dialogue. When I was reading it, it felt jumbled together. Perhaps this is a personal peeve of him, since I like paragraphs indented and separated. It offers a cleaner transition from one thought to another.. I think.

That's all I have to say for now. Good luck with chapter 2!


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Thanks, Buchou. Your character, I can tell, is going to be really dynamic in this fic. Thanks for letting me use her. ;)


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Oh, look.
A second chapter. After only one day.
I'm good, aren't I? ;)

Chapter Two: Enrollment​

Sam woke up bright and early the next morning, rearing to get the day started. He didn't know what the day would bring, so he immediatly got up once he broke from his dream, which he could not even remember because he opened his eyes so fast. He stood up, and walked out of the wooden slat door, careful not to wake up Shinji. He walked through the kitchen, getting a glance that it was 6:30 on the clock. He walked to the door, and noticed a small light on in it. He listened inside. He heard a female voice quietly singing. He looked back at Misato's room, which was cracked open a bit, and she was snoring loudly, so Sam assumed that the one in the bathroom was Asuka.
He then realized what would happen if firecracker Asuka caught him outside the bathroom; not only would she be startled by his appearance, but she would hit him because she would think he was being a pervert, snooping around the bathroom. He treaded carefully back to his room, and silently waited until Asuka walked out, dressed in a yellow tank top and panties, and walked to her room, quietly sleep talking. Sam waited till she was in her room, and she closed the door, and then he trotted out, and walked into the bathroom. He turned the light on, and turned on the water. He filled it up almost all the way and slid in it, after removing his clothes. He had suddenly forgot to take with him clothes, but the bath water was so warm, he didn't want to get out. He sat in there for what felt like an hour, and he felt the water getting colder. He got up and pulled the plug. The water slowly went down the drain, and dried himself. He heard a knock at the door.
"Sam, is that you in there?" He heard Misato's voice say.
"Uh, yeah, I'm in here." Sam replied.
"Are you covered?" Misato inquired. "I have your school uniform for you to put on.
"Wait, school uniform?" Sam asked suddenly spastic. "I have to go to school?"
"Yeah, Nerv sent a copy of your transcript to Tokyo-3 Junior High." Misato explained. "You'll be studying in classes with Shinji and Asuka."
"WHAAAAT!?" Aauka could be heard. "I have to go to school with him now?!"
"Yes, Asuka." Misato said, over her fits of anger at having another person to deal with in school. "Alright, Sam." She pushed a box into the room without fully opeing the door. "Put this on and come out for breakfast, alright?"
"Okay." Sam said, taking the box. Misato shut the door, and Sam pulled on the uniform. It's pants came up to the stomach. He didn't like the way that was, so he lowered the pants down some, and adjusted it, making it look a bit more casual. When he had his uniform on, he left the bathroom, and immidiatly smelled breakfast.
My first Japanese breakfast... I can't wait! Sam sat down at the table, ready to eat. Asuka had her head on the table, half annoyed at Sam's sudden entrance into her class, and half hungry.
"What's for breakfast?" Sam asked, also hungry.
"Rice, sausage and some toast." Shinji said. "We don't have much time. It's almost 8."
"Alright." Sam said. When breakfast was finally being done made, Sam began to eat a few mowls of rice. Asuka also ate that many, and soon, they were competing to see who can ate the most.
"Sorry, all out." Shinji said after they each ate five bowls.
"Out?!" Asuka complained. "Stupid Shinji, buy more rice next time!"
"Alright, you three, time for school!" Misato ushered them out the door into the coldness outside. They had to walk.
"We have to walk?" Sam complained.
"Yes." Shinji said.
"Yeah, so stop complaining, Klutz." Asuka said. "Maybe it will give you a bit mopre corrdination."
"Eh..." Sam said, just powering ahead, trying not to choke on the cold air.

Dara woke up when the sun flashed through the blinds into the dingy little room. She sat up, groggy in the head. She got up out of bed and stretched. Rei was already up, and was pulling on her school uniform.
"Oh, getting ready for school?" Dara asked.
"Yes." Rei replied, as toneless as ever. "I was told to give you that." Rei pointed out the box with a uniform in it. It was a pale blue and white. It had a knee long skirt with it. Dara was disappointed at it- she prefered shorter skirts.
"I'm going to school with you?" Dara asked Rei.
"Yes." Rei grabbed her bag and was already heading out the door. Dara frantically pulled on her uniform to catch up to Rei, forgetting to make herself a lunch in her haste.
"WAAAAIT~" She said to Rei, who stopped immediatly, and turned to allow Dara to catch up. "I did want to go to school with you, you know."
"Oh, okay." Rei said calmly, and they continued on walking.
"So, Rei..." Dara asked. "Have any hot friends?"
Rei was silent for a moment, but she did look up. "What do you mean by that?"
"Oh, come on, don't tell me you don't love under that exterior."
"Well... I don't know." Rei said. "I don't know how to handle love."
Dara looked at her and sighed. She's going to take a bit of work.
The two of them walked towards the school, which was only a few blocks away (Sorry if that's not correct, i cba to check atm.). They walked up into the school yard, and walked to their shared homeroom. Normally it would have been Class 4-F for an American, but Nerv made it so they voth shared 2-A with the other pilots.
Apon entering their homeroom, a girl's voice shouted.
"Hey, you're late, Wondergirl, what kept you!?" the girl said loudly.
Well, she doesn't look too subtle. Dara thought to herself.
"Hmm?" Asuka said, "Ah, you must be the other new Eva pilot. I'm Asuka Langley Shinkinami! Charmed!" She winked at Dara, making her feel ever so slightly uncomfortable.
"Hey, Shinji, Klutz, get over here and introduce yourself to the other pilot!" Asuka called to the two boys. They walked over.
"Oh, hi, I'm Shinji. Shinji Ikari." He bowed slightly.
"Ah, g'day, fellow american!" The other boy said. He was obviously laso an american. "Sam Halcyon." He extended a hand.
"Oh, hello, Sam." She took his hand and returned the gesture. "I'm Dara Radke."
"Dara, huh?" Sam said. "That's a nice name." He smiled. Dara felt a bit warmer at his smile, so she smiled back. It was funny... she could almost get a feeling of nostalgia when she introduced herself to him... almost like deja vu...
They all took their seats and allowed the homeroom teacher to go over announcments.

Sam didn't know what to think about the other two pilots. One was somewhat of an enigma, being so quiet and calm as she was. She had dark, ruby red eyes, and lavender blue hair. Her skin was pale, and she looked fragile. She didn't look like she even harbored any real emotions, as she seemed to be introverted. Sam hoped that she was okay. The other pilot, Dara, however, seemed much more enthusicastic, and much more engaging. She had long blonde hair and dark brown eyes. She was also much happier than the girl, whom was called Rei, was. They seemed to be nearly opposites.
"Listen up, students!" The homeroom teacher said. "We have two new transfer students here with us from America. Introducing... Dara Radke, and Sam Halcyon." Dara bowed. Sam, seeing Dara bow, quickly assumed he must too, and he bowed as well. The introduction was fairly uneventful. They each took their seats and waited for their homeroom to be over, most of which was spent by the class chatting with each other. Asuka and Shinji were frantically trying to complete their homework before the bell rang, and Dara was attempting to persuade a group of girls onto lending her a bit of money to buy a small breakfast with before she passed out (which the girls politely helped her with). Eventually, the bell rang, and Sam's first say of Japanese High School began.
"Okay, students..." The old teacher at the head of the History class said. "Turn to page 113 in your text books, and 20 in your workbooks." Sam heard a bunch of slight comotion as the rest of their class pulled out their books and their pencils. Sam did the same, too. He opened the text book to the designated page. It was about the Second Impact. Sam groaned to himself.
You have to be kidding... I studied Second Impact in Elementary School! Why are we going over it again?
"Now, as you all know, Second Impact took place 15 years ago when a large meteor struck the continent of Antarctica, vaporizing the entire land mass and forcing the ocean levels to rise..."
Sam wasn't even paying attantion to the teacher. He was more focused on getting into his Evangelion soon. He missed being in the cockpit of it, because it was like a virtual reality video game. He longed until the clock reached the next class. Eventually, after a few periods, the bell rang for lunch.
"Awww, right, lunch is on!" A jock looking guy said.
"Geez, Koji, what are you going to do if the cafeteria runs out of food?" A shorter boy with glasses and a camera asked him.
"Erhhmm..." Koji thought, "I'm not sure. Maybe you can bring us some lunch?"
"Oh, Koji, Kensuke!" Shinji said, walking over to them. "Listen... I made lunch for a group of us-"
"You did!?" Koji shoved past Kensuke, who fell to the ground with a classic animé style yelp. "Aww right! Way to come through for us, Shinji!"
"Oh, we have some new people eating with us today, if you wouldn't mind..." Shinji said.
"New people? Sure, I'd like to meet them." Kensuke said, getting off the ground, cleaning his glasses.
"Aww right, let's meet them." Koji said, looking around for the two new students. He only saw Sam in there, as Dara probably went to get he a lunch from the Cafeteria, not knowing that Shinji made one for her too. Koji approached Sam. "Ah, you're the new guy, huh?" Koji gave Sam a one armed neck lock, and noogied him. "Welcome to Tokyo-3 Junior High, dude!"
"Heh, thanks, man." Sam said, not even embarrased to be spotlighted like this.
"I'm Koji Suzahara." Koji said.
"I'm Kensuke Aida." Kensuke said, pushing his glasses up on his face.
"Please to meet you both." Sam said. "Sam Halcyon."
"Okay, so we met." Koji said, impatiently. "Alright, Shinji, bring on the food!" Shinji walked over to his bag and pulled out several small Bento boxes. "Aww, right!" Koji took a box and sat with it.
"Thanks, Shinji!" He pulled off the top. It looked very good, and smelled even better, to Sam. He only had a bit of toast this morning, and some rice and sausage. Shinji handed Sam and Kensuke bentos as well. It wasn't long until the smell had attracted the firey brunette that was probably keen for a lunch.
"What are you, an idiot?!" Asuka said, stomping over. "Gimme that!" Asuka snatched a box from Shinji. "Don't you know? 'Ladies first!'" She sat down and began to eat. Sam pulled off the top of his Bento and stared at it. Most of it was all exotic, and only a portion he recognized- the pink, watery stuff that looked like it was shaved from a watermelon was obviously ginger shavings. He took up his chop sticks and attempted to hold it a different way. He picked up a roll of sushi and ate it successfully. The sudden chill of the sushi shocked him awake, and he felt an instant euphoria of taste when he bit into it.
"Whoa." Sam said looking at the bento. "Just... whoa." He was surprised- he figured he never would like sushi after his experience at a Chinese resturaunt. He guessed then that Japanese sushi, and traditional sushi at that, was far more immaculate than any buffet in America could reproduce. "They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Shinji, you have cooked a masterpiece."
Shinji turned a slight bit red at the words of praise. "Oh, umm... thank you." He smiled slightly.
"Yeah, Stupid Shinji's cooking isn't THAT bad..." Asuka said.
"That bad?" Sam said. "Can you cook something better?"
"Actually..." Asuka said, leaning in closer to him, with a sneer, "I can." She mimicked his line from yesterday about his DS.
"Asuka can be a good cook, if she actually enjoyed cooking." Shinji said modestly.
"Yeah, I can cook." Asuka said. "In fact, I'll cook dinner tonight, and I'll show you how good I am, Klutz!" Asuka went back to munching on her rice.

"Awww, crap..." Dara muttered to herself, feeling her stomach rumble. The Cafeteria line was long, so she didn't feel like standing in a line. She may as well go back to sit with her new friends until the line died down a bit. She walked back in the room, and saw that the other pilots, minus Rei, who was sitting far from them, looking out the window, were eating from bento boxes.
"Ugggh!" She said exasperated. "You didn't tell me you brought us lunch, Shinji!"
"Oh, well, you kind of walked out of the room before I could stop you." Shinji said, reaching into his bag, he pulled out a bento. "Here, take this one."
"Oh, um... thank you." Dara said, a bit touched that he remembered to make one for her.
"Awww, look," Asuka said in the most antagonistic of manners, "Dara and Shinji, together forever~!" The group laughed, save for Dara and Shinji themselves. Dara looked confused, while Shinji turned red.
"Well, what about you and Sam?" Dara said. "You two seem perfect!" She was clearly presenting a rebutal. Everyone was laughing again, including Sam. But Asuka was red, but it was unknown if it was from fury or if she was blushing.
"Y- you take that back!" Asuka stampered. "I wouldn't date Klutz here, ever!" Everyone laughed and began to teast each other romantically for a few seconds before it got bored. Asuka just ate her food and turned on her Wonderswan.

The rest of the day was fairly as uneventful as the rest of the first half was, minus the part were Asuka kicked this boy in the ribs when she thought he touched her. They were told to head to the Nerv HQ. Sam and Dara were clueless as to where that was, so Misato took them with Asuka and Shinji.
"Why do I have to be stuck back here between Stupid Shinji and Klutz, huh, Misato?!" Asuka complained from the middle of the small blue Honda's back seat.
"Because, Asuka, Dara got to the front seat first." Misato replied. Asuka grumbled something about 'better not touch me...' and took out her Wonderswan. As she played, Shinji took out his SDAT and turned it on, the tracks playing like normal. Sam looked out the window at the passing city. He could feel a sappy theme play in his head, full of pianos, as he looked out at the sunset the set over the dark red ocean. The orange sky was filled with semi-sunlit clouds, and the shadows of the buildingas they passed under made the sun blink. He could feel as if this was going to be a turning point in his life. Here, in Tokyo-3. He looked in front of them. Dara was also looking out the window, and no doubt she was thinking the same thing, too. He felt a small sense of happiness sitting around friends. Friends he could never have dreamed of having. He felt the warmth of the setting sun on his face, and the coolness of the shadows flashing him in the face when they passed under a building. He heard a loud click behind him, and nearly jumped at the sound of it. He turned to see Shinji's SDAT had skipped tracks. It usually went from 25 to 26, and sometimes skipped to 27, from what he saw. This time though, he saw it skip all the way up into the 30s. He didn't know what track was playing, but he assumed it sounded pleasant to him. Sam then decided to plug in his own ear buds and listen to soft music, which made him even sleepier. Until... he fell asleep.

Sam was suddenly awoken by a shift in his body. He felt a sudden sensation of being shook. Asuka was shaking him awake.
"Wake up, Klutz, or you'll mis the Geofront!" Asuka said impatiently. Sam rubbed his eyes and looked around him. They were in a tunnel of sorts. He wondered to himself.
A Geofront? That's right, I had to protect a Geofront. I wonder what one is? He was soon answered by a blinding flash of light, and suddenly, a huge sprawling landscape appeared beyond their car. It was enormous, complete with a lake and a strange pyramidial structure in the center.
"Well, Sam, Dara, I give you the Geofront!" Misato presented to them. Dara was amazed, just as Sam was. They had their faces glued to the window to see it all. It was all so gorgeous, they could not remove their eyes from it.
Sam then remembered that it was his duty as an Eva Pilot here to protect the Geofront. That gave his a sense of pride to protect something so valuable. Yet it also gave him a sense of fear as to what he may be about to face.
Whatever it was, he would be ready for it.
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This chapter was interesting too! I think you do a good job keeping the canon characters actually IN character. That can be somewhat hard to do.

Only thing I would work on is length and maybe incorporating transitions.