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NeoQuest III (LSU are accepted!)

Discussion in 'Role-Playing Games' started by Eternal Daydreamer, Dec 29, 2005.

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  1. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    I finally made the RPG thread. There was some confusion in the sign up thread, so I have included a Question and Answer segment at the end of it.

    Note: If you are reading this and happen to dislike Neopets a lot, do not give it a one-star rating because of that. Please. That's what happened in the sign up thread, I believe. If you dislike Neopets, ignore this RPG. That is all I ask out of you.

    Ahem, if you want to sign up still the sign up thread is here: Sign Ups

    The plot has been changed slightly. Not much but to those who actually play Neopets might understand it better than those who haven't. *coughTR2cough*

    NeoQuest III


    ~Lupine, Royal Chamber~

    Glancing out the window into the busy street below, King Lupine let out a low growl of anger. “I see young Neopets alright,” he began. “But none of them seem to be up to par!” The Lupe king finished the sentence by slapping his regal paw against the arm of his throne. The two Kougra guards who were standing by his side flinched at the loud and unexpected noise. Rahon coughed loudly.

    The blue Nimmo magician adjusted his flimsy looking hat and took out a dusty tome from beneath his robes. “If it pleases you, Your Majesty,” Rahon began and opened his book. “I have heard from my resources that the Faerie Queen Fyora has been raising up an army of her people.” Lupine snarled slightly and interrupted him.

    “I see. But is Fyora helping us or not?!” King Lupine bellowed. Several dragon-like Draik guards charged in to see what the matter was with their king. Rahon took off his wizards hat and scratched his scaly head.

    “That I’m not sure. I heard she is kind but I also heard that she is cruel. The rumors contradict themselves and ultimately make the Queen unpredictable and untrustworthy. But threat not, My Liege. I have sent out a Wocky scout a week ago to go to the land of Fyora to learn of her plans,” Rahon told his king briefly. Lupine nodded and sent off the two Draiks back to their duty with a wave of his noble paw.

    The two Kougras, the Captain Kogan and Lt. Sarn, glanced at each other but said nothing. Both of them were old green Kougras but one could hardly tell because they wore tunics and armor of yellow and red. The king paid his guards a glance and nodded. Kogan cleared his throat.

    “Sire,” the Kougra captain began. “I believe we should have the steward make rooms comfortable for our “guests”. They will be fighters and will need rest.” Lupine stroke his beard in thought. A single nod was all Kogan needed and he sent Sarn off to get the steward.

    The king let out a deep sigh. “It’s come to this, has it not? Once my army could face any foe without recruits. But now, I suppose it’s about time for all of us to grow old,” Lupine said sagely. “But whoever is making this difficult. Be it Fyora the Faerie Queen or Count Von Roo, we will fight to the last Pet!”

    At this time, the two Draik guards appeared again helping an injured yellow Wocky come in. The Wocky was beat up so badly he looked like an Elphante stampeded all upon his body. Rahon instantly put his hat back on, tucked his book underneath his arm, and walked swiftly to the arrival.

    King Lupine raised an eyebrow which clearly meant: “Is that the scout?!” Rahon took one look at his king and nodded darkly. “Aye, it is.”

    The Wocky looked up weakly. “Fyora...” he began weakly. “Terrask..wife..revenge..all is...” The scout coughed loudly and became limp.

    “Guards, bury the scout out of my sight!” King Lupine barked. The Draiks did as they were told. Lupine turned his towards Rahon. Kogan leaned his grizzled head towards his king.

    Rahon was about to say something when a young green Techo in the robes of a squire came in hurriedly. “Sire,” he began breathlessly. “The recruits are at the gates and want to be let in!”
    That above is what is happening when your character reaches the palace. (If you signed up late, I’ll make something that will include you so don’t worry.) I’ll show you what I mean with my intro of Meg.

    ~Meg, On the Road to Merridell~

    The dusty road made the young Gelert, Meg choke. Her eyes became watery and she had to lean on the nearest Neopet to gain support. It was a young female purple Eyrie. The Eyrie grunted as Meg put her weight upon her.

    “Sorry, Ah didn’t mean to do that. It’s all this dusty road air!” growled Meg. The Eyrie nodded and sighed. “So ya goin’ to Merridell to help ol’ King Lupine?”

    “I am, are you?” replied the Eyrie. She kept her eyes down as walked down the road with the many other young pets. Meg nodded although it was hard to tell in the dusty air.
    I know that wasn’t very long but in the posts you must use this form:
    ~Name, Where the Character is~
    Since this is the beginning the post tittle would be: ~Name, On the Road to Merridell~

    Current Stats (They will change over time):

    Weapon: Whittling Knife
    Armor: Traveling Clothes
    Food: One loaf plain bread, one wedge hard cheese, flask of spring water
    Items: Packet of seeds

    Weapon: Basic Blade
    Armor: Traveling Cloak
    Food: One loaf plain bread, one wedge hard cheese, flask of cordial
    Items: Flint and tinder

    Weapon: Oak Staff
    Armor: Basic Rainbow Robes
    Food: One loaf plain bread, a bag of three apples, flask of sweet water
    Items: Basic spell casting book (dormant)

    Lucied Elemental
    Weaopn: Basic Blade
    Armor: Traveling Clothes
    Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
    Items: Top

    Weapon: Elm Bow
    Armor: Brown Traveling Tunic
    Food: One loaf plain bread, a bag of three apples, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of cordial
    Items: Old straw hat

    Viya Kovawe
    Weapon: Elm Bow
    Armor: Traveling Clothes
    Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
    Items: Song book

    Weapon: Mysterious Onyx Stone
    Armor: Black Traveling Tunic
    Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
    Items: Poisoned tooth

    Weapon: Oak Staff
    Armor: Traveling Clothes
    Food: One loaf plain bread, a wedge of hard cheese, flask of spring water
    Items: Dargarian poison vile

    Current Quest(s) :

    Go to Merridell and get quest from King Lupine.

    Current Side Quest(s) :


    Here's how the types will work in NQIII:


    Air and Fire beat Earth
    Water beats Fire
    Light beats Dark

    Water can beat Fire when Water is frozen (i.e. an Ice attack)
    Light can beat Air when Light is electricity
    Dark is not strong against any element.
    (Thank you FlamingRuby!)


    Q: My character already has a weapon and I’ve heard that Lupine will give out another, is that still going to happen?
    A: Yes. That is to keep things fair. Lupine will replace your weapon with a slightly different weapon.

    Q: How many magic stones can one weapon have?
    A: Two. Just two.

    Q: My character has a magic stone in the beginning can I use it?
    A: No, you have to get a weapon from Lupine to use it. After that you have to complete at least two side quests to gain enough experience to use it.

    Q: Another character has a magic stone in the beginning and I don’t! Why is it?
    A: They specified it in their history. You will get one in time, just wait.

    Q: What are the magic stones and what power they have?
    A: Magic stones are stones that power up a character or their weapon. Power varies upon stone. It can be as simple as creating flame on a weapon to as complicated as shape shifting. It depends.

    Q: I want my character to be a different color, how can this happen?
    A: You have to ask Rahon, Lupine’s wizard to help you. He may or he may not.

    Q: What are the magic stones elements?
    A: Fire, air, water, earth, dark, light.

    Q: My character has food, when and if do they eat it?
    A: Anytime after they been gone from a resting stop for long. Food can be restocked at markets and inns.

    Q: My character is tired and there isn’t an inn in sight, help!
    A: The character camps out. Simple.

    Q: Why are the items different for each character and why do they have them?
    A: Items vary between characters. Depending on species and history.

    Q: I joined late and everyone else has a quest, what do I do?
    A: You start at the last resting spot that main party was at. You’ll have to get better weapons faster, though.

    Q: Who controls the bosses?
    A: Me (La Carlotta). My co-owner controls some of the minor bosses.

    Q: Why is it that the prologue thingy is different at the sign up thread?
    A: That happens before this. Time passes.

    Q: How do boss battles work?
    A: Answer is being worked on.

    Q: My question is not one of the above, help!
    A: PM the owner (La Carlotta) with question and she will help you.

    Q: The sign up didn't specify anything about armor/food/items!
    A: I found it nescarry to include that so I just pick out beginning armor/food/items for the characters. Depending on speicies/history.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2005
  2. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Mage Aiiro
    En route to Meridell Castle.

    My staff made a soft thumping sound as I walked along the road to the castle, leaving little circular imprints as I walked. The king had summoned me right before classes were to begin at the mage's academy, so I had canceled my class, quickly grabbed some food and my staff, and set out.

    I had been walking for almost an hour now, so I assumed the castle wasn't too far away. My suspicions were confirmed when I saw the magnificent castle just up ahead. I joyfully ran up to the guardpost and presented my summon notice to the guard. "Lady Aiiro, here to see the king."

    "Ah yes...my lady...His Majesty wishes to speak to you." With that, the guard lowered the drawbridge, allowing me inside.
  3. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: Side quests...what will those be?


    I sighed as I rushed out of my house, and said goodbye to my sisters and brothers. I ran one claw along the onyx stone on my neck, and looked to the sky. "Here we go again," I said as I flapped my large wings. Not that I didn't want to fly, but sometimes I just got bored of life. I mean, wake up, go to sleep. That was pretty much it. But this new thing sounded good...King Lupine had summoned me and that was either the worst thing in my life or the best.

    I flapped my wings and rose into the air, greeting the clouds happily. I dove in and out through them, feeling air around my wings and making my body the most aero-capable thing in the world. I sighed as I remembered what had happened last time I had been this carefree...

    "Vanyx, you have to be careful!" her mother yelled as she put on a bandage. Vanyx winced in pain as she waited for the bandage to be applied.

    "Don't show any emotion," she added, and Vanyx's face immediately fell into the same position it had been before, with no emotion at all.

    I sighed and spiraled toward the drawbridge, where several other Neopets were going in. She flew right ahead, and ducked into the castle.

    OOC: Well, I'll need some help for a walkthrough of what I'm supposed to do ^^;
  4. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    OOC: The side quests will be mini quests that aren't related to fighting bosses. For now you just have to get to Merridell castle. Side quests may be resucing a lost child for a discount at a market place.

    King Lupine
    Royal Chamber

    The rapping of a staff upon the door brought the king to attention. “Who is that?!” he growled. Rahon bowed slightly.

    “I believe it is Aiiro, a young teaching mage at the local university. I sent her a summons this morning, in your name. Forgive me, Your Majesty,” Rahon said humbly. Lupine sighed deeply. “That can’t be helped now, Kogan let our guest in.” The Kougra captain bowed and let Aiiro in.

    Aiiro was a blue Aishia in flowing rainbow robes carrying an oaken staff. “Your Majesty,” she said bowing low. “It’s an honor to be summoned to your court. What ails you?” Lupine’s face became red with anger.

    “What ails me is an old fool who thinks they can summon people without my permission!” snarled Lupine. “But,” he added in a kinder tone. “That can’t be helped. Lt. Sarn will be here soon with my steward. When that happens he will show you to your room, mage.” Aiiro nodded. She was barely phased at Lupine’s sudden burst of anger.

    Rahon got up and showed Aiiro a chair which she could rest in until Sarn got the steward. Lupine sighed again. It was not easy these days.
  5. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    I propped my staff against a chair and sat down, waiting for the king's servant to take me to my chamber.

    Apparently the situation in Faerieland was getting bad--I had never seen His Majesty so angry before; except when he ordered a theif to the gallows to be hanged. judging from how he had lashed out at some of the guards earlier I could sense that although he didn't trust Lady Fyora very much, he was clearly worried about her safety--for without faeries, there was no magic.
  6. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    King Lupine
    Bed Chamber

    Aiiro had sat down when Lt. Sarn and the steward, a rather plump red Bruce named Riek, came in. Sarn bowed as did Reik. Lupine pointed his paw at Aiiro. “Riek, find Lady Aiiro a room. Don’t stand around all day!” Lupine snapped. Reik bowed nervously.

    “Sire,” the steward began. “The halls are packed with guests. Lt. Sarn and I could hardly get through. I suppose I could get Aiiro a room but I do not know what to do with the others.” Lupine scowled at his steward.

    “How could this happen?! No matter, after the mage is settled get a meal ready for the rest of them,” Lupine began. “Not a large feast but large enough so they can have food in their bellies. I need to plan.” The Bruce steward bowed. Showing her his flipper/arm, Riek began to lead Aiiro out of the royal bed chamber.

    “Stop!” roared Lupine. “Leave your staff here, my lady. We need to examine it.” Aiiro bowed slightly and left her staff on the chair. With that, steward, guest, and Lt. Sarn left the room.

    Lupine glanced at Rahon. “This is bad. Not only is the ten warlords are against me, Lady Fyora might be as well!” the king snapped. The Nimmo bowed his head in submission.

    “I am truly sorry, My Liege. I am not a future seer. I cannot tell if the future will get better.”
  7. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Finally, the king's servant arrived to show me to the guest chambers. I wanted to take my staff, but His Majesty had ordered it inspected for some reason...I wasn't too worried about it, though--I only used my magic for helpful purposes.

    "Here you are, Lady Aiiro." the Burce explained as he set his candle on a shelf and opened the windows. "The guards will bring your staff up here soon." With that, he departed.

    I was tired from my journey, so I pounced on the bed and dozed off.
  8. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    Lt. Sarn

    His rhythmic footsteps reminded him of a steady drumbeat. Sarn knew his duty was to help the steward get the visitors into the great hall for a meal. An easy supper for those who had only traveled a mile or so but it was the king’s orders so they had to be followed. A gentle roar of the crowd to get in was heard. Several voices shouted out as he entered the fray.

    “Ah want to see the king!”

    “Hur, me be wantin’ so see the king too!"

    “Now come along ya blokes let a chap aside!”

    Sarn winced, it would be a hard task alright.
  9. ~*Ratiosu*~

    ~*Ratiosu*~ Guest

    OOC: Oh, OK. Like...kinda like faerie quests. Only not getting things, just helping people, etc.


    Vanyx swooped through the door of the castle, and flew through the corridors of the castle. She looked nervously around, and then flew through a door that led to the king's big brass door. "I really should wait until the king lets me in," she thought, and waited.
  10. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!


    Banna,in grimance,looked at the huge crowd,

    'They must want to fight as well...'

    He thought,then,his eyes noticed a small gap in the crowd,and swiftly,he ran through to see one of the guards.

    "Excuse me,but I was sent here by the King!"

    He said to the guard.
    The guard stared at him.
    Banna let out a sigh and brought out a scroll.
    It was inscribed with,

    "Sir Banna,here on urgency to see the majesty"

    The guard allowed Banna to pass.
    Making a quick fleet with his staff thumping on the stone floor,he could see the king and a few of his subjects examining another Oak Staff.

    "I am here your highness!"

    Banna called out to the lupe.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2005
  11. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    King Lupine
    Bed Chamber

    The newcomer, a strange looking white Kougra with a staff, had called to the king. He glanced sideways at him. “Who are you and why do you intrude the royal bedchamber?!” Lupine snapped. Rahon left the bedchamber swiftly.

    The Kougra bowed slightly. “Your Majesty, I came on the summons,” he said. Lupine glared at him. Growling, he went back to his throne and sat down.

    “I know that! You should be in the hall with the others! I ordered the guards to..,” King Lupine began and suddenly his face became red with anger. “Wait! Koce. That idiot! The addle-brained moron!” The king calmed down somewhat when the Kougra seemed to be alarmed. “Sorry about that. All this talk about battle has got me inflamed! I suggest you leave your staff here and go back into the hall.”

    The Kougra glanced Kogan as if to see if he could take him. Then thinking better of it, he began to leave. “Leave your staff!” Lupine bellowed. The Kougra obeyed.

    Rahon was such in a hurry to leave that he didn’t pay attention to where he was going until he collided with a black Hissi. Groaning both Neopets got up. The royal magician looked at the young female with just a hint of distaste. But he thought up a plan real quick.

    “I was summoned by the king, Nimmo,” said the Hissi. Rahon nodded to show that he knew, and he pulled out a scroll out of his sleeve.

    “I am Rahon, the royal magician. Could you deliver this scroll to a hermit for me? He is a red Kiko who lives in a cave near the closest lake. I’ll reward you greatly if you do this,” Rahon said suddenly. The Hissi took the scroll.

    “Why?” she asked. Rahon rolled his eyes.

    “Because it’s a message that the king wants delivered. Don’t stand there all day, move it before I turn you into a Slorg!” Rahon snapped. The Hissi glared at him but she flew away. Rahon sighed deeply.

    OOC: X Kazemon, you have a side quest now!
  12. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    OOC: I can draw up what the type chart looks like for the mages in the audience...
  13. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea

    OOC: That will be alright. PM it to me when you are done, please.
  14. ((OOC: I apologize most profusely for not posting sooner. ^^ Trust parents to pick the worst possible day to take a trip...))
    ~Viya, On the Road to Meridell - Arrival~
    The Shoyru looped through the sky, her eyes sparkling as she flew. For a moment all her troubles were born away by the wind. For a moment, she was free.
    Then she remembered where she was going, and why, and her freedom was shackled, her troubles returned.
    She glanced down, checking to see how far she had come. She was surprised how fast she had flown. She was almost to the castle gate!
    She alighted upon the ground, quickly checking to be certain all her things were still in her possesion.
    Her quiver of arrows still hung in its place, the strap looped around her neck so that it hung across to where she could reach the arrows quickly. Her bow, unstrung at the moment, was within as well.
    A small bag hung on the strap as well. Inside it was a bit of food and a flask of water, a change of clothing, and one other thing. It appeared to be nothing more than an old book, and to most, it would be. But to Viya Kovawe, the Blue Shoyru, it was precious.
    That book contained songs. Songs and riddles. Some she had made up herself. Most she had learned from others. A few had been in the book for as long as she could remember.
    Viya took a deep breath and entered with the wave of Neopets.
    Well, this would not do. She couldn't see, what with Pets all around her! So she took the simplest solution. She flew up, just above the other Neopets.
    Oh, this was going to be annoying. Why hadn't she just stayed home?
    She thought back to that day, the day she'd heard the summons.
    There was a commotion in the town, not too far from where Viya was flying. If she hurried, she might be able to tell what the news was.
    She hurried.
    It didn't take her long to figure out what was going on. Apparently the king had sent out a call to arms or something. She wasn't quite certain of the details, since no one else was, but she got the general idea.
    She'd hurried home, fetched her things, and set off. But why?

    Ah, yes. Now she remembered. She had felt like something was missing. Something wasn't quite right in her life. She'd thought that perhaps she could find out what.
    Besides, she had wanted to do something a bit... different.
    This simply wasn't going to work. It was too crowded here. She needed a little more space.
    She spotted a hallway. That might work. She fluttered into it.
    There were still pets everywhere, but not quite so many. She landed.
    And almost crashed into a blue Nimmo.
    "...into a Slorg!" the Nimmo was saying to a black Hissi, who glared at him before flying away.
    That did not bode well.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 31, 2005
  15. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!


    Banna put the staff down and found his way back to the group of pets on the king's side.
    As he joined the group,images began to find their way into his head.


    He mumbled,as one of the images flashed into his mind,it was an image of a widowed,female kougra,holding a young kougra in her arms,then it changed to the young kougra being tossed from it's mother,and in the far corner he could see Dargarian troops.

    'What is going on?'

    He thought to himself.
    Looking around,he saw lots of peasants,sorcerors and archers,drinking or eating snacks and tidbits while they waited.
  16. Eternal Daydreamer

    Eternal Daydreamer Surrender to the Sea


    Rahon decided it was time to go to his lair, a room in the dungeon where he could work many dangerous spells without interruption. Turning away from the main hubbub, the blue Nimmo stormed down a unused passageway.

    For a moment he thought he heard flapping wings and saw a flash of blue, but he thought it was just a breeze ruffling his robes. That must be it.
  17. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    Guest Chamber

    My slumber was interuppted by a knock at the door. "Who's there?"

    "Your staff, Lady Aiiro." a guard began, presenting my staff to me. "If you're hungry, His Majesty ordered the cook and his staff to feed everyone."

    I trooped downstairs and saw the banquet hall packed with all kinds of pets...thankfully, there was an empy chair on the left corner, so I opted to sit there
  18. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    Banquet Hall

    Banna turned to see an aisha had sat down beside him.
    A guard walked through the doors,holding his staff.

    "The majesty told me to give this back..."

    He muttered,then walked away.
    Banna examined his staff to check of any hexes or curses,but found none,so he decided to talk to someone.


    He said with a normal accent to the aisha.
  19. FlamingRuby

    FlamingRuby The magic of Pokemon

    "Hello..." I began to the pet next to me. "I am Aiiro, Rainbow Mage of the Meridell Mage's Academy."

    My guest beckoned me to go on.

    "What that means is...I teach the first year students the basic spells, plus how the six elementals interact with each other.
  20. E-102 Gamma

    E-102 Gamma MUHAHAH!!!!

    "I'm Banna,the Loner,but I don't know where I came from..."

    Banna replied,staring at his oak staff sadly.
    More images flashed into his mind,only this one was a young kougra,surrounded by a blue light,and a long glowing stick-like object in front of the kougra.
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