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Nerdy McNerdface's Chibi Gallery


1 - Ukyo (Amnesia Otome Series) - You Are Here
2 - Lucifer/Urushihara Hanzou (The Devil is a Part-Timer)
3 - Damsel Ash + Crazy Serena + Kiawe (Pokemon AU)
4 - Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa)
5 - Misdreavus using Rolling Kick (Pokemon AU, Randomiser-inspired)
6 - Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James and Meowth (Pokemon AU)
7 - Steven, Alain and Mairin Pixelart (Pokemon)
8 - Kecleon Comic (Pokemon)
9 - Hilda (Pokemon)
10 - Eira Dawn and Practice Page (OC, Practice)
11 - Fanfiction Signature Banner (Banner)
12 - Kindergarten Class (Kindergarten)
13 - B2W2 Cheren and Pom Poms (Pokemon, Pom Poms)
14 - Toma (Amnesia Otome Series)
15 - Platinum Dawn and Korrina (Pokemon)
16 - Emma and Riley (Pokemon)
17 - Tay and Adohira (OC)
18 - Cosmog and Eusine (Pokemon)
19 - Skitty and Umbreon (Pokemon)
20 - Kea (A Foretold Affair)
21 - Jasmine (Pokemon)
22 - Mallow (Pokemon)
23 - AceTrainerLiam, GrooveDust and Craig (YouTube/Twitch)
24 - Journal Moodboard (Miscellaneous)
25 - Buffalo Seer (A Foretold Affair)
26 - January (A Foretold Affair)
27 - Kea, Piper and January Clothes Swap (A Foretold Affair)
28 - Haku (Spirited Away)
29 - Makoto (Pokemon)
30 - Artist's Profile
31 - Misty (Pokemon)
32 - Lynn (XOXO Droplets)
33 - Plaguebearer Comic (Town of Salem)
34 - Unnamed (OC)
35 - Alola Ash and YOHIOloid (Pokemon, Vocaloid)
36 - Unnamed (OC)
37 - Zossie (Pokemon)
38 - Moon/Selene (Pokemon)
39 - Curtis and Lucifer/Urushihara Hanzou (Pokemon, The Devil is a Part-Timer)
40 - Unnamed Halloween nerd (OC)
41 - Bookmark (Miscellaneous)
42 - Solas (Dragon Age: Inquisition)
43 - Lucy Baker (Professor Layton)
44 - No Eraser Challenge and Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane (Challenge, Hatoful Boyfriend)
45 - Anghel Higure (Hatoful Boyfriend)
46 - Mine and Kylo Ren (Amnesia Otome Series, Star Wars)
47 - Matt Hardy and Finn Bálor (WWE)
48 - Venipede + Christmas tree and Moon/Selene + Lillie (Pokemon)
49 - Unnamed (OC)
50 - Digital Art Dump (Miscellaneous)
51 - Ukyo and Art Comparison (Amnesia Otome Series, Miscellaneous)
52 - Sami Zayn + Becky Lynch (WWE)
53 - Amnesia-themed Pom Poms (Amnesia Otome Series, Pom Poms)
54 - Ukyo + N/Natural Harmonia Gropius (Amnesia Otome Series, Pokemon)
55 - Shin (Amnesia Otome Series)
56 - Joe + Emi + Adohira + Tay and Dolph Ziggler + Baron Corbin (OC, WWE)
57 - Katsuki Bakugo and Dolph Ziggler (My Hero Academia, WWE)
58 - Chris Jericho (WWE)
59 - Tohri Nishikikouji + Shuu Iwamine + Anghel Higure + Fujishiro Nageki (Hatoful Boyfriend)
60 - ”Stealing the Show” Comic (WWE)
61 - Hatoful Boyfriend cast and Kazuaki Nanaki + Ukyo (Hatoful Boyfriend, Amnesia)
62 - The Miz (WWE)
63 - Eggie and Fritz (Pokemon Vietnamese Crystal, Cinderella Phenomenon)
63 - Emma Millstein and Cole + Rhys + Evangeline (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel, Dragon Age)
64 - Jusis Albarea and Millium Orion (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel)
65 - Kat + Syd + Raven (Gravity Rush)
66 - Peko Pekoyama And Campanella (Danganronpa, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky)
67 - AJ Styles (WWE)
68 - Jusis Albarea + Machias Regnitz + Millium Orion (The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel)
69 - Yamato Hongo + Reiji Shinomiya (Akiba’s Beat)


Hello there! My name is Nerdy McNerdface (but you can refer to me as Nerdy if you so wish), and if you hadn't gotten the point yet, I enjoy drawing. Namely, chibi drawing.

Note: For those who are clueless as to what a chibi drawing is, it is a drawing of a character (be it fan art or OC) that is, for lack of a better word, "cutesy". Big eyes, unrealisitic proportions, things like that.

My main thing I'll post here will be chibis, but every now and then I'll get a creative spark for another form of art and post it here too, just to shake up the content a little. I hope you enjoy it, and if you don't, well... let me know what you don't like about the drawing to help me in future!

(Please let me know if the image does not load for you and I will try to resolve the issue)

Before I post my first image, I'll give some info on what items I use/have used regularly:
Sketchbook: WHSmith A5 Sketch Pad
Drawing Pencils: WHSmith set of 12 Drawing Pencils
Colouring Pencils: WHSmith set of 36 Colouring Pencils, Prismacolor set of 23 Anime & Manga Pencils, Faber-Castell set of 60 Colouring Pencils
Fineliners: Graphik Line Maker, Faber-Castell set of 4 Artist Pens, Faber-Castell XS Artist Pen, Shuttle Art set of 100 Unique Fineliners
Eraser: Papermate Mechanical Pencil - Eraser End, WHSmith Small Putty Eraser, Helix Mathematical Set Eraser
Digital Drawing Apps: Drawing Desk, Pixel Animator
Digital Editing Apps: Pixlr, Pages

Ok, here goes!

So, the first chibi I shall post here is of Ukyo from the Amnesia Otome Series. He is definitely one of my favourite anime characters of all time - he can be really adorable and awkward sometimes, yet he can be scarily awesome other times. All capped off with a backstory that got me in tears and a great design. So when my sister said it'd be a good idea to draw him, I embraced that. This was the result. Please excuse the faint rubber line in the top right hand side of the pic - I still can't remove it to this day.

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Pretty good! I might start doing my own XD. You're inspiring. On a serious note though, maybe you should set up a shop that takes drawing requests?
Firstly, thank you!

Secondly, I might try and do that a little later on. I want to post a couple more chibis to reflect on my style before I begin taking requests from people, if that makes sense.


Speaking of more chibis, I have a new one! This one is of Lucifer from The Devil is a Part-Timer. This series made me laugh so much, and Lucifer is probably the most relatable character I have ever encountered in fiction as of yet. I mean, he literally has an internet addiction, and identifies as a NEET. Either way, my sister challenged me yesterday to draw a chibi of him, and this is what I came up with. It was really tough to draw the wings, but I think I did pretty good.

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Hey, so Mia Blaze and I were joking around once, and we came up with a crazy Pokemon AU involving a yandere Serena capturing princess Ash and Kiawe going off to save him. This is a small chibi thing I did of that. There are several rubber lines, but I think you might just have to get used to that with my art. Note: there is a chibi knife. If you're not a big fan of that, don't click the spoiler tag. I'd also recommend checking out Mia's in her own thread.

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Mia Blaze

I'mma gonna Deku in the face, Kacchan
THAT DRESS! HA! I love it so much! Ash looks so pissed off right now, doesn't he? Or should I say she?

Yeah, we made this up by mucking around, true British comedy right there for you people!
THAT DRESS! HA! I love it so much! Ash looks so pissed off right now, doesn't he? Or should I say she?

Yeah, we made this up by mucking around, true British comedy right there for you people!
I don't really care how you refer to him, but I would say that he looks so done with the whole situation. Serena and Kiawe on the other hand...

The dress was just a random headcanon XD
I've got another chibi! This time I've got Byakuya Togami from Danganronpa. I love his character so much - he's a sasslord, he has a great design, he's really intelligent, he survived the entire series and he gets a whole bunch of awesome moments in the Danganronpa 3 anime series. What's not to love? I feel like I didn't do that well on this chibi though, but that's up to you to judge.

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Ok so this isn't a chibi this time around, but bear with me. I watch this really cool Pokemon YouTuber called Almighty Mandals, and he did a live stream of his Pokemon Platinum Randomiser Nuzlocke on Sunday. During it, he found a Misdreavus, and due to the moves being randomised it learned Rolling Kick. I loved it a ton, and when he said live that he wanted someone to draw something of that, I leapt at the opportunity. This was the result. I actually sent the Instagram link to his Twitch chat, and he liked it so much that he posted it on his Twitter (causing little Nerdy over here to explode on the spot of course). Tbh it's not an amazing work - I put just enough effort into it to make it look like what I wanted to, and that was it. You can especially tell with the Misdreavus. But if it makes you laugh, then that's cool!

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Since starting up my shop, I've decided that I'll post the finished requests here as well as in the shop itself.

My first finished request was originally by Mia Blaze, who requested a multiple chibi drawing of Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James and Meowth, but with slight influence from an AU she came up with where the two teams have truced and Jessie and James have Z-rings too. This is what I came up with. It was extremely hard to get everything right, but this was what I came up with.

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I haven't been super-motivated to draw recently, so I decided I'd post something I made back when it was around a week or so before I joined this forum. I went through a bit of a pixelart phase, and I ended up making something about one of my favourite anime arcs of all time - the Mega OVA. It wasn't that good due to the platform I used to make it being awful, but I rather like it!

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NAWWW! Cute! And pretty good pixel art. Next time maybe add shading? just a suggestion.
I've never been good at shading, but if I ever do one again then I could try!
So I'm posting more of my old crap because my motivation is not there right now.

Back when I was still deciding my style I tried to do a comic of something that I thought about in ORAS. I deliberately didn't put too much effort into making it look great and I decided to completely disregard basic grammar, but the overall humour is for you to judge.

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So my motivation flared back up again and I drew a thing! After playing BW again, I kinda wanted to draw something from it, and so I ended up with this. It's a more manga-ish style than a chibi one, but I quite like it! It's of Hilda. It was rather tough to draw - the hand holding the Poke Ball was extremely frustrating and even now I don't know how accurate it is - but I think it's a good effort. This drawing also marked the debut of a new drawing utensil - a Graphik Line Maker!

PS: please excuse the quality of the image. The lighting where I am right now isn't the best.

OMG this is actually amazing! I love the style, and the absence of the legs actually suits the overall drawing! Top notch effort, 10/10!
Uhh, thanks?! I didn't realise that this was that good. If you really like it, then I'm glad!
Ok so I haven't posted here in a while, but here I am! So a couple of days ago I did some drawing practice, and made this OC character. I quite like her, and I also did some shading this time! Admittedly it isn't much, but it's still something. This also marks the debut of another piece of kit - a set of Prismacolor Pencils!

(This character now has a name - Eira Dawn. She was my character in the "Madam Belladonna's School for Malicioudly Gifted Children" RPG.)

I also have a basic practice page I did a while back with no colour when I was trying out different styles of drawing eyes. A pair of eyes I tried I liked so much that I drew a person around them, but because of another eye below the picture it remained unfinished. Either way, I thought it looked kinda cool, so here ya go!

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