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Net Battle FAQ

Erik Destler

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Reposting this. I did not write this, it used to be here.

NetBattle FAQ

Main Information

Q:What is NetBattle?

A:NetBattle is an online Pokemon battling system.


A:Simple.You go online and battle with other users online.

Q: Is NetBattle an official Nintendo program?

A: No, NetBattle is a fan program.

Q: What about legal issues?

A: Up to now, Nintendo hasn't commented on NetBattle, nor taken any legal actions against it.It is known that Nintendo is aware of the program's existence.

In-Game Mechanics

Q: Is the battling system like the Pokemon games?

A: Yup,it's in the old classic style.

Q: How do you capture Pokemon?

A:You don't!You choose the Pokemon, them, evolutions etc.

Q: What about training?

A: Big No! You choose the level, IV's, EV's for your Pokemon.

Q: Do abilities work?

A: Yes, just like Pokemon games.

Q: Is there any RPG element in the game?

A: No,it is just pure battling.


Q: Is NetBattle free?

A: Yup,after all, it's fan made.

Q: Where can I download Netbattle?

A: www.netbattle.net is the official NetBattle site,you can get support,download it etc.Another safe place which offers download is http://www.smogon.com/nb/download/,any other places with downloads,are most probably fake ones.

Q: What about different mirrors?

A: All mirrors are the same,just hosted on different servers.


Q: I can't connect to NetBattle, what's wrong?

A:First and foremost,check that your internet connection is active,if that isn't the case,just wait until it is up.Serever downtime happens every now and then.In the meantime,you may want to make sure that you haven't deleted any of the program files.If the problem persists for the whole day,try reinstalling the program.You can also post here details and be helped.


Q: Anything else?

A: Yeah,when you log in,it is recommended you use the Smogon server 90% of the onlne users are there.

Q: What about different mirrors?

A: All mirrors are the same,just hosted on different servers.

Q: Is broadband required?

A: Yes,otherwise it will be very slow.

If someone wishes to write a guide/FAQ for Shoddy Battle, please contact me. :)
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