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Netkun Site Navigation Guide

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It has occurred to me that some of you might be having trouble finding your way on the Japanese based official PokeSpecial manga website http://netkun.com/pockemon/, so this sticky is created to assist your navigation. Note that since 1 May 2009, the site has been slightly revamped and scaled down on the sections. So certain previous sections are no longer accessible on the site, notably the separate series' past monthly summaries. After the update on 2 June 2009, further changes have been made, removing the pop-up and simply its content into another page. The Move-Dex and Pokedex are also moved to a new page, while there is a name change for the gallery. On 2 July 2009, the site has been revamped once again, this time in terms of its colour scheme and layout, changing the name of the Q&A section, and adding the bottom bars' buttons to the front page while keeping them intact on the bottom bar except having scrappedthe Pokemon images.

Once you've clicked into the site and after the page's fully loaded, take a look at the navigation bar at the bottom of the site. The first button on the first row's left hand side is the 'Current Month's News' section, which used to be a pop-up. It shows the latest updates on the site, as well as news on upcoming releases or events. The same page can be accessed from the Pikachu icon on the front page. The second button is the 'This Month's Teasers', showing teasers of chapters featured in the most current Netkun magazines. It is a new feature which is added on 5 April 2005, updated on 1 May 2009, with previous month entries removed from the links. The same page can be accessed by the Piplup icon on the front page.

The third button leads to the 'Writer's Commentaries', updated monthly, which is also accessible from the Meganium icon on the front page. The fourth button leads to the Q&A & reader's feedback section, now named 'Contribution Square', which is accessible via the Torchic button on the front page.

On the second row, the first button leads to the gallery, named the 'PokeSpecial Art Museum' since 2 Jun 2009, the same page accessible via the green and yellow button on the bottom left of the front page. The second button leads to a new page set up on 1 May 2009 called the 'Comics All Guide', also accessible on the front page via the bottom middle button, the blue and green one. Within it are three separate sections: the red bar takes you to a page which shows how each series relates to the handheld games so far; the yellow bar to a brief summary of each series and their featured volumes; and then the green bar which takes you to the character biographies of all the main characters (i.e. the Pokedex Holders) throughout each series. The third button leads you to the 'PokeSpecial Database', which contain the site's Move-Dex and Attack-Dex, updated monthly, the same page accessible via the bottom right purple and green button on the front page. The fourth button simply takes you back to the front page.

You wouldn't be interested in the writer's commentary page or the Q&A section if you can't read Japanese, while the gallery page doesn't really require an understanding of Japanese to navigate through unless you want to read the writer's own comments on each pic.

Please post in this thread if you still have trouble locating anything on the official site.

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