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Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

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probably. tired. took 4 sleeping pills when you're only supposed to take 1 and still can't fall asleep.


The Sun Has Turned To Black - Electric Wizard
@hobby: Oh it's alright. i've always had a pretty good natural resistance to most medicines so. and i've taken worse amounts than that tbh.
@dion: Damn straight. certainly makes stoner doom a more interesting experience...

On Blackened Wings - Electric Wizard
I've found i don't even have insomnia as much these days as much as i can't sleep at night but can during the afternoon.

though there's times like these when i just can't sleep and insomnia is the appropriate title. weird.

Behemoth - Electric Wizard
For you? i dunno. i personally love them; slow depressing heavy musics laced with psychedelic guitar work and vocals that really match the music's style and lyrics that are nice as far as stoner doom goes. they also manage to get a nice groove going in every song.

not sure if you'd like them though. Dopesmoker and Come My Fanatics are my favorites if you do want to explore a bit.

Jane Doe - Converge

I might explore a little bit. YouTube to the rescue I guess. =/

{7:14} The Patient - Tool

If new Tool is half as good as their last two albums I'll be happy.

and 10,000 Days bored me a bit from Tool tbh.

AEnima and Lateralus on the other hand are great. shame shuffle only seems to like 10,000 Days.

The Saddest Day - Converge


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Good Day - Kumi Koda
Album: Universe
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