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Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

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Well, I'll give them both a listen then. My supply of new music has run a bit dry lately, so. And Randy? =/

FML ~ Deadmau5
For Lack of A Better Name
How many songs do you have on your computer, anyway? Randy Blythe from Lamb of God is a guest on that song. And I fucking hate Lamb of God. So.

Rooster - Alice In Chains


Around 2000. I listen to pretty much all of the Recs you give me, but I don't get round to actually downloading them all because the School monitors our download usages... Oh, right. That sucks.

For Lack Of A Better Name ~ Deadmau5
For Lack Of A Better Name

I love bingeing on Trance right before Metalcore.
Oh. Hm. Speaking of trance, if my cousin makes me go to one more goddamn rave I'm going to use those goddamn strobe lights to murder thirty thousand people.

Fearless - Hypocrisy
Yes. She needs someone to go with because her boyfriend literally locked himself into his room refusing to go, so I have to. And it is when you hate strobe lights, loud noise, annoying dance music, and people in general.

Falls Apart - Stabbing Westward
Wither Blister Burn and Peel


Does she not have anyone to go with that actually likes the whole thing, though? And why do you even let her make you go? =/

King Of Nothing ~ Shadows Fall

This is really good for Metalcore.
No one does, except for her, lol. Because I she's nice enough I don't have the heart to be a prick to her like I am to most people.

Weird Tales I.Electric Frost II.Golgotha III.Altar Of Melektaus - Electric Wizard


So, do most of the people where you live listen to good, or at least acceptable, music then? Heh, I don't have the heart to be a prick to anyone, lol.

Artefacts Of The Black Rain ~ In Flames
The jester Race


Sounds like most of England, tbh.

Medusa ~ Anthrax
Spreading The Disease

I need to get another one of their albums. Still have those links you sent me...
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