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Never Mind the Bullocks, Here's the What are You Listening to Thread

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Polls' started by JoshYEAH, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    The Story - 30 Seconds to Mars
    A Beautiful Lie
  2. hobby

    hobby Well-Known Member

    Perfect World - Billy Talent
    Album: Billy Talent II (2006)
  3. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    A Modern Myth - 30 Seconds to Mars
    A Beautiful Lie
  4. hobby

    hobby Well-Known Member

    Endless, Nameless [Radio Appearance] - Nirvana
    Album: With The Lights Out (1991)
  5. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    Battle of One - 30 Seconds to Mars
    A Beautiful Lie
  6. hobby

    hobby Well-Known Member

    Little Girls Pointing And Laughing - Alexisonfire
    Album: Alexisonfire (2002)
  7. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    Himmelfahrt - Megaherz
  8. Evilyn

    Evilyn _

    Land of the Rising Slum - Skyclad
    Prince of the Poverty Line
  9. Karenix

    Karenix diving for seashells

    "Till I Come Alive" by Nocturnal Rites

    On their album The 8th Sin
  10. Mariya Shidou

    Mariya Shidou Banned

    {1/8} Neon Knights - Black Sabbath
    album: Heaven and Hell
    year: 1980
  11. palingensia

    palingensia amends

    Jerusalem (Part 1) - Sleep
  12. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Guess we'll restart this again. More than a year old, more than 2700 pages, yikes. Back in a bit!
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