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New 11 episode series, "Pocket Monsters: Mezase Pokemon Master", starts January 13th 2023


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Amourshippers and reaching pretty much go hand in hand so doesn't surprise me.
Ironic for the guy who was using OSTs as a reach recently, on top of generalizing everyone under the same banner because of a few loose nuts like cricket.

Then again, doesn't surprise me that you'd be like this, JustCallMeAL. You've proven far worse about yourself.

Blood Red



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I hope Satoshi ends the series with a polycule. :)
He needs to be the leader of a traditional family. One black haired girl and one red-headed boy and a red-headed wife who tutors water type trainers from home while she juggles her role as a housewife.


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maybe this series will answer some question about ash
like who is ash dad??
will ash be a pokemon master????


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maybe this series will answer some question about ash
like who is ash dad??
Need it for something? It's not relevant to the series.

If his identity is so important, why doesn't anyone wonder who the other characters' parents are (some companions also had one or both unknown parents).


[Dam]n h[er] Gan[dal]f!
I hope every single Pokemon of Ash's gets some screentime. At the bare minimum, at least a 30 second montage/per Pokemon with a few remarks by Ash. It wouldn't take more than 10 minutes tops to give every Pokemon a shoutout.

I wouldn't be surprised, but I really hope it's not going to be favoritism directed to a handful.


Cynical Optimist
I personally have little expectations for this series, in a good way. I think it'll be good and it'll make me sad when Ash leaves, that's really all I am expecting though. Also the biggest thing is trying to see if I will follow the new anime or move on, I think that's what scares me the most.


What is the airspeed of an unladen Swellow?
Wow, so Ash married Lorelei? Kinda surprising with the huge age gap.
But is Lorelei robbing the cradle, or is Ash robbing the grave?