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***NEW*** All Starters face-off!

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King Altaria

The other starter face-off sucked. It only had Kanto. In this one, all starters are here, and they're choosed randomly. There will be six types of Face Offs:

~ Same starter type: Kanto vs Hoenn, Kanto vs Johto, Hoenn vs Johto.
~ All 3 Grass starters, 3 All Fire starters, and all 3 Water starters.


For our first face-offs, we'll set Kanto's starters Against Hoenn's!

;001; VS ;252;

;004; VS ;255;

;007; VS ;258;

START VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!

As fer my votes...

~ Bulbasaur is clearly better than Treecko. No doubt about that. Grass-Poison > Grass.

~ Charmander takes too freakin' hard to raise. Torchic is cute, grows fast and looks awesome. Plus, fiery chicken > fiery dragon.

~ Squirtle is nice for starter, but the fact that Mudkip learns ground moves early on makes the little mudfish better than the little turtle.
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Hugging 'til the end
My votes are for:
;001;. Bulbasaur. Hard decission.
;004;. Charmander. Another hard.
;007;. Squirtle. The turtle is cute.

Fiery Blaziken

Well-Known Member
Bulbasuar. The Grass-Poison type means that poison attacks aren't super effective.
Torchic. Nuff' said.
Mudkip. Its evos have ground types along with water, making it the only water Pokemon immune to electricity


My votes are:

Treecko - I voted him because I like gecko's.
Torchic - I voted him because Blaziken rocks.
Mudkip - I voted him because I hate squirtle.


Well-Known Member
Don't forget about Barboach and Whiscash, they're also Water/Ground types!

Anyway, my votes go to:

Treecko - I just it like better than Bulba
Torchic - Kung-fu chicken! xD (well... when it evolves >_>)
Mudkip - Water/Ground type. ;]~~ (same as above ;x)


I'll go with Bulbasaur, Torchic and Squirtle. The three just sounds better than the others.


I vote:

Bulbasaur ;001; (Sorry Treecko :()
Charmander ;004;
Squirtle ;007;

Which means, I vote all the Kanto starters!!! :D


I vote for...:

Treecko - It learns Leaf Blade and it can learn other good moves, too. Sceptile has a higher speed than Venusaur.
Charmander - Charizard was/is one of my strongest pokemons in FR.
Squirtle - Blastoise has high defense and can eliminate it's weaknesses with EQ and Ice Beam.
An other reason why I voted for these, is that I like reptiles ^^


A dog in heat.
Treecko - Nice move set feat. Leaf blade one of the best grass moves in the game plus no weakness to psychic like bulba.
Charmander - Charizard is the greatest pokemon ever.
Squirtle - Blastoise is very dank in Red / Blue

King Altaria

Posted by Blaziken Master: Mudkip. Its evos have ground types along with water, making it the only water Pokemon immune to electricity
So are Wooper & Quagsire (as CoolPokétrainer said), Barboach & Whiscash (as Poochyena said), and Chinchou & Lanturn (if they have the Volt Absorb ability).

onix lord

Well-Known Member
I'll vote for...
Treecko: I started with it in Emerald and its awesome!
Charmander: Not a big fan of Torchic and Charizard is awesome!
Squirtle: Started with it in FireRed and my favorite Kanto starter!

Blue Nightmare

Treeko: this was hard.
Charmander: Charizard roxors
Mudkip: I love swampert
my votes are for:

treecko bcuz He owns in speed
Torchic bcuz...ayo have you seen blaziken??!!?!?
Mudkip bcuz when it evolves it becomes a ground/water hybrid.
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