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***NEW*** All Starters face-off!

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I like all the Hoen starters!!!
Treecko- The best starter in the world
Torchic- Karate Chicken!!!!
Mudkip-Verry uniqe


I'm baaaaaack
The Hoenn ones are best hence my favorite pokemon: Blaziken


For Kanto, I choose Charmander. It's cute, but turns into a gigantic, firebreathing dragon!

For Johto, I choose Cynaquil. It's cute, but who defies a tall, fire-covered behemoth? I thought so.

For Hoenn, Torchic! It's cute, obviously. The cutest of all 9! But I don't like Blaziken/Combusken. Just cute lil' Torchic!

WaterDragon trainer

Freak Like Me
My votes go to
kanto-CHARMANDER because I like Charizard more than Venusaur+Blastoise
johto-TOTODILE because I like Feraligatr+I started to like to start off with a water type beginning with johto(blastoise isn't as cool as feraligatr+swampert)
hoenn-MUDKIP because I like Swampert
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