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New Arrival


Well-Known Member
Hello. ^^;; I've lurked occasionally but this is the time when I've finally decided to actually become a member here.

I'm AllHailThrall. I've been playing Pokemon since Red and Blue came out, I got Red with a Game Boy Color for Christmas. Ever since then me and my twin brother have been duking it out when it came to Pokemon. Nowadays he's a bit less enthused, especially with the lull between 5th and 6th generation and all. But I haven't lost my spirit!

I don't like to battle competitively (my last experience in EV training was absolutely dull in my opinion) and I don't consider myself much of a strategist. But I certainly have fun playing the games. My favorites are Ruby and Black.

However, not a lot of people in my area are as enthused about Pokemon anymore. That's why I decided to make an account here, to talk to others who share my interest with Pokemon. :) It'll be nice to chat with all of you!


Sinnoh Champ
Hey ^_^ welcome


Link Jokers!
welcome Thrall. i like new members. :) if u want to trade or battle (not competitively, of course), just let me know!

Mr. L 500

Hello! I'm new here too, so... welcome to the forums!
If you ever want to casually battle or trade, just send me a message!


New Member
Hi there! I don't really battle much either, but if you ever want to trade then let me know! Or to just chat, that's cool too ^__^


Golden Sun 4?
Hi Thrall!

If you need a friend, I can be that person! Anyways, I like you, you have good taste! (3rd`Gen = Epicness)



Creamery Commander
If you don't like EV training, why not use online simulators for battles? Pokemon Showdown and Pokemon Online are great tools for those who can't be bothered with the level grinding that accompanied gen 5. if you need help, hit me up.


New Member
Hi! my friend codes are in my signature, be friends?


Welcome to SPPF!

If you need any help or just want a friend feel free to ask me