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New Born (PG-13 SongFic One-shot)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Diddy, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. Diddy

    Diddy Renegade

    Well, this is my second (posted) fic, and swerves almost 180 degrees from my other fic.

    I got an idea for a one shot after listening to the song 'New Born' by the fantabulous 'Muse'. The lyrics to the song are in there at the intervals.

    I don't think this is your average songfic, mostly because it isn't centred around fluff, but it is however a drama, or its supposed to be dramatic, pick your favourite. It is supposed to be kinda sad, and there may be things that make you laugh, I can't be certain.

    Now I'll stop rambling, I'm posting really late so I don't get tempted to check in an hour or so.

    And reveal

    New Born

    In a small suburban town, there lies a small suburban street and upon this lies a small suburban house.

    The occupants of this house were a young married couple, one a hard working, car-washing, lawn-mowing Gallade and the other, a dinner-cooking, house-cleaning, heavily pregnant Gardevoir.

    The former was dressed in his best brown suit and getting ready to leave for work, the latter wearing a yellow dress and apron with a ‘kiss the cook’ logo.

    “You really should have another piece of toast darling, make sure my man is ready for another day at work.” The Gardevoir said happily, waving some nearly burnt, cold toast in her hand.

    “No dear, you’re the one who should be eating. Your eating for two you know. I’ll be fine.” The Gallade turned to leave, “Oh, and Angeline, your hair looks lovely.” He gave a loving smile.

    The Gardevoir, named Angeline, ran a hand through her sleek green hair, a grin adorning her face. “Why, thank you for noticing, I hoped you wou-” The Gardevoir stopped mid sentence to the sound of a splashing on the gleaming mahogany wood floor.

    “I think my waters just broke”

    The Gallade had had his hand on the doorknob when he heard her, instantly turning round, he gave the most reassuring smile he could and ran to the telephone.

    “I have to call the hospital, my car is still at Arthur’s place. Otherwise I’d take you myself” Keying the emergency services number in, he put the receiver to his ear and waited, impatiently tapping his foot against the floor repeatedly, when the person on the other end picked up.

    “Hello, this is Emergency Services hotline, which service co you require?” Came the monotonous answer.

    “I need an ambulance, quick. My wife has just gone into labour.” Was the Gallade’s reply.

    “Okay sir, now where do I send the ambulance?”

    As he explained the details, Angeline, our heavily pregnant Gardevoir, was currently lay on the red leather couch breathing heavily. Her cheeks had reddened and her heartbeat was almost tripled, chest rising up and out, down and in with each quickened breath.

    “Don’t worry darling, the ambulance will be arriving shortly and you will be having our child in no time at all.” The Gallade was reassuringly stroking the head of the Gardevoir, somewhat messing up her hair. “Just remember the breathing exercises Doctor Po taught you.”

    “What do you think I’m doing Henry!?” shouted Angeline. Obviously the stress of going into labour had shortened her previously short temper.

    At that moment, a screeching of tyres and clanking of equipment was heard. A knock at the door was heard moments after.

    “Just a moment dear.” And the Gallade rushed to the door opening it swiftly, allowing the paramedics access to the living room. And within seconds, she was on the stretcher and being wheeled out of the house towards the flashing red van.

    “I’ll be following when I get the car Angeline. Love you.” And he left, running away from the screams and grunts of his wife, towards his car where he could follow the ambulance and see the first moments of his child’s life.

    ‘Link it to the world
    Link it to yourself
    Stretch it like a birth squeeze’

    “Don’t worry ma’am, we’ll get you to the hospital as quick as we can, get that baby out in the open you know.” The Hitmonlee, dressed in a blue jumpsuit adorned with the staff-with-snakes-coiled-around-it logo on the arm, said reassuringly with a smile.

    “I don’t care what you do, just get this thing outta me!” The Gardevoir screamed.

    The Hitmonlee, named Sebastian, had been a paramedic for near fifteen years now, and if he had to reach a conclusion on that time. It would be, pregnant women are immensely difficult to work with.

    Meanwhile, Henry the Gallade had made it to Arthur’s house and after many congratulations from him and his wife Agnes, grabbed his keys and made haste chasing the ambulance that contained his darling wife and his soon-to-be child.

    The sedan, with its boxy design, was not built for speed and Henry could see neither hide nor hair of the ambulance. It had the advantage of cutting traffic, thought Henry, I’ll just make a way straight to the hospital.

    He turned a corner onto the main road…

    ‘The love for what you hide
    The bitterness inside
    Is growing like the new born’

    Straight into a traffic jam.

    He saw a sign in front of him, Hospital 1 mile, with an arrow pointing straight through the sardine can of cars.

    Grunting angrily, Henry slammed his hand onto the steering wheel a few times, activating the horn, sounding a universal cry of ‘Outta the way buddy’.

    “I don’t have time for this!” He shouted, turning off the engine.

    And he eyed the pavement, ‘I’m a law abiding citizen, and my wife is giving birth, they should let me off for this.” For Henry was thinking of bypassing the traffic by driving along the pavement, sure the law would punish him, but like he said. He doesn’t have time for traffic jams.

    Grinning at a well-formulated plan, he turned the key. Only for the car to splutter and choke, his car had actually died on him.

    Maybe it was for the best.

    Almost sobbing now, Henry rested his head on the steering wheel. “I don’t deserve this. O Gods believe me, I don’t deserve this.”

    ‘Wait. New plan, why drive when I can run, its only a mile.’ His grin revitalised, he got out and locked his car. And ran, as fast as his legs could carry him.

    ‘When you’ve seen, seen
    Too much, too young, young
    Soulless is everywhere’

    The ambulance wheels screeched once more and the crew began to unload the patient, rushing the pained Gardevoir into the large, painted cream building. A pair of blue clad paramedics operating the gurney, pushing it towards the reception desk, the others moving the ambulance to the parking area.

    “Nurse, we need a room. This woman is in labour.” Seb the Hitmonlee said.

    The Miltank receptionist, clothed in pink scrubs, sat there filing her hooves until a point she believed them decently filed, finishing with a quick blow to remove the dust.

    “Room 513 up on fifth is free.”

    And with that blasé statement the Miltank went to reading a magazine called ‘Have-a-break’

    ‘Hopeless time to roam
    The distance to your home
    Fades away to nowhere’

    ‘For hospital, follow signs for arena.’

    Okay. That seems clear enough, thought Henry. After passing the traffic jam, the Gallade had thought it plain sailing but the jam was only being caused by a crash fifty metres in front of his car.

    As he ran, he checked each sign looking for this ‘arena’ he was told to follow.

    ‘How much are you worth
    You can’t come down to earth
    You’re swelling up, you’re unstoppable’

    Breathing heavily, Henry’s pace was slowing. He hadn’t run anything near this far since high school.

    “Come on man, you can do this. Think of your baby, you’re doing it all for him, or her.” He voiced aloud, gaining motivation by his words.

    He continued on with a slower but steady pace.

    ‘Cause you’ve seen, seen
    Too much, too young, young
    Soulless is everywhere’

    “Right Angeline, my job here is done. I hope the birth goes okay.” And Seb left the room with the other paramedic. For the first time in the hour or so of her labour, she was alone.

    The Gardevoir’s pain had subsided somewhat, but her protruding stomach was giving her a sense of unease. Something is wrong somewhere.

    ‘Destroy the spineless
    Show me it’s real
    Wasting our last chance
    To come away’

    The pedestrian flow had increased somewhat and there were countless people rushing towards him, looking at his watch, it read 12:11pm, break time. Dodging around the populace, his pace had slowed considerably leaving him further away from the hospital.

    “Get out of my way, my wife is giving birth, now move!” Henry bellowed, the people in his general area looked at him a bit strangely but with the noise of cars beeping, pedestrians talking and planes whooshing overhead, nobody really heard him.

    Now annoyed, Henry took a better path through the people, a straight line. Pushing various citizens in his adrenaline fuelled charge that a star quarterback would be proud of. Needless to say, many people were angry, and had stopped and turned to shout protestations at his person. Henry was in a different place, mind on only one thing, a goal that drove him down a dark alley, a shortcut he believed to get him to the hospital quicker and with less interruptions.

    And the Gallade was right, for a while.

    The alley, hidden between two large office blocks had little natural light to brighten it up. Some would argue it doesn’t need lighting up, the mould encrusted walls and trash-strewn floor was something to keep hidden. The towns dirty little secret. With barely one and a half metres of room, the ninety centimetre thick dumpsters were tricky to dodge. You could probably make a sport out of this, dumpster dodging perhaps.

    And perhaps Henry might have enjoyed the new sport he invented, had a hooded figure not stepped out from behind one of the dumpsters and tripped him, causing him to get the entire front of his body covered in that smelly garbage juice that accumulates at the bottom of the bin bag.

    Wiping it from his eyes and flicking it to the floor, Henry turned around to confront the attacker.

    “You, you hooligan. What in the world possessed you to do such a thing!?” He shouted, something he seemed to be doing a lot today. “I have to get to the hospital as fast as I can, and you’ve slowed me up a bit. Didn’t you even think about that?”

    The hooded hooligan just stared, “Shut up mate, I don’t care what you is doing.” He said, in a fairly high-pitched voiced. Very tough, thought Henry.

    “Look, you must be about fourteen years old and have a very poor grasp of grammar, so just go home to your mummy or whoever you live with and I’ll just leave.” I replied, feeling slightly sorry for the wretch in front of me.

    “What did you say about my mum? I is like eighteen mate innit. You aint going nowhere mate.” At this point he pulled a small knife out of his pocket, pointing it in Henry and advancing to his position.

    Henry’s first instinct was to run, but his legs seemed to have failed him and all he could see was the knife, he made little note of the hooded Machop slowly advancing on him.

    “Now you’ll see what you get when you step on my territory.” The hood said menacingly. And he thrust the knife as hard as he could into the Gallade’s stomach, rupturing something. Henry couldn’t tell, the overwhelming pain of breaking flesh overcomes him. The Machop pulls it out letting Henry fall to the floor in pain, and then kicking him in the wound when Henry was debilitated on the ground. The hoodlum fled the scene.

    Such a wound was manageable, if you get medical treatment quickly enough. But Henry, down a dirty alleyway, could receive no such treatment. He did the only thing he could and crawled, fighting the vast pain ripping his body, tearing at his sanity. The blood loss was extreme, a trail of thick crimson running a few metres along the filthy floor. Realising his fate, Henry did one thing before he collapsed, in a raspy, muted shout, he cried “Angeline!” and finally fell, folding to the pressure of his wound.

    ‘Just break the silence
    Cause I’m drifting away
    Away from you’

    A short distance away, the laden Gardevoir felt a pang of sorrow. A feeling she contributed to the baby, then pain, lots and lots of pain.

    It was starting.

    ‘Link it to the world
    Link it to yourself
    Stretch it like it’s a birth squeeze’

    Pressing a button on the bedside, a light bulb flashed at the nurse’s station. Something the resident Blissey noticed, she quivered with excitement, she loved seeing new children come into a happy family.

    The Blissey got up and alerted a few Chansey to assist in the birth. And as an old Honchkrow once said, that’s an offer you can’t refuse.

    The team rushed to room 513, to find the patient in question. A Gardevoir who, by the looks of it, was very ready to give birth.

    “Gladice, get over there and comfort her, you remember the training. Enid, come here and help me.” The Blissey was barking orders to the team, and the Gardevoir, who whilst in terrible pain, still could admire the skill the nurse possesses to do such a job. The Gardevoir just wanted her husband by her side; he could always comfort her when she was sad.

    ‘And the love for what you hide
    And the bitterness inside
    Is growing like the new born’

    Unaware of her husbands fate, the Gardevoir battles on, Gladice the Chansey breathing reassurances into her ear. “Just breath like I showed you” and “It’s alright, I’m here” being a few of her more choice phrases.

    “It’s not even out and I already hate this baby!” Angeline shouted.

    Unperturbed, the head nurse Blissey continued on. Behaving like a general in times of war, except her battlefield was a small room and the enemy was death.

    ‘When you’ve seen, seen
    Too much, too young, young
    Soulless is everywhere’

    “Oh my god, what happened to this guy? Somebody call an ambulance.” A voice. Then black.

    “What happened?” This one is different to the last.

    “I’m not sure, I just found him this way in the alley.” The first voice again.

    Then the second one again. “Load him into the ambulance, he needs medical attention ASAP.” There was a clanking of equipment and a stomping of feet as Henry was being loaded into the back of an ambulance.

    “He’s alive, but barely, his pulse is very weak. I don’t think he’s going to make it.”

    Henry gathered his energy and opened his eyes; those of a Hitmonlee met him.

    “Glad to see you in the world of the living. The names Sebastian, and I’ll be your rescuer today, no but seriously, your hurt badly and we need to get you to the hospital as quickly as we can.” The Hitmonlee gave Henry a reassuring smile and kept checking his vitals.

    “My… wife.” Henry forced.

    “Whoa, don’t try and talk, save your energy. You’ll need it.” Seb interjected.

    Henry persisted however. “My wife… Angeline… is she okay.” By Henry’s logic, anyone like a doctor should know about it, so he asked.

    “Wait a minute, that pregnant Gardevoir I took to the hospital is your wife? The last time I saw her she was perfectly fine, when we get there, I’ll make sure to get you a room nearby.” Seb replied in his usual cheery manner.

    By Henry’s reckonings, He was a good guy. And his wife was fine, he could rest easy now. And he did.

    In minutes they had reached the hospital and Henry was rushed to an intensive care unit opposite his wife’s room, the open blinds meant that he could see into the room but Henry wasn’t awake. In fact, Henry was slipping away again; his heart responded and stopped beating, the pressure being far too low for blood to be pumped. The life support machine the Gallade was hooked up to also responded, by sending a message to the doctor in charge of Henry’s well-being, who rushed over to try and mend the problem.

    “Come on, don’t fail on me!” He said determinedly, rubbing the defibrillators paddles together and stuck them on the Gallade’s body again, one over the heart, the other lower and slightly to left.

    “No response doctor!” A nearby nurse cried.

    “I’m not losing this one. Stay with me.” The doctor screamed out more clichés but Henry had had it, he had flat lined, the world would be seeing no more of Henry P. Cooper.

    In the adjacent room, an almost mother looked on horrified. A man had been wheeled in, unmistakably it was her husband. A mere shadow of his former self, pale, messy and a large patch of crimson was apparent on his shirt and bed cloth. The pain was numb to her now, she watched on as the doctors struggled to resuscitate her husband. The doctor was trying his best, that much she could see, but his best wasn’t enough, she could sense his heart failing, Henry was unconscious and now there was nothing that could wake him up.

    ‘Destroy the spineless
    Show me it’s real
    Wasting their last chance
    To come away’

    She watched as the doctors pulled the sheets over the head of her former husband. Angeline was completely numb, had this been twenty minutes ago, she would have loved to feel this way but it was the emptiness she dreaded, despite being surrounded by so many people, she was alone. Eyes wide and in shock, Angeline wept.

    “Ma’am, her vitals are dropping, but I don’t know why. Despite the birth, she’s a perfectly healthy person; I can find no physical reason for it. It’s like she’s just lost the will to live.” A random nurse voiced, concern lacing every word.

    “For whatever reason, lets hope it’s worth it. For the baby’s sake.” Replied the Blissey sternly.

    The Gardevoir had indeed lost the will to live; Henry was her life and nothing, not even the baby, was worth life if she couldn’t raise it with him. She still pushed, she still strained and she still wanted the baby out, but it would be better off without her. The pain was overwhelming and she let it overwhelm her, letting go, the final push was found and her final breath was taken. The world would be seeing no more of Angeline S. Cooper.

    ‘Just break the silence
    Cause I’m drifting away
    Away from you.’

    With the mother deceased, the hospital staff looked into any relatives for care of the baby, they looked if she was married and found a Henry Cooper. They later found that he died in the room across to her. The head nurse Blissey finally had her answer.

    Neither parents had any next of kin.
  2. Effing sad. They could have just put her on an anesthetic and cut the baby out of her tummy. I never knew someone could die just because of so much pain..

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