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New Characters Discussion


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I really hope that the rivals/friends have a big role throughout the game, unlike Lyra or Wally...

Maybe one of them could become the champion or become a part of Team Plasma.


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The only character who seems anything like a rival to me in Black and White is Cheren. He looks sort of cold and tactical, like a rival should be. Belle looks too sweet and N, I don't even know if he is a rival but apparently, he's a bad guy. Cheren looks a bit like some of the generic "cool guys" from other series so he's a breath of fresh air :)


Professor Araragi seems very nice, I pretty loved that this time we have a woman professor and not a male.

The rest are great too. Cheren seems nice as a childhood friend, and N's still wrapped under a mystery.


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Cheren looks like he's one not to be messed with, but Belle looks like the one that would come out on top. I don't know, I think she will come out and suprise us all and become the champion or something!

N, mysterious looking, but I'm sure he will be the more serious rival, while Cheren and Belle are just friendly battling.

Makomo, she won't have much of a role in the game will she?, It will probably be like Celio, introduced by someone (in this case Araragi) and show you something (in this case the High Link or whatever) and then not do anything.

Araragi, love. The first in-game female professor of a reigon.

Dento, I will have to see more about, he's not top of my list

Aloe, she looks unique from the other gym leaders we've had before, and the first cook, No? (I'm not counting Brock seems that's in the anime).


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Professor Araragi as a female is interesting because she is the first female main series professor!

I'm hoping that Cheren & Belle are characters that you battle often and that they have interesting Pokémon. With N, like some said, maybe he is apart of Team Plasma. Either that, or he eventually becomes the Isshu Region Champion.

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Anybody wonder who the 2 mysterious girls in one of the trailers are?

Are they hostages? Are they administrators? Are they just random people?


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On Makomo, she looks like she may end up being rather enthusiastic about her job. Oh, and Musharan's too.
Araragi Is pretty cool, she looks like her character will be very nice, and seeing as the starters are a gift perhaps she will be the first professor not asking you to go do research for them.
In terms of Cheren and Belle, it seems they brought to us the happy perky rival and the cold tactical rival. I hope they are both equally important to the story.


I really think that N would later be revealed as the champion, and that in the time he spends as a champion he relaizes that pokemon are not treated fairly and then starts this whole new direction towards pokemon.
PS: happy birthday in advance to Weaver_8 :D


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Yay, first page. Hey, do you think that, since there's a complete revamp of the series, that the rival from the show could come in? I mean, if N is the champion, and he is the Leader of Team Plasma, then he could get arrested and Shooti could be come champ?


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I adore White, so much. If I didn't know that playing as Dawn in 'my Platinum' would alienate the experience (because I am not a girl), I would totally pick her.


But anyway, I like the characters introduced so far.

Prof. Yew Araragi - Maybe she studies divergent evolution. Otherwise I have no clue what she may study. Since she gives the Starters as a gift... maybe she's your Mom? That'd be interesting, and would sort of set up yours and Cheren's rivalry.
Mokomo - Cheren's mom? And possibly only really useful for Musharna and the Dream World. I kind of expect her to be just a more fleshed-out Aide (I see you have 30 Pokemon in the Dex! Here's an Itemfinder!).
N - I sort of expect him to be the one being crowned in the trailer for BW. Since he and Team Plasma have similar goals, I bet they join forces and N becomes the "Boss" of Plasma or something.
Cheren and Belle - It's nice to have two actual rivals. It'd be cool if Belle battles you just as often as Cheren does, and doesn't pull a Brendan/May from RSE.


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I personally like Barry's design much more than Cheren, appearance-wise. Then again, I just sort of like Barry in general. He's the only rival I've ever really liked, with Gary being a sort of exception (I don't like him, I just think his FRLG design is cool).


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Grei beat me to it, but I'm gonna bet that Makomo is Cheren's mom, or they're at least related. :p

And yeah, I'm really loving the whole two-rival+one antagonist thing. That equation coupled with Team Plasma better equal a whole lot of battling.


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Cheren + Belle + Player Character = Teamed up triple battle against N/Team Plasma.


I would love this. I almost expect there to be at least one battle (probably against N and Team Plasma, as you suggested) where you team up with Cheren and Belle in a Triple Battle.

That will be awesome.

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I would love this. I almost expect there to be at least one battle (probably against N and Team Plasma, as you suggested) where you team up with Cheren and Belle in a Triple Battle.

That will be awesome.

All the evolved starters getting sent out at the same time.



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I remember seeing someone think that N was a Zoroark or Zorua in disguise.... I thought that would be an interesting twist to the games.


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Professor Araragi - Having a female professor this time around is a great break from tradition, she looks pretty nice.

Makomo - We still don't know too much about her, but to me, she looks like she could be funny and a little quirky. She looks like she helps the professor out but isn't good at anything.

Cheren - He looks really cool and seems like a tough opponent, can't wait to learn more about him his personality.

Belle - She seems very sweet and not very rival like, but who knows, she could be pretty good.

N - I really want to know more about this guy. His design is cool and his mission is very interesting.