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New Characters/Plot - Discussion/Speculation Thread

Lord Godwin

The Lord of Darkness
I was thinking what Paldean Pokemon would work best for Penny and it striked me that Gholdengo makes a lot of sense.
1. The name Penny clearly gives money conotations. So does Gholdengo.
2. Penny stole a lot of LP from the League which is a type of Pokemon Virtual currency. A Pokemon connected to standard pay method like coins would work nice here.
3. Penny seems quite ackward, so does Gholdengo.
4. If Penny indeed is connected to Rose or Peony a part Steel-Type makes a ton of sense.
5. Penny acts a bit as someone behind, in the shadows, so the Ghost-type would also work.
6. It would work well with her Team coverage-wise.
7. A rare Pokemon like this would work well for her.

What do you think?

PS. while doing this I realized how much Ghodlengo would work for Honey:-D