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New DP vid (the 3:12 one) info!


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After hours and hours of lagging I finally get to see this video!
The animations are great.
Wonder why the bird didn't struggle?
Evolving looks much more improved and great.
Does anyone think the attack that Mukkuru used is Brave Bird?
All of the attacks looks amazing. This game will be great.

(As I keep saying: I doubt this, but they could be using that acutal bird to throw us off and think that the pokemon that uses fly isn't shown).


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yes but why would they try to make us think the game was worse then it was?

~Chibi Mewtwo~

Geared up for D/P ^^
If anyone who knows Star Wars noticed, when the scenes changed, there was the sound of a TIE fighter cannon...weird o_O)
I noticed it. In fact, I cracked up when I heard it :p.

Anyways, lets just say that ~Chibi Mewtwo~ is going to be a bit overhyped for the next few months^^. From looks of this, the game seems to have much more than I expected. I'm overjoyed to see that the day/night thing return and to see the battle animations stick around without debuting to the 4th generation in the 3rd release a year or so later. What I liked most in the video was the new evolution sequence and the Voice Chat feature on the Wi-Fi. Simply awesome. :D

As for the bird not trying to escape from the Pokeball, I think that it was edited for time because I highly doubt that after three generations they would take that feature out.

Just a random thought, but perhaps they changed it so that stronger, more rarer Pokemon will struggle and the weaker, common ones would not? Or maybe those with lower HP will be too exhausted to try to escape? (not trying to start rumors, as I am most likely wrong).

EDIT: Tried making the last part make more sense. Sorry if it confused anyone. Like I said, random thought. ^^;
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