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New DP vid (the 3:12 one) info!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by FEZ, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    im trying to do it but it opens the wrong file i think they protected there video because i diferent vid comes up that i never opend before and has there site logo for 2 minetes
  2. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    yah i cant do it it loads the other vid to protect it it seems sorry:(
  3. Laprashunter

    Laprashunter Orange Champion

    The reason why you can't play it is because it's an .FLV file. Did you drag it to your desktop yet? And can you tell me what size is the file? Could you send the file to me and I'll try to convert it.
  4. Youkai Enslaver

    Youkai Enslaver Lickitung Trainer

    Yeah, that video is heavily protected. I registered and upgraded my WMP, but I still can't view it because I don't live in Japan. Even when I use a proxy server in Japan, I can't view it.

    Dammit! When is someone in Japan gonna rip it and upload it?! =(
  5. aa_623

    aa_623 Well-Known Member

    Roselia evolving in a picture!
  6. Youkai Enslaver

    Youkai Enslaver Lickitung Trainer

    What do you mean "trick your computer ten times?"

    I've tricked my computer every way possible, and it still didn't work.

    Can you give me a step-by-step instructional as to how you did it? I've already registered to GyaO.
  7. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    no it opens up a WMP and plays a file but it plays a screen that advertises gyao.
  8. Laprashunter

    Laprashunter Orange Champion

    What's the size of the file that plays that clip? Maybe it's the wrong one...
  9. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member 8080

    is the proxy i used you also need to use internet explorer and have full cokies allowed and get lucky
  10. Br26

    Br26 Well-Known Member

    The screenshots from that page look interesting though.

    Is that Bonsly using rock slide or something?
  11. Orange Dementia

    Orange Dementia Beginning Trainer

    So, there is no way you can rip it?

  12. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    18.1MB and i'll try to send it to you but um how
  13. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    yah looks like rock slide and there were a few other moves shown they just cant be captured right they are in motion so it wont really work
  14. Orange Dementia

    Orange Dementia Beginning Trainer

    Did anything else interesting happen?
  15. Youkai Enslaver

    Youkai Enslaver Lickitung Trainer

    Crap! It works! But it gets a few seconds into the video, then the video freezes, but I can still hear the sound going. Grrr!
  16. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    yah i did not want to say this earlyer because it didn't make much sence but the pokeball does not sway from side to side it just catches :confused:

    oh and good luck Youkai Enslaver.
  17. Orange Dementia

    Orange Dementia Beginning Trainer

    Can anyone explain to me how to get the video to work?

    I'm gonna die otherwise :(
  18. FEZ

    FEZ Well-Known Member

    well then RIP.

    it is confuesing to the MAX
    and look back at my past posts to help Youkai Enslaver if you did not understand the proxy thing this will be way to confuessing just wait a day or 2 for the vid

    and by the way i got most of the new importent stuff anyway
    Last edited: Aug 13, 2006
  19. Youkai Enslaver

    Youkai Enslaver Lickitung Trainer

    Well, the proxy server you gave me is dead now. =(

    And I was so close... *explodes*
  20. Lishus13

    Lishus13 Poli-Spriter!

    Keep trying guys!

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