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New DP vid (the 3:12 one) info!


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yeah it's not like you're rescuing anybody.
Wow. This is a new video for me. Mukkuru seems to be the Pidgey of the 4th gen.. Since it's seen lvl 3 in the video. Well, I dunno :D But that video looks so cool.. Can't wait for the game.


The Lost Mareep
There are so many Normal birds now, but as long as it is original I'm fine. I'm confused about the starters but never mind it looks like an interesting scenario with the rival. I wonder how Hikari will play a role.


Yup, very nice video indeed. Though it wasn't informative at all, I was surprised by the quality and attention to detail in the majority of the new effects and animations. I enjoyed the flying and evolution animations a lot. There was an interesting new building shown near the end, and I'm guessing it's a museum of sorts. I took a screenshot of it and put it on my flickr account:
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you amaze me.
This video is one of the better ones. I like the evolution screen, somewhat the same but still different.
Fly looks cool, even though it looks the same.
When you get attacked by a wild pokemon, that screen is really cool.
Brave Bird looks like a lower powered Sky Attack.
Mukkuru's cry sounds cool.
And that's all I can gather for now.
BTW, good find.


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nice thanks for heyadj for the quick time then Nintandy for the easier youtube vid and for Fox for updating my first post this is truely great!


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This made my decision from "maybe if its total crap i wont buy it" to "i need to import it from USA even if its crap (cause it wont be)" :D
This looks so damn awesome. And Shinou rocks, those new cities looks fantastic.


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*opens and closes his mouth without pronouncing a word*

This... This... This video should be the commercial for D/P! It's so awesome!

So that's how we get the starters... thats not the Prof. Maybe he has been kidnapped!

I love the fly animation! Mukkur's animation is very good and the cry is cuuute.

I would expect a little better Pokeball animation though.

Oh the pokeball in the pokedex is a wheel!

The pokeballs displaying the No of pokemon you have at the beggining of the battle spin!

That Pikachu's attack is beautiful!

The evolution animations stays almost the same but looks like its a bit shorter.

Thats just how I imagined the character chaging his/her clothes to get in the contest.

The dancing judgement looks good.

And finally... May that building at the end be the Pokemon League HQ?

And this was my first analisys. Now I'll watch some more times to try to find something that missed me.

PS:The last 19 sec are just great!


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does any one think they know why the pokeball does not go back and fourth instead it just catches?


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WOW! The animations and graphics are great!! Now i really want this game >_< grrr..I don't want to wait for the game to come out in spring..


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I think they might have just skipped that part.
yah at first i thought that too BUT it really doesn't look edited i could be wrong but i watched that part a few times and why would they edit it other then for time it would confuse more then it would help.


you amaze me.
I'm not sure. But I don't think that they would make it so you always catch the pokemon, that would be too easy. I think that they just edited it for time.