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New Dreams, New Adventures (Pokeshipping) (PG-13 maybe)

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by ceruleanflower, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. ceruleanflower

    ceruleanflower Water Pkmn Trainer

    Helloz everyone. This story is old and I mean old. It was on my old laptop but it died and so I lost all my stories T_T . I’m now trying to rewrite (or retype whichever) all of them again. This might take some time *sweat drops* But don’t prevail! This was one of my first and I wrote it waaaaay before Diamond and Pearl began like back right before Battle Frontier began I think. But anyway, here’s the story. Well..Prolouge.

    The sun was beginning to set in the Kanto Region. There on a hill stood four companions who were all standing on different roads. A tan boy with dark brown hair stood looking at the group and spoke first.

    “Well it looks like the end of our journey,” he said.

    A young boy who looked the age of eight looked down at his feet. His glasses were beginning to slide off his face. He pushed the up to his nose. “Yeah…will we see each other again?” he asked.

    “Of course we will,” a girl with brown hair said and rubbed the young boy’s head. “Right Ash?”

    Ash didn’t reply. He stood with his hands in his pockets thinking about the time when his journey first ended. He thought he would never see his friend’s again. He thought that now. The light skinned boy with z’s on his cheeks was in deep thought.

    “Ash!” May yelled.

    He blinked coming out of his thoughts. “Oh, right. Of course we will Max,” Ash said forcing a smile. I doubt it though. Thanks to Team Rocket there won’t be any more Pokemon Leagues and contests. Misty isn’t even here…But at least Team Rocket is done for the 16 years to come.

    “Well, bye everyone,” Brock said and began to make his way home.

    “Bye.” May and Max said in unison. They two turned to make their way home.

    “Bye,” Ash murmured.

    “Pika Pikachu,” Pikachu whispered trying to comfort his trainer when their friends were nothing but dots in the distance, but it didn’t help.

    Ash looked up at the sky. He wanted to yell to the heavens for what all the things that happen to him. First Misty, now everyone else was gone.

    “I know,” he said putting his hand. “I’ll just come up with a new hobby.” He then turned to start the trek home.

    I know what you're thinking "Gosh that was short" Well the first few chapters are. But I promise they get longer as the story does as well. I'll put more information on the story as well.
  2. ceruleanflower

    ceruleanflower Water Pkmn Trainer

    Now the real story. Please comment ^_^

    It has been 10 years since Ash has been on a journey. He works as an assistant with Professor Oak and Tracey. Ash’s Mom is married to Prof. Oak and Ash now has a younger sister. The characters are:

    Ash- 22

    Misty- 22

    Brock- 24

    May- 21

    Tracey- 23

    Samantha (Sam or Sammy) - 5

    Pikachu- Ash’s Pikachu

    Electra- Misty’s Pikachu with blue cheeks

    Volten- Brock’s Pikachu with green cheeks

    Sparkle- May’s Pikachu with pale yellow cheeks

    Chapter 1 Remembrance

    Ash lay on his bed. His furry companion, Pikachu, lay asleep at the foot of his bed. Ash turned his gaze to the pictures of Ash and his friends. He said the names in order.

    “Max, May, me, Misty, and Brock,” he whispered to himself. He turned his chocolate brown eyes back to the red headed girl with dazzling cerulean eyes.
    “Misty.” He repeated remembering the friend he had bickered within the past.

    “Pika, Pikachu!” Pikachu said as if reading Ash’s mind and jumped onto his chest.

    “You miss her too?”

    “Cha.” The yellow rodent replied nodding.

    “You know, Mom isn’t here so you could...”

    Pikachu nodded. The little Pokémon’s eyes flashed blue like a psychic Pokémon, and then they went back to normal color.

    “Yeah I know,” Pikachu said now talking human speech. “It’s just with her around; I’ve gotten use to talking like that. Though Misty isn’t the only one…” the Pokémon trailed off looking at the other picture.

    Ash followed his gaze. The picture his Pikachu was looking at was the picture of all the Pikachu together. Ash named them as he had done with his friend’s.
    “Volten, Sparkle, you, and Electra,”

    “Electra…” Pikachu whispered, his eyes beginning to cloud with sadness.
    Ash knew how the little Pokémon felt about Electra. Pikachu liked Electra and Electra felt the same way about him. It was like Ash and Misty, but the Pokémon knew how to tell each other about their feelings.

    “If only we could see each other again,” Pikachu murmured.

    “We can see them again-Misty and Electra anyway- and stay with them,” Ash said jumping up from his bed. This threw Pikachu through the air making him land on the floor. Sparks flew from his cheeks, but he said nothing. He got up and stood on his hind legs, folding his arms.

    “Ash, but you can’t even move out of the house yet and your mother said, and I quote ‘You can’t move out of the house yet until you get the money you need, a wife, family, or children of your own’ and I unquote.”

    Ash clenched his teeth, frustrated. “Pikachu I’m 22 for crying out loud!”

    “Just turned 22,” Pikachu teased.

    “Besides, I almost have the money.”

    Pikachu shrugged. “Fine besides I want to see Electra again anyway.”

    “Great the lets go!” Ash said heading out the door with his backpack.

    “Huh? Hey, wait up!”

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