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New Dub Titles (Season 13)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by kaibachaoschampion, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. kaibachaoschampion

    kaibachaoschampion Feather Trainer

    Season 11

    DP 058 "Dainose! Its Hot Spirit!!"
    PDP 053 "Nosing 'Round The Mountain!"

    DP 059 "Röntora's Eyes"
    PDP 054 "Luxray Vision!"

    DP 060 "Zui's Unown Ruins!"
    PDP 055 "Journey to the Unown!"

    DP 061 "Pokemon Contest! The Zui Convention!!"
    PDP 056 "Team Shocker!"

    DP 062 "The Maid Café's Miltank!"
    PDP 057 -TBA-

    DP 063 "The Urimoo Trio and the Steamy Battle!!"
    PDP 058 -TBA-

    DP 064 "Glion and Gliger! Go Through the Maze of Wind!"
    PDP 059 -TBA-

    DP 065 "Pachirisu is Inside Kabarudon's Mouth!?"
    PDP 060 -TBA-

    DP 066 "Lucario! The Angry Aura Bomb!!"
    PDP 061 -TBA-

    DP 067 "Hikari - The First Gym Battle!!"
    PDP 062 -TBA-

    DP 068 "Tobari Gym! Lucario vs. Buoysel!!"
    PDP 063 -TBA-

    DP 069 "Those Wonderful Fashion Guys! Their Name is the Ginga-Dan!!"
    PDP 064 -TBA-

    DP 070 "Shape Up, Lishan!"
    PDP 065 -TBA-

    DP 071 "Pokemon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (Part One)"
    PDP 066 -TBA-

    DP 072 "Pokemon Ranger! The Wave-Guiding Riolu!! (Part Two)"
    PDP 067 -TBA-

    DP 073 "Good Bye Dokucale!"
    PDP 068 -TBA-

    DP 074 "Pikachu! Raichu! The Path Toward Evolution!!"
    PDP 069 -TBA-

    DP 075 "The Contest Master Mikuri Enters!!"
    PDP 070 -TBA-

    DP 076 "The Big Dipper Restaurant! A Full Course Through a Tag Battle!!"
    PDP 071 -TBA-

    DP 077 "Everyone's a Rival! The Mikuri Cup!!"
    PDP 072 -TBA-

    DP 078 "Fierce Fighting! Respective Battles!!"
    PDP 073 -TBA-

    DP 079 "Decisive Battle! Hikari vs. Haruka!!"
    PDP 074 -TBA-

    DP 080 "Yanyanma! The Capture Operation!!"
    PDP 075 -TBA-

    DP 081 "The Red Hot Hikozaru!"
    PDP 076 -TBA-

    DP 082 "The Nomose Great Marsh's Gureggru Festival!?"
    PDP 077 -TBA-

    DP 083 "Nomose Gym! VS Maximum Mask!"
    PDP 078 -TBA-


    Older Dub Titles

    Season 9 Dub Titles

    AG 147 "Psychic vs. Ghost! The Midnight Duel!?"
    PBF 001 "Fear Factor Phony"

    AG 148 "Manene Enters! The Relaxation Guesthouse!"
    PBF 002 "Sweet Baby James"

    AG 149 "Mizugorou and Mokoko! The Wonder Drug of Love!?"
    PBF 003 "A Chip Off the Old Brock!"

    AG 150 "The Battle Arena! The Hand-to-Hand
    Fighting Showdown!!
    PBF 004 "Wheel...of Fortune!"

    AG 151 "The Day Care Worker and the Pokemon's Egg!"
    PBF 005 "May's Egg-Cellent Adventure!"

    AG 152 "The Rival is a Salaryman!?"
    PBF 006 "Weekend Warrior"

    AG 153 "The Lake of Hakuryuu!"
    PBF 007 "An Olden Pond!"

    AG 154 "The Battle Dome! A Fusion of Fire and Water!!"
    PBF 008 "Tactics Theatrics"

    AG 155 "Startled! Surprised! Elekid!!"
    PBF 009 "Reversing the charges"

    AG 156 "The Pokemon Ranger Enters! The Celebi Rescue Operation!!"
    PBF 010 "Green Guardian"

    AG 157 "Usohachi and the Ninja School!!"
    PBF 011 "From Cradle to Save!"

    AG 158 "A Time Traveling Haruka!!"
    PBF 012 "Time-Warp Heals All Wounds!"

    AG 159 "Fierce Fighting in the Battle Tube! (Satoshi) vs. The Tube Queen Azami!!"
    PBF 013 "Queen of the Serpentine"

    AG 160 "Who is the Victor!? Pokemon Orienteering!"
    PBF 014 "Off the Unbeaten Path!"

    AG 161 "Gonbe's Debut Battle! An Earnest Fight with Harley!!"
    PBF 015 "Harley Rides Again!"

    AG 162 "Juptoru vs. Tropius! The Duel in the Grassland!!"
    PBF 016 "Odd Pokémon Out"

    AG 163 "Pokemon Contest! The Yuzuriha Convention!!"
    PBF 017 "Spontaneous Combusken"

    AG 164 "Jukain! The Comeback of the Dawn!!"
    PBF 018 "Cutting the Ties That Bind"

    AG 165 "Fierce Fighting! A Jungle Battle at the Battle Palace!!"
    PBF 019 "Ka Boom With A View"

    AG 166 "The Usohachi King and Manene Queen!?"
    PBF 020 "King & Queen For A Day"

    AG 167 "The 'Red Inazuma' of the Skyscraper!"
    PBF 021 "Curbing the Crimson Tide!"

    AG 168 "The Big Number One! Haruka vs. Takeshi!!"
    PBF 022 "What I Did For Love"

    AG 169 "Moochul and the Three Rougela Sisters!!"
    PBF 023 "Three Jynx & A Baby!"

    AG 170 "The Entrance of the Tower Tycoon, Lila!"
    PBF 024 "Talking A Good Game"

    AG 171 "The Battle Tower! Telepathy Battle!!"
    PBF 025 "Second Time's the Charm"

    AG 172 "Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! (Part One)"
    PBF 026 "Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!"

    AG 173 "Pokemon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!! (Part Two)"
    PBF 027 "Pokémon Ranger! Deoxys Crisis!"

    AG 174 "Usokki! The Golden Legend!?"
    PBF 028 "All that Glitters is not Golden"

    AG 175 "Harley and the Rocket-Dan! The Formation of a Villains' Alliance!?"
    PBF 029 "New Plot - Odd Lot!"

    AG 176 "Haruka vs. Musashi! The Final Contest!!"
    PBF 030 "Going for Choke!"

    AG 177 "The Rocket-Dan Breaks Up!? Respective Paths!"
    PBF 031 "The Ole' Berate and Switch"

    AG 178 "Takeshi & Satoshi! Protect the Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!!"
    PBF 032 "Grating Spaces"

    AG 179 "The Battle Pyramid! (Satoshi) vs. Rejirock!!"
    PBF 033 "Battling the Enemy Within"

    AG 180 "Miraculous! The Mountain of the Giant Kekking!!"
    PBF 034 "Slaking Kong"

    AG 181 "The Curtain Raises! The Pokemon Contest Grand Festival!!"
    PBF 035 "May, We Harley Drew'd Ya!"

    AG 182 "Haruka vs. Harley! Stage On in a Double Battle!!"
    PBF 036 "Thinning the Hoard"

    AG 183 "Haruka vs. Shuu! The Final Battle!!"
    PBF 037 "Channeling the Battle Zone"

    AG 184 "Aipom and the King!"
    PBF 038 "Aipom and Circumstance"

    AG 185 "Perap and the Pokemon Comedian!"
    PBF 039 "Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!"

    AG 186 "Charge! The Stray Manyula!!"
    PBF 040 "Duels of the Jungle!"

    AG 187 "The Battle Pyramid Again! (Satoshi) vs. Rejisteel!!"
    PBF 041 "Overjoyed!"

    AG 188 "Haruka vs. Shuu! Rivals Forever"
    PBF 042 "The Unbeatable Lightness Of Seeing"

    AG 189 "The Pokemon Center is Very Busy!"
    PBF 043 "Pinch Healing!"

    AG 190 "The Newest Pokemon! The Final Battle!!"
    PBF 044 "Gathering The Gang of Four!"

    AG 191 "Decisive Battle! (Satoshi) vs. Regice!!"
    PBF 045 "Pace - The Final Frontier"

    AG 192 "Satoshi vs. Haruka! The Last Battle!!"
    PBF 046 "Once More with Reeling"

    AG 193 "The End of a Journey and the Beginning of a Journey!"
    PBF 047 "Home is Where the Start Is"

    DP 001 "Begin! From Futaba Town to Masago Town!"
    PBF 048 "Following a Maiden Voyage!"

    DP 002 "Find Pikachu! Route 202!"
    PBF 049 "Two Degrees of Seperation!"

    DP 003 "Rival Battle! 3 VS 3!"
    PBF 050 "When Pokémon Worlds Collide!"

    DP 004 "Pochama VS Subomi! Hikari's First Battle!"
    PBF 051 "Dawn of a New Era"

    DP 005 "Get Naetoru!"
    PBF 052 "Gettin' Twiggy With It!"

    Season 10 Dub Titles

    DP 006 "The Lost Forest! Shinji Again!!"
    PDP 001 "Different Strokes for Different Blokes"

    DP 007 "Do Your Best, Pochama!!"
    PDP 002 "Like It or Lup It!"

    DP 008 "Gureggru of the Mysterious Gym!"
    PDP 003 "Gymbalia!"

    DP 009 "Let's Play with Mimirol!?"
    PDP 004 "Setting the World on its Buneary!"

    DP 010 "Poketch Acquisition Difficulty!?"
    PDP 005 "Not On My Watch Ya Don't!"

    DP 011 "Hikari! Contest Debut!!"
    PDP 006 "Mounting a Coordinator Assault!"

    DP 012 "Contest Battle! Rival Showdown!!"
    PDP 007 "Arrival of a Rival"

    DP 013 "Good Luck Mukkuru!"
    PDP 008 "A Staravia Is Born!"

    DP 014 "Leave it to Takeshi!"
    PDP 009 "Leave It To Brocko!"

    DP 015 "Kurogane Gym! Hyouta vs. Shinji!!"
    PDP 010 "Shapes of Things to Come!"

    DP 016 "Zugaidos vs. Pikachu!"
    PDP 011 "A Gruff Act to Follow!"

    DP 017 "The Great March of the Ancient Pokemon!"
    PDP 012 "Wild in the Streets!"

    DP 018 "Kurogane Gym, Again! A Decisive Battle with Rampard!!"
    PDP 013 "O'er the Rampardos We Watched!!"

    DP 019 "I'm Gonna Get this Pachirisu...Is That OK!?"
    PDP 014 "Twice Smitten, Once Shy!"

    DP 020 "Pokemon Hunter J!"
    PDP 015 "Mutiny in the Bounty!"

    DP 021 "The Strongest Koiking and the Most Beautiful Hinbass!"
    PDP 016 "Ya See We Want an Evolution!"

    DP 022 "Pachirisu vs. Aipom! Contest Battle!!"
    PDP 017 "Borrowing on Bad Faith!"

    DP 023 "Roaring Haganeil! Protect the Village of the Bipper!!"
    PDP 018 "Faced with Steelix Determination!"

    DP 024 "Confrontation! Satoshi vs. Pikachu!?"
    PDP 019 "Cooking up a Great Story!"

    DP 025 "The Extraordinary Roserade and the Flower Legend!"
    PDP 020 "Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!"

    DP 026 "Pokemon Contest! The Sono'o Convention!!"
    PDP 021 "Getting the Pre-Contest Titters!"

    DP 027 "Decisive Battle! Potchama vs. Pottaishi!!"
    PDP 022 "Setting a Not-So-Old Score!"

    DP 028 "Fuwante and the Messenger of the Northern Wind!"
    PDP 023 "Drifloon in the Wind"

    DP 029 "Satoshi and Hikari! A Tag Battle is OK!?"
    PDP 024 "The Champ Twins!"

    DP 030 "Hakutai Forest! The Minomutchi Evolution Operation!!"
    PDP 025 "Some Enchanted Sweetening!"

    DP 031 "Naetle vs. Naetle! The Speed Showdown!!"
    PDP 026 "The Grass Type Is Always Greener"

    DP 032 "Beequeen's Amber Castle!"
    PDP 027 "An Angry Combeenation!"

    DP 033 "I Like It! The Pokemon Transformation Convention!!"
    PDP 028 "All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go!"

    DP 034 "Buoysel! The Road to Being the Strongest!!"
    PDP 029 "Buizel Your Way Out Of This!"

    DP 035 "The Four Emperors' Goyou and Doutakun"
    PDP 030 "An Elite Meet and Greet!"

    DP 036 "The Shin'ou Space-Time Legend!"
    PDP 031 "A Secret Sphere of Influence"

    DP 037 "Hakutai Gym! (Satoshi) vs. Natane!!"
    PDP 032 "A Grass Menagerie"

    DP 038 "Explosive Birth! Cycling Road!!
    PDP 033 "One Big Happiny Family!"

    DP 039 "Pikachu in Charge!"
    PDP 034 "Steamboat Willies"

    DP 040 "The Champion Shirona Enters!"
    PDP 035 "Top-Down Training"

    DP 041 "Hikari and Nozomi and the Double Performance!!"
    PDP 036 "A Stand-Up Sit-Down!"

    DP 042 "The Rakurai Training Center!"
    PDP 037 "The Electrike Company!"

    DP 043 "Mumage! Escape the Nightmare!!"
    PDP 038 "Malice in Wonderland!"

    DP 044 "Lets Help the Stray Hippopotas!"
    PDP 039 "Mass Hip-po-sis!"

    DP 045 "Hunter J Reappears! Protect the Tatetops!!"
    PDP 040 "Ill-Will Hunting!"

    DP 046 "Shuffle in the Labyrinth! Everyone Hussle!!"
    PDP 041 "A Maze-ing Race!"

    DP 047 "Miru and Cayce and the Bottom of the Water!"
    PDP 042 "Sandshrew's Locker!"

    DP 048 "Satoshi and Hikari! Head for a New Adventure!!"
    PDP 043 "NO DUB TITLE"

    DP 049 "Pokemon Contest! The Yosuga Convention!!"
    PDP 044 "Dawn's Early Night"

    DP 050 "Everyone Participate! Tag Battle!!"
    PDP 045 "Tag! We're It!"

    DP 051 "Hikozaru vs. Zangoose! The Fateful Battle!!"
    PDP 046 "Glory Blaze!"

    DP 052 "Tag Battle! The Finals!!"
    PDP 047 "Smells Like Team Spirit!"

    DP 053 "Hikozaru's Tears!"
    PDP 048 "Tears For Fears!"

    DP 054 "Natane and Sabonea! 'Good Bye' is for Whom!"
    PDP 049 "Once There Was A Greenfield!"

    DP 055 "Aipom and Buoysel! Respective Roads!!"
    PDP 050 "Throwing The Track Switch!"

    DP 056 "Mikaruge's Keystone!"
    PDP 051 "The Keystone Pops!"

    DP 057 "Beadull Knew It!"
    PDP 052 "Bibarel Gnaws Best"
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2008
  2. OMG PUSA has gone down the 4Kids road.

    IMO by the sound of these titles, PUSA is getting help from 4Kids, ony 4Kids came name an episode "May's Egg-Cellent adventure!".

    Then again PUSA might just be that bad.
  3. ~Alexis Laistenna~

    ~Alexis Laistenna~ <Aren't I cute?

    Talk about 4Kids Problems. But, oh noes, here comes PUSA! Egg-Cellent. We only say that at Easter.
  4. Heracross

    Heracross Custom User Title

    They can call the episodes "Dog Crap" as long as it's a good dub.
  5. Akaba

    Akaba L Kickin' the Noise

    AG165(I think):

    Jp Title:
    Psychic VS Ghost! Midnight Duel!

    English title:
    Fear Factor Phony

    Hahahahahaha, this made me laugh. It doesn't go with the original, but I really don't expect it. If it isn't a horrible one and at least makes me laugh with it's badness, you know - it's cool with me.


    Jp title:
    Manane Appears! House of relaxation!

    English title:
    Sweet Baby James!

    Ah, okay.


    Jp title:
    Mizugorou and Mokoko! Wonderdrug of Love?

    English title:
    Achip Off the Old Brock!

    This is so punny it's funny. It's bad...but funny because of it's badness


    Jp title:
    Battle Arena! Fighting Confrontation!

    English title:
    Wheel...of Fortune!

    I like the feature of '....' in front of Wheel for whatever reason. Not like we don't know what's coming after Wheel...

    Wheel...of Cheese! Yeah, that would of been more of the '....' point


    Jp title:
    The Breeding Centre and the Pokémon Egg!

    English title:
    May's Egg-Cellent adventure!

    Super pun from movies I love. It gives me flashbacks, it's really bad so it's funny and all that, so I like it.
  6. Porygandrew

    Porygandrew Well-Known Member

    It hurts! It hurts!

    As long as they don't try giving Greta a Dutch accent, I'll be okay. But didn't PUSA state that they were going to get rid of the punny titles? Why the change?
  7. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    Now we get to laugh at the people who honestly believed PUSA would simply translate the Japanese titles.

    Get off your high horses, the Season 9 dub will be just as Americanized as the 4kids dub. Sure, PUSA will probably keep the Japanese food, but I have the feeling all text will be erased.
  8. Judai-and-sho

    Judai-and-sho The Best of the Best

    I dont mind the puns, as long as the dub is done right.
  9. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    Well, their supposedly are keeping the japanese BGM, and that was the only major problem I had with the 4kids dub, so I'll be pleased.

    I like these titles....and wheir did you get these?
  10. It doesn't really matter what the episode is named just as long as it's been dubbed well by PUSA.

    People make too much of a big deal about the episode titles but they really don't mean jot, it's the episode itself which we should be bothered about.

    "May's Egg-Cellent Adventure!" made me lol.
  11. Korobooshi Kojiro

    Korobooshi Kojiro Funnnngaaaaa

    They never said no punny titles, iirc.

    And geesh, it's not like 4kids is the only dub that uses puns, alot of dubs do as well.
  12. The Big Al

    The Big Al I just keeping Octo

    *Looms over Cyber.* What about laughing at people believed PUSA would simply translate the Japanese titles?

    I blame this on SOVA. They ragged on PUSA about something outside their control and so they made things they could control more like 4Kids. Thank you airheads.

    Nothing to right home about on these titles. And Heracross is right, they can call the episodes what they want as long as the dubbing is better. And it better be or else they'll be getting a nasty letter from one p*ssed TBA
  13. Akaba

    Akaba L Kickin' the Noise

    What's with the hate on the pun titles?

    It's a Pokemon dub tradition. I can't see Pokemon without corny and cheesey bad pun titles. Translations from the Japanese version would be nice, but I would miss laughing at the titles.

    Come on,

    'Wheel...of Fortune!' is hilarious. What is the '....' for? Seriously.
  14. Shift

    Shift I'll learn you good!

    I guess the titles aren't a tragedy. Sigh...

    Anyway, I hope there's more to look forward to than the originl music. The acting had better have improved (which i weird for some of them since they've been acting adequetly for quite a while), and there'd better be a strangle hold on edits, or I'll be writing them an angry fan letter, as well.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2006
  15. Shift

    Shift I'll learn you good!

    Um... Forgive me for saying I don't think that one is very good. I much prefured "Dome Sweet Dome" and "Seviper of the Fittest", but that one is definately not your best. At all.
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2006
  16. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    Where was it confirmed that it's 2 episodes a day?

  17. Shift

    Shift I'll learn you good!

    No, it's just a one week thing; the Mystery Dungeon special and the first BF ep will premier on Fridays, then the BF ep and another new episode will show on Sat. 9-10 am with the special showing on Toonami that night and Monday at 7pm. After that, every Sat. will have the last week's BF episode at 9 and the new ep at 9:30.
  18. Judai Yuki

    Judai Yuki Banned

    So the BF episode air on Toonami everytime?

  19. Haunter Hunter Sohrab

    Haunter Hunter Sohrab Johto Champion

    I really like the Fear Factor Phony one. Seems pretty catchy. I'm also glad the puns are back, those are always enjoyable.
  20. Now don't be so mean. All SOVA wanted was to get the original VAs back, not make PUSA more like 4Kids (aka the Grim Reapers of Non-Pokemon anime titles). And I've heard Taylor is walking down the road of deppresion. I'm not sure if it's true but if it is, you (the certain people who don't care if Taylor is crying, and I know who you are) should'nt be so harsh to the original VAs or Us at SOVA.
    [realizes the post was a bit off topic and flees]
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