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New Fake Pokemon


Ahhhhhh yeeeeeeah
Those are the coolest.

Team Elecwater

shocking isnt it
no offense but these kinda look like little kid drawings


Blaziken rules!
I like it.

I really like those cards a lot. I wouldn't have been able to do it myself.
lol you are actually pritty good at making fake cards (mine allways mess up)


formerly R. New
A few misspellings and grammatical mistakes. The art's not so much bad as...weird...Centred info text on practice card, missing '-30' on practice card.

Practice card: 8/10
Main set thingy: 7.5/10


Well-Known Member
If those are your first ever fake cards you pick thin gs up quickly!
The pictures are exellent,the descripions are fantastic and the attacks are brilliant!