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New Form Speculation


They gave us Attack/Defense Deoxys in FRLG, Speed Deoxys in Emerald, Origin Giratina, Skymin and HousewifeRotoms in Platinum.

Could they add in some new formes for HGSS too?

Eevee received new evolutions in GSC and DPPt, though I doubt they're going to make any new ones for the same gen. But they could give Pokemon new forms.

They need Sink Rotom and Toilet Rotom and Coffin Rotom [Rotomb as I like to call that idea!] and other Useful-object-goes-here Rotoms. Maybe that rumored ice-forme Shaymin will appear in these games, since they DO have the Ice Cave.
Unown in the shape of numbers?? They have letters and ?! so why not?

Discuss possible new formes for Pokemon in HGSS here, and PLEASE explain your reasoning behind why or why not any certain Pokemon will get a new forme. Don't leave any one-liners please, aim for at least 3 sentences so others can properly analyze your ideas.
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DestinyTrainer 10yrs
There will most likely be new Shellos form(s), since there were betas and it would fit in with the region-specific form thing.
But there's no way Rotom would become a coffin because it isn't an electrical appliance and it's just random.

Shiny Venusaur

Internet Relic
tbh I doubt that they will dump any new Rotom forms on us. And as much as I would like the number unknown, i dont think it would be possible as there would be code for them in D/P/Pt

EDIT: completely forgot about the Shellos form that was left over in the D/P/Pt games. That however I could see being introduced


Well-Known Member
I myself do not think we'll get new formes.. possibly new gender differences but prolly not new formes... but if maybe one...


Team Gracidea <3
Huh? New shellos? I miss something?


De Ibwis Twigga!
Sink Rotom and Toilet Rotom and Coffin Rotom
Rotomb sounds cool, but we dont need Rotoilet or Rotink as we already have a Water Rotom, we don't need anymore (But Rotiolet would be halarious)
Shellos Forme
Icemin/Oceanmin (Im refraining from calling it Seamin, it's bloomin obvious why)


Bringer Of Death
huhuhuhuh. Yeti is cool. TOILET ROTOM FTW!!! Shaymin Ice form would be nice too :D


Well-Known Member
prolly not much.... although the shellos would be nice. Thers no way rotom is getting a new form, Shaymin, maybe 50/50, a burmy form possibly....


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prolly not much.... although the shellos would be nice. Thers no way rotom is getting a new form, Shaymin, maybe 50/50, a burmy form possibly....

Tyrant Tar

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I dunno 'bout new forms. We just got a bunch of new forms (which only work in one game).

As interesting as Johto/Kanto Shellos/Gastrodon would be, it seems like there would've been sprites in D/P/Pt so you could properly trade.
Unless, they just use West/East forms in D/P/Pt, like all the Gen III only "saw" their own version of Deoxys, without affecting the stats.


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I think they'll probably do something with Shellos and NEP.

Defy gravity!


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Maybe that rumored ice-forme Shaymin will appear in these games, since they DO have the Ice Cave.

Shaymin was never rumored to have an Ice forme. The overreactive, conclusion-jumping fanbase heard one bit of vague, false information and decided to run with it and then when it, shockingly enough, proved untrue, they collectively decided to act as if they had been promised something that was never delivered.


Shellos, I could most definitely see having a different form.
Naturally, I'm expecting a number of the Johto-exclusive Pokemon (more than likely the babies) have new special gender differentiation characteristics.
Perhaps the Unown could have two or so newly added additions to their alphabet? Perhaps they could get a little more... mathematical? Heh.

Anyone/Anything else... I wouldn't bet any money on it. (Though the white rock in Kanto referring to Shaymin has me wondering...)


Dragonite says "Hi."
In my opinion, we're most likely not going to see any new forms. I find Unown to be the most plausible, however, being a 2nd gen original. Still, I wouldn't mind seeing different Shuckle forms. Evolving it would make it broken beyond belief, but redistributing its stats might make it usuable without being setup fodder...


Shaymin could technically get a new form if thats what the white rock is for. Or maybe its for something else?


Heroic Sociopath
I kinda wish that Nintendo had waited for fifth generation to make this move, so that they'd have more doors open.

What about the lake trio? With another emotion lake, what are the odds of them getting new 'Rage' forms?


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You guys are forgetting Regigigas Sky Form. honestly i would like a Poison Type Rotom Form, and a Lickilicky Lollipop form (LOL, but i'm not joking)


Exploring Sinnoh
I doubt that Unown will get any new forms in the game. Since each Unown has its own form, if it were to be traded back to DPPt, then it would revert to a different unown form (like Giratina and Shaymin). Therefore, no point.

If anything, I'm thinking that Shellos and Gastrodon might have new forms (since as the pokedex data states, every region has a different form). Possibly a new Rotom form (although this is kind of speculative). Doubtful we'd get another Deoxys form, but I suppose we can't completely rule it.

The only pokemon with a new feature that we're 99% sure about is the notched ear Pichu. I don't know if this is just a gender specific feature and it's being blown completely out of proportion, or if it's a region specific feature.

I'm pretty sure that the sky regigias form was only a rumor and was proven fake (although it'd be pretty cool). I can't really think of any other pokemon that would get new forms.

Shaymin (like that Sky Regigas) in another form was pretty much nixed although, again, I suppose it's possible.