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New Form Speculation

What I thought would be awesome is that if slowpoke recieved a new forme according to the Team Rocket Slowpoke Tail Plot. I remember while playing Crystal that when you went into the slowpoke well that all the slowpokes had their tails despite team rocket supposedly cutting them off and selling them. So basically all the slowpokes in the well should have no tails right? And the only way to evolve one into a slowbro would be to attach a slowpoke tail (purchased from a team rocket grunt) and level slowpoke up. I'd love a tailless slowpoke.

Also as mentioned by other users, the idea of a shadow lugia would be awesome though I think the shadow lugia has just been limited to XD Gale of Darkness so far.


I wouldn't say that the white rock in kanto really suggests another shaymin form. After all, the one in Sinnoh has nothing to do with sky form.

I thought the white rock in Kanto was linked to Sinnoh hence the huge path upwards?

I for one dont think therell be a sea form shaymin because 1) it would look wrong and 2) if theres to be a sea form anything it should be from Hoenn, as a huge part of Hoenn is water...


I'm guessing yeah.
Adding the Time-Machine in the game.

Some type of New Pokemon. Or New Form.


The point of the white rock was it was a completly smooth rock... and you could write a thank you on it after you got oak's letter... why? SHAYMIN IS THE FRIKEN GRATATUDE POKEMON!
Jeez, the rock doesn't refer to any new forme... wait, I don't remember a white rock in kanto. I remember a white 'wishing rock' in Hoenn, refering to Jirachi... but I don't remember one in kanto...

And the huge path upwards led to the flower paridise, not the one in kanto.

Tyrant Tar

Well-Known Member
A Mantyke 'form' would be easy - a different back sprite. (however, they tend to use the same back sprite for all games in one Generation, so that idea probably won't work)

Although Johto and Kanto Shellos/Gastrodon could easily be done (with D/P/Pt simply reading them as West and East, respectively), I doubt we'll see WILD Shellos/Gastrodon in HGSS. Unless where eggs hatch affect their forms, I don't see this idea flying, either.

I doubt we'll see new Rotoms, we just got FIVE!

The white rock Oak was talking about most likely means we'll be able to catch Shaymin in HGSS, not get a new form (the white rock in Sinnoh has NO effect on Shaymin, does it?)

I'm not sure where the notch-eared Pichu "form" idea came from. We don't got Pichu/Pikachu with bangs, or Bulbasaur/Spinda with heart-shaped spots, or Mewtwo with armor, or...


AKA Nightlingbolt
Speaking of Mewtwo, it'd be awesome if they brought back the Berserk Gene and used it in the same way, except turning it into a Berserker Forme with a greater emphasis on Attack. It makes sense in a way, since you find it in the water next to CERULEAN CAVE. Or, where it used to be. Of course, they'd have to do something about the one-use thing, but hey, that was then, this is now!


Water FTW!
I hope they make a new shellos form, it seems appropriate. And maybe even a new shaymin form but it more than likely won't happen.


My Loyal Feraligatr
I kinda wish that Nintendo had waited for fifth generation to make this move, so that they'd have more doors open.

What about the lake trio? With another emotion lake, what are the odds of them getting new 'Rage' forms?

I like this idea, probably won't happen, but I'd like to see Rage Azelf.

Armored Zangoose

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Ho-oh and Lugia deserve new formes, as they're the icon pokemon of the game. "Ho-oh HGeart Forme" and "Lugia Soul Forme" anyone?

I think the tail-less Slowpoke 'form" idea is pretty sick too.

Armored Zangoose

Well-Known Member
Ho-oh and Lugia deserve new formes, as they're the icon pokemon of the game. "Ho-oh Heart Forme" and "Lugia Soul Forme" anyone?

I think the tail-less Slowpoke 'form" idea is pretty sick too.


Well-Known Member
Toilet Rotom used mud bomb!

Too much?

Any way, more Shellos no doubt. I don't see any of the Johto or Sinnoh legendaries getting a new forms. Maybe a Heatran form? Gigantic, Slugama-like magma creature.

I doubt it though. Something's up with NE Pichu though. Maybe there are region-specific gender differences. They made special notice to that fact that the NE Pichu from the movie is a female.


grass type fan.
as much sense as it would be for us to see shellos with a new johto form, i cant help but wonder how that would work with battles and trades with p/d/pt. that said it would be nice to see some other new forms. maybe we can get a new form for lugia, and ho-oh

Bolt the Cat

Bringing the Thunder
Where are you getting these ideas from? A lot of them seem very far fetched.

EDIT: Rank up! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Now I rule Hoenn! ....figures it's when it's out of style.
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New spicy version
Different Kinds of Form

It depends really what kind of form we're talking about. Variation forms can't be traded to a game that existed before they were made. Therefore, Shellos/Gastrodon, Unown, Burmy, etc probably won't get new forms, since that would make them un-tradable. So far every generation has had complete tradability within itself.

And Shellos/Gastrodon was not intended for Johto - it was intended for Hoenn, so there's not much of a premise.

"Mode" forms, like Deoxys, Shaymin, Giratina and Rotom are possible. I think that only...distinguished...Pokemon get mode forms, so it wouldn't make sense to give normal wild Pokemon the ability to change mode with a meteor rock.

I'd like to see Lucario get a new mode form in this game, possibly something to do with the Unown. It could be cool to have new Ho-Oh and Lugia forms, maybe by using the logo symbols as items. Platinum's mascot had an alternate form, so maybe it's a trend.

I'm torn about Suicune getting a new form. I think if they gave Suicune a new form, they'd have to give the other two dogs new forms; that's like <i>just</i> giving Uxie a new form. Doesn't jive. On the other hand, Suicune has had a lot of solo roles aside from the other two dogs, and he was a third version mascot, like Giratina. That's pretty farfetched though.

I don't know if they could squeeze any more gimmicks out of Shaymin...but I guess he could get a new form in Kanto. But why water, or even ice? Kanto has yet to be updated with the white rock, and we don't know what sort of climate is around it. I'm more for a new form of Regigigas.

In any case...I betcha if there are new forms, you can't get any of them until after you beat the Johto E4 and get the National Dex.

Mister Emerald

Clair iz smexy.
A Land/Sea Form for Lugia.

His back scales would be down and his wings would be at the sides of his body.


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I'd say Lugia Soul Forme and Ho-Oh Heart Forme. Ho-Oh would turn into a Phoenix (that sort of looks like the heart in the logo), and Lugia would perhaps turn into some sort of sea monster? I don't know... I'm just throwing ideas out there.


Hero of Truth
I'd say Lugia Soul Forme and Ho-Oh Heart Forme. Ho-Oh would turn into a Phoenix (that sort of looks like the heart in the logo), and Lugia would perhaps turn into some sort of sea monster? I don't know... I'm just throwing ideas out there.

^Lol, I thought ho-oh was already a phoenix and lugia already a seamonster...

On topic, hasn't there been enough new formes for one generation yet? The only ones I consider to be somewhat likely are new unknown formes, but only a couple in that case.


Bone-ified dinosaur
So, who do we know definitely has some kind of new form, even if it may not be a real 'Forme'? The answer: Notch-eared Pichu - a baby pokemon introduced in G/S. And, if I recall correctly, wasn't there an Odd Egg that could hatch into one of the newly-introduced babies in G/S? Maybe the Odd Egg is truly 'odd' and hatches into a slightly altered form of one of the babies, a possibility of course being Pichu in its 'Notch-Eared Forme.'


Pokémon Breeder
I'm sure that there will be new forms.

I'm not entirely sure about Shellos though since in-game, it seemed more like a Sinnoh thing and was based more on Mt. Coronet.
As for Shaymin, there might be although it's kinda pushing it.
For Eevee, there shouldn't be any new evolutions as you wouldn't be able to trade it to DPPt.