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New Form Speculation


Travelling Trainer
^Hmm given the notched eared Pichu...well maybe not different as in a new Pokemon altogether but an offspring Pokemon with some differences like a notch in the ear or different colored eyes (Marina's (Legend of Thunder) Jigglypuff did have green eyes)or so?


Well-Known Member
I hope Shelly and Gastro get new forms. Another one I'd be wanting is Lugia and Ho oh but I know it'll never happen.
So, who do we know definitely has some kind of new form, even if it may not be a real 'Forme'? The answer: Notch-eared Pichu - a baby pokemon introduced in G/S. And, if I recall correctly, wasn't there an Odd Egg that could hatch into one of the newly-introduced babies in G/S? Maybe the Odd Egg is truly 'odd' and hatches into a slightly altered form of one of the babies, a possibility of course being Pichu in its 'Notch-Eared Forme.

That would make sense. Though I've been wondering, is the "notch-eared" pichu even confirmed as a new form yet or are people just thinking so based on the picture?


Queen of Charizards!
Wasnt regigigas suppose to get a new form? Mayeb it'll get one for this game.

Trainer Frankie

A sink isn't electrical. And what would the new element it bring to the new form if it did become a new rotom form? I can just see water, which we have.

And I really don't believe that new breeding rumor. Breeding has been the same for so long, I doubt it. However it would indeed be cool if it did happen.

Tyrant Tar

Well-Known Member
That would make sense. Though I've been wondering, is the "notch-eared" pichu even confirmed as a new form yet or are people just thinking so based on the picture?

The only 'evidence' seems to be from some guy who supposedly knows a person with top-secret information...

Wasnt regigigas suppose to get a new form? Mayeb it'll get one for this game.

Regigigas was never supposed to get a new (flying) form. Crazy internet rumors based on a mix-up of facts.


Dark Trainer
Personally, i don't really like all these new forms. A few are ok, but like a tail-less slowpoke? Usually new forms have differences other than looks. Keep forms to a minimum in my opinion...


Exploring Sinnoh
I'm not 100% sure that we're getting new forms (the only one that there is evidence for is the notched ear Pichu). I mean, seriously - what else are they going to do?

I'll just about guarantee you that Lugia and Ho-oh won't be getting new forms.


Active Member
Behold shellder off the tail of a slowbro. new form rawwwr.

Nah really actually I wouldn't be suprised if new forms weren't introduced (specifically unown). While I'm not saying it will happen or has a good shot of happening, new forms seem to be new obsession over at game freak.

Plus I wouldn't doubt any new forms or even pokemon (though I doubt it) to be in HG & SS. As I remember correctly, one of the big things about the originals was it's time machine that allowed you trade back to the first generation (with some regulations). I'm curious to see if and how it'll make a return (seeing as it even had it's own minor plot point.
Well, until Movie 11 covers the big idea between NE-Pichu, she's just an Anime only Pokemon, like Pink Butterfree or those Pink Pokemon on tha one island back in the day... Nethertheless, it's safe to say for now that there won't, most likely, be any new formes for Pokemon (other than Shellos, probably).


Well-Known Member
I was thinking...If Shellos and Gastrodon were to get new formes because they were region specific...

There are two regions in the game...assuming they don't take Kanto out.
That would suck.

Anyway, because they are region specific, wouldn't we get two new formes?

Just a speculation.



Trains All Types
I doubt new forms for older Pokemon will happen. However some of the 4th Gen Pokemon like Gastrodon and Shellos may get a new form if they're hatched in Johto.


Previously Iota
Everyone's suggesting a new form for Shellos in Johto, but we're more than likely gonna be in Kanto as well, so there should be one for there.

Also, Burmy and Wormadam could probably get Ice Cave forms, but that isn't necessary. Another Ice/Bug form would be nice though.

I'd also like to see new Rotom forms, but that wouldn't make much sense since he is technically a DP Pokémon. Charon found him, he lives in the Mansion, and there is a secret room for him. The only way you should be able to get him is by trading.



I dont really want new forms,
And tbh unless they are inter-changeable , i doubt there will be any.
Because then that would rule out the compatability with dppt.

However, i could be wrong, and game freak could easly install something that prevents you from trading them.


Bone-ified dinosaur
So far, the most likely new Forme (as opposed to regional and possible new breeding differences) is Shaymin. It would probably be a Sea Forme (ROFL, Seamin :D [/immature]) to balance out the Land and Sky Formes.

However, some people have said, "Sea Forme? Why would they do that in Johto, Hoenn has way more water!" but as I remember correctly, changing Shaymin's forme in Platinum had nothing to do with the air, just the Gracidae Flower. So surely, Shaymin being a rather flowery pokemon, another forme change could just involve another key-item, untradable flower and it would act just like Skymin on Pt. I see no problem with that.