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New Forum Upgrade


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There were a few times I would see a thread glitch and someone's post will merge into another's.

I just thought I would mention that, and I wouldn't know if this went for anybody else.
I'm also occasionally having this issue, and I also use Firefox.
And funnily enough, it actually happened right on this very thread for me:
Looks to me like sometimes signatures don't load and it results in some weird offset?


Hey, I'm on a screenshot now!

Either way, I've noticed that issue as well. Seems to be something on xenforum as on another board I visit that has the system this issue sometimes occur.


I like the update. It looks nicer than the layout from before. The circle is a nice touch too.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I also would like to know if we will get another theme soon or not. Happy is pretty bland and the default is visually more interesting but those ads keep getting in the way and sort of ruin the enjoyment when you have to close the block literally every time you go to a new page. I get the ads help fund the site but they are just too distracting.