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New Gameplay Graphics Thread

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I love the battle style, I really want to see Sceptile using a leafblade!,
Froakie charge an attack to Patrat, that looked so amazing, now I hope if Pokemon faint they
won't sink trough the ground anymore but really faint like in the stadium games!


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I hope the main battle screen retains its classic look. And I hope battles are as fast as they were in BW2.
The animations for most of the attacks looked pretty cool. Even some of the more complicated moves seemed to go by quick.

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Based on the trailer, I think that the battle scenes look really awesome, and seem way more like an actual battle between creatures instead of just two pictures that send random graphics between each other. However, because these battles seem to focus so much on showing the attacks and making a big scene out of them, that may slow down the battles, and I hope that they didn't sacrifice speed for visuals.

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It's a 3DS game, not a DS game. You can suspend 3DS games while you can surf the web write in your "Notes". However, you can't have two apps on. So, good point. I kinda wish we can open the Pokedex 3d Pro to look up Base stats and moves they can learn.

I'd rather they just make the in game Pokedex like Pokedex 3D's. It'd be a lot more convenient that way.

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I'm actually excited for the 3D battling. That has what has made the Pokemon Stadium games, the Gabecube games, and Battle Revolution fun. A dimension of realism makes the battles fun. It looks even better now, so I'm geeked to see more about battles.


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It's official, **** just got real. Damn you Nintendoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I think this is what people expected Black/White and their sequels to look like am I right? These graphics look amazing!
Does anyone think that they'll end up linking Pokemon Dram Radar with X and Y? All it takes is an update..
Ehhhh judging from the trailer, I just can't seem to warm up to it just yet. I'm not comfortable with a straight-on view and prefer the up-in-the-sky camera angle. It's harder to see what's behind a wall now. Your viewing area is also shortened, but I hope there's options to change camera angles like in Super Mario 64. Battles also seem to take a longer time with the animations, but let's see how that turns out.

Still much prefer sprites than full 3D models.

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I would love to see how Triple Battles and Rotation Battles would look like in these games!

Does anyone think that they'll end up linking Pokemon Dram Radar with X and Y? All it takes is an update..

It's entirely possible. Although it will not have any Gen 6 Pokemon in them just to keep compatibility with Black and White 2. Or have 2 different modes or something. I dunno. I guess anything's possible.


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the transition has started, the first real 3D game... now all thats left its for the actual gameplay to evolve into an action rpg and im back in the game...


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But you need to remember that some Pokemon won't have the same abilities, and dream world abilities will/might change because of the crossover between games.


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I honestly hope that they dont give up the overhead view. If they remake rs its a crime if they do it like this!


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I honestly hope that they dont give up the overhead view. If they remake rs its a crime if they do it like this!

How so? The graphics look incredible. What is so important about the overhead view? It almost feels more real from this view.

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I have that in mind too, but a separate app like Pokedex3D Pro would bring a bit more money.

Well 3D Pro itself is obsolete now, so they can't use that. I'm not sure it'd be worth it to do another one, frankly, unless they can make it cheap. I highly doubt many people will want to pay $15 for "OHEMGEE 3D POGEYMAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" when we now have that in the main games.


I don't know if it's been mentioned, but is anyone else afraid that there won't be backwards compatibility between gen 5 and 6?
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