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NEW *Hand-Drawn* One Piece Parody-- Very Interesting

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Hey guys, I just stumbled across this new parody of One Piece called One Piece Unleashed: The Joke Reels-

The entire parody has original artwork hand-drawn by Elekid11, the same guy who did the hand-drawn and fan-animated One Piece opening. What do you guys think of this parody? I'm in the middle--some parts of it are really funny, like the Cobra Rant and what Luffy tells Vivi in the desert. However some of the jokes were pretty lame in my opinion. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. What do you think? Do you find it hilarious? Or do you think it's crappy and sucks?

You can find it on Youtube by just searching One Piece Unleashed or Joke Reels, hope you enjoy!


They put a lot work into it which is pretty cool. That effort could've been out into an original work though. Not a One Piece fan but I'll give them credit for the amount of work put into it.
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