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New Info on Mime Jr.


Mime Jr.'s actualy ability, Filter, halves the damage of super-effective hits. This being so, they would have an effect no different from a neutral attack.

Wouldn't this mean that Mime Jr. has no weaknesses? If so, I hope they don't have the ability remain through evolution.


Emperor Coordinator
Yes, it does make it that mime jr. has no weaknesses. I doubt it will keep the ability as a mr. mime, though, since it only has soundproof in R/S/E/FG/LG. Then it would complicate trading. Since it is a baby, we know it won't have good stats, so the ability will be useless, since no one would use it in a serious battle.

I. Diddley

Just a dude
this ability is good imo, does mr.mime have two abilities?? becuz if he doesnt maybe this could be the second

Metal Force

I don't think they mean by halfing the damage is to be X 1, I think they main halfing the power of the attack, like if a ghost type used shadow ball on Mime Jr, the shadow ball power will be 40 insted of 80, there before I think it'll half the power of a move, correct me if I'm wrong.


Yeah that is one good ability but it will probably have extremely low stats so the ability will be useless. A strong poke could take it out anyway. Mime Jr. won't have any weaknesses persay but they will still be there. Mime Jr. will lose that ability when it evolves though.


Marsh Trainer
Mr. Mime does not have great stats.....I think he should keep it. Or just give every baby this ability, making them not suck as bad. Or at least be usable.


true, I'm sure no old pokemon will change abilities

at least this'll probably make Mime Jr. easier to evolve, or more fun to use


o_O Why does everyone assume Mime Jr. will lose Filter when it evolves? Maybe it could have either Filter or Soundproof, even though it's not likely, as it probably would have been revealed by now if it did.

But if that is the case, no doubt Mr. Mime will be used more often.


Well-Known Member
And if filter is kept on mime jr turning into Mr.Mime,how will u trade it to the 3rd gen?


The Steel Hearted
TogeticTheRuler said:
And if filter is kept on mime jr turning into Mr.Mime,how will u trade it to the 3rd gen?

It loses it and gets soundproof.

I like Mr.Mime, he's my favorite psychic type, I am crossing my figners he keeps filter, but not holding my breath. As I do like soundproof anyway.