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New Japanese mini set to introduce DRAGON TYPE cards!


Don't use my avi -_-
Hopefully they'll be out by seasons end in united states. I imagine them being a no weakness/dragon weakness card and become glass cannon basics except for legendaries which will have 110-130hp yet have higher energy costs.

Dratini 60HP

[Dragon energy] Dragonrage 40

or for a stage 2:

Dragonite 140HP

Ability: when you play this card to evolve your pokemon, heal all damage from this pokemon.

[D][D][C] Dragontail 80: switch your opponents active with a benched.

[D][D][D][D] Draco Meteor 150: flip a coin til you get heads, for each tails discard a card off the top of your deck.


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Hey you should fix that link I clicked on it and the site said that the page didnt exist >.>


The Sandstorm Slayer
I fixed the link. But yes this is very exciting news!I have always wanted to see a Dragon type in the TCG- it never made much sense to me to have dragons be Colorless and have a weakness to the likes of Bidoof and Pidgey.