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New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

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Mega Audino huh? 5th gen love FINALLY. Quite surprising though, haha, Mega Slowbro of all things as well.


Pokémon Imaginer
Where is mega flygon and mega milotic?


Um, practically everybody who played BW/B2W2 gave a crap about Audino. The thing was an EXP machine!

Frankly I'm glad Pokemon from the lower tiers are getting Mega Evolutions. Yeah, I know M-Mawile made Mawile crawl out the abyss, but I'm still happy to see that GF is trying to make more Pokemon competitive, and give other options to already competitive ones.

Who thinks Mega Slowbro will be one of the best tanks in the game?

Like I said, if it gets Shell Armor, it truly could be :D

SoulSilver Eric

Well-Known Member
This is an unexpected surprise. Mega Slowbro instead of a Mega Slowking? Mega Audino as the first unova mega who's typing will be normal/fairy (idealy I would have thought that Audino itself should have been a normal or fairy type pokemon based on its looks). Kind of shocked in a happy way that Slowbro got a mega evolution.


Well-Known Member
they look pretty good, i like mega slowbro, will we now get a mega slowking? im starting to hope we no more mega's cos it means we wont get normal evolutions of pokemon.


Eeveelution Master
It was just so left field. I'm guessing one if not both of these were gonna be revealed later this week at Gamescon or that other event!


Unexpected Mega from Audino, just like Lopunny.

Have to admit that design-wise, I do like M-Audino and could very well use her in Contests.


Well-Known Member
just noticed a pokemon from every gen has gotten a mega evo in this remake with the exception of a gen 2. but yay finally a 5th gen mega.


Yusarin >_<


We won't get them because THAT would be a hit and so far GF has mostly been throwing misses.

I'll just assume this is personal opinion :p
I like all of the Mega's so far, and until I test them out, I won't judge. Some of the best Pokemon don't exactly look good IMO, so we'll just have to wait and see.


Metallic Wonder
Audino looked pretty sweet IMO. Always liked Audino, and it could really use a Mega.
Slowbro on the other hand... Wth happened to make Shellder eat it??

Lucario At Service

Calm Trainer
When i first saw Mega Slowbro, the first thing that came to my mind was the way how Soledad (in the anime) used her Slowbro in the 'Kanto Grand Festival' during the AG Saga.

roserade the warrior

Well-Known Member
Yes I was right, there were more Megas >=D. But they are not as awesome as I wanted them to be <.<. Audino can only be used in Doubles (love it anyway), and Slowbro looks weird (Nonetheless I like its weirdness -u0), even if he got a nice ability (No more crits is something very practical, especially with togekiss, gallade, kingdra and leafeon with their hight-crit ratio moves D:>, well in the case of kingdra is Focus Energy plus Sniper, which is just worst), he can now set up in peace, but now I wonder... how would Mega Slowking would look?
Anyway, I am kind of desperate to see a mega roserade, sunflora or parasect... and every week I feel more and more disappointed u.u
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Pokemon Master Gaz
I wonder if Audino will be the first Mega to get a boost to HP?

clearly these pokemon are going to be a lot harder to take down now lol
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