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New Mega Evolutions Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation VI Discussion' started by Hydrohs, May 10, 2014.

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  1. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    The Mega Lati twins had no M-Evo symbol when the first pics of them were shown.
  2. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    I'll assume you are a troll, or don't play competitively, as Focus Energy Swift Swim Sniper Kingdra is a VIABLE strategy used. Not to mention, a crit at anytime generally screws any sweeper attempting to boost.
  3. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    To be fair, with the defensive boost that Slowbro is getting, if he can't be critted, there really won't be a need for regenerator. If he can raise the defense stat even higher through moves, he won't have to worry about crits which ignore stat boosts, and take minimal damage. Shell Armor really isn't a bad choice.
  4. Rakurai

    Rakurai Well-Known Member

    That's because they were hacked to be in their Mega forms to begin with.

    The symbol only shows up if the Mega Evolution was properly triggered in battle.
  5. GatedSunOne

    GatedSunOne Like A Rockefeller

    Nice to see some Unova Mega Pokémon, even if it's only one for now. I'm adoring Mega Audino's design here-white and gold coloring makes me giggly.

    ...Slowbro is a bit of an oddity, though. Guessing from looks, it appears Mega Evolution affected his Shellder and might end up with a bigger Defense boost than before.
  6. Hasty

    Hasty Moonside

    The thing about Mega's is: you play them differently than their normal form.
    Slowbro can switch out often to heal its HP but M-Slowbro should rather stay in and use things like Calm Mind/Amnesia/Iron Defense to get really tanky... and without Shell Armor a super-effective critical hit woould ruin its day.
    Also Shell Armor is really fitting design-wise.
  7. thetamale

    thetamale Well-Known Member

    Mega Crobat? GIVE IT MORE WINGS.
  8. TheMaster327

    TheMaster327 Well-Known Member

    Who's to say that these were also hacked to be in their Mega forms? We have no real proof that showed the Mega Evolving process...
  9. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    But again we have to think, would the OFFICIAL site really make a mistake as big as revealing false Mega Evolutions? The more I think about it, the lees of a possibility it becomes.
  10. tictactucrac

    tictactucrac Well-Known Member

    Whatever man, most of the time it's just a pokemon with NO ability at all AND no item, that's why it sucks. Not to mention crits are less dangerous since 6G, not to mention with a boost in its defenses thanks to mega-evo he wouldn't even care taking a critical hit. Shell armor is bad on mega slowbro period.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2014
  11. GatedSunOne

    GatedSunOne Like A Rockefeller

    It does, doesn't it?
    It appears I've been gone from this Site too long. Wintendo was the last troll I've seen lurking the Forums; but now we have this guy. I'm actually surprised.

    On topic, I'm in love with MegaDino's design, but I'll need some BSTs before I use my only Mega slot on it. Same goes for MegaBro--I really want to see where they're going with him.
  12. cybermew

    cybermew A la lune!

    Where did I say I didn't like them? It was a comment regarding a mistake in the image, and the possibility that it could have been something other than trustworthy. But then again the official site appears to be poor at putting these images together, the Blaziken deevolves half way through the battle into Combusken...
  13. Gabry00023

    Gabry00023 Well-Known Member

    Is there any possibility of Masuda's message changing now that these megas were leaked? (assuming these were the things he was going to reveal)
  14. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    That's the point. Most, if not all, of the battles we see in trailers are initiated and conducted by hacking the game. GF hacked Mega Audino in the battle pretty much the same way the hacker who discovered MLati@s did in XY. In other words, the trainer threw a Mega Audino out of the pokeball at the beginning of the battle, so the mega evolution process didn't happen, and therefore the symbol didn't show up.
  15. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    i think they'd just give it bigger wings.
  16. Ninfia-Fan

    Ninfia-Fan Well-Known Member

    Ok. I was not expecting to have two more Megas revealed, but whatever; it's cool. Though I think Mega Audino could have been a regular evolution to Audino if GF really wanted it to be and Mega Slowbro looks odd encased in that Shellder. I think both of these Pokemon have gained a nice competitive edge. Audino was always a supporter and Healer's given it an even bigger way to do it now. Shell Armor, as said before, will also have it's uses if Mega Slowbro gains a huge defensive boost.

    I wonder how long it will be before GF notice the leaks, if they haven't already, and put some type of action in place as punishment?


    What about actually improving its Defences? While it sets up, any lucky critical hit that does get through can be stopped by Shell Armor and after a few defensive moves, Mega Slowbro can be a good tank. In fact, I could see it being used on a Baton Pass team if the +100 BST is handled correctly.
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2014
  17. TheEliteEmpoleon

    TheEliteEmpoleon Well-Known Member

    The way we argue here is with facts. Learn the metagame, and how crits work, and maybe you'll understand why you're alone in thinking that shell armor "sucks." Besides, you shouldn't say a pokémon sucks when we've known of its existence for mere hours.
  18. saPower1000

    saPower1000 FLIP ALL THE TABLES

    Have you never been hit with a crit? That was literally the bane of CM Slowbro's existence, and now it's going to be a thing of the past.
    Alas, you were thinking of putting Cosmic Power on M-Lopunny, so... yeah :/

    Same. I really want to know the stats before committing to breeding a specific Slowbro for Mega usage.
  19. ShadowKreach

    ShadowKreach Well-Known Member

    I really hope they don't start pushing Mega Evolutions onto too many Pokémon. There are far too many that actually deserve regular evolutions more than anything, and I think Audino was one of them. I think the lack of a hold item (Apart from its Mega Stone, obviously) is going to be far too big of a handicap for it to function well, especially seeing as it won't even have Regenerator any more, and Audino lacks any really usable recovery moves. Not to mention that pretty much every other defensive Mega Pokémon has atleast decent offensive stats, whereas Mega Audino will probably have next to none. I can't really imagine many people would use it over other Mega Pokémon, even if it probably would have great mixed bulk.
    I do really like the design, however.

    Mega Slowbro is almost in the same boat, except it'll probably be saved by an actual offensive prescence and the fact it gets Slack Off. Can't think of much else to say about it really. The design is ok, but nothing too special, and its ability is too situational to be of any real use. The stats will definitely be what determines if it gets used or not.

    Overall, really confused about the decision to create these Mega Pokémon.
  20. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Omg Mega Slowbro looks even derpier. It's a cool concept how Shellder is kind of taking over though. Mega Audino looks alright.

    I swear they must go on a Pokemon Random Generator and see there who gets a mega lol
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