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New member incoming

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New Member
Hey there,

I'm from The Netherlands and I've been playing Pokemon ever since Blue, Red and Yellow came out with a 6 year hiatus. But before that I got extremely hooked to Crystal and I have played Ruby as well.

When D/P/Pt came out I bought a DS Lite and even though I've finished Platinum I never really looked after it anymore up until August last year. I still regret it everyday lol.

In three months I bought all the available games, except White 2, including the New 3DS. Currently playing both White and Sun. Unfortunately I don't have that much time anymore like when I was a kid :p

I've already used the Pokedex from this site like crazy, but never knew there was a forum as well. Hope to find some information every now and then here! My favorite pokemon is Glaceon. I'm a sucker for Ice Pokemon in general though :)
I'll be the first to post here. Welcome to sppf :] Did you mean you regret buying platinum or you regret not playing it?
Not open for further replies.