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New Member says "Cheezits"

Discussion in 'SPPf Help & Newbie Lounge' started by Fall Of Twilight, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. Fall Of Twilight

    Fall Of Twilight Forerunner of Light


    I'm Fall Of Twilight, and I'm a n00b.

    LOL, na, if you're a poster on the PE2K Forums, you may have seen me as Elemental Brotherhood. I made that name ages ago now, and I hate it.

    Anyway, I hope to be a regular on this here forum, bringing with me my crazy randomness and my ultimate spriting skillz. I'm so modest.

    I'm a Christian, and I love my Youth Group. We have the best Youth Pastor EVAH!

    I love music, and have an eclectic taste, from Hip-Hop to Emo to Avril Lavigne. o_0

    Oh. And I like Pogeymonz.

  2. Ebil McClucky

    Ebil McClucky DAT ***

    Well, welcome the friendly hell.

    Nah,just joking. Have a good time.
  3. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Just a note: The pic in your sig's too big. It's interesting though, reminds me of one of the characters from my story, lol.

    Randomness is cool, just don't steer topics off course with it. ;P

    Anyways, welcome to SPPf! ^_^
  4. Fall Of Twilight

    Fall Of Twilight Forerunner of Light

    I'm sure the Sig rules said pics in the siggy can be 200x200?

    Thats 210x190 or so, and the sig post say...

    Oh, well. I've posted it in the sig check thread. If anyone else says it's too big, I'll change it to a link.

  5. MondoTR

    MondoTR Dani

    Your pic is 240x189, so even with the leeway rule (which I need to double check if it's still around) it's still too big.

    You don't have to link it, just make it smaller. :p
  6. Fall Of Twilight

    Fall Of Twilight Forerunner of Light

    OK, will do. But no I've got to find something that resizes GIF's. I deleted the original pics.


    Photobucket might do it.
  7. Yonowaru in Chaos

    Yonowaru in Chaos gaspard de la nuit

    Welcome!!! Hope you have a great time!!! That eye is giving me seizures. lol
  8. Fall Of Twilight

    Fall Of Twilight Forerunner of Light

    Thanks Yonuwaru in Chaos.

    I've finally found a way to make it smaller. I just copied the thumbnail for Photobucket. LOL

    And now back to saying how happy you are that I've joined SPPf. LOL.


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