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NEW Official Wireless Adapter and Related Features (Mystery Gift, etc.) Thread!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by TRJessie579, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Since Trip is no longer a mod, and some of the info in the old FAQ was outdated, I’ve written a new FAQ and am starting this thread over again. Please ask any and all questions related to the wireless adapters and the Mystery Gift function here, and PLEASE read the entire FAQ before asking a question. Thanks. :)

    1. Q: What is the wireless adapter?
    A: When FR/LG first came out, each game came with a wireless adapter. They can be used for everything the link cable can be used for, plus a few new things. However, FR/LG games no longer come with them, but you can buy them for $10 each. The supposed range is 30 feet, but it has been sometimes known to work at farther distances.

    2. Q: What games does the wireless adapters work with?
    A: FireRed, LeafGreen, and Emerald, If counting only Pokémon games.

    Other games need to have the wireless Adaptor support programmed in, as a result not many games supported it. The wireless adaptor also supported a Single cart powering several GBA. Many of these are GBA NESClassic games.

    3. Q: What new things can you do only with the wireless adapters?
    A: When using the wireless adapters, you can now go into the Union Room, where you can battle and trade with other people playing the game that are in range. You can also use the Berry Crush and Mini-game features. More info from the main site:

    Union Room
    Berry Crushing

    4. Q: What is Mystery Gift?
    A: Mystery Gift is a function in FR/LG/E that allows your game to communicate with Wonderspots. These are machines, available at Nintendo-sponsored events like Pokemon Rocks America, which send data to your game. They so far have been used in the US to give out the Aurora and Mystic Tickets.

    5. Q: How do I get Mystery Gift?
    A: Go to any PokeMart and look at the counter. There should be a paper there. Go up to it and press “A,” then complete the survey with the words LINK TOGETHER WITH ALL.

    6: Q: How do I use Mystery Gift with other games?
    A: Unfortunately, you can’t. Mystery Gift can ONLY be used with Wonderspots, not other games, and the Aurora Ticket and others aren’t transferable in any way.

    7. Q: Since the DS has wireless features, can you use it to trade with a GBA with a wireless adapter?
    A: No. The DS has a completely different wireless system than the GBA's wireless adapter. You can't trade between a DS and a GBA OR a DS and another DS using the GBA Pokemon games. (There is a way to send Pokémon GBA to a DS game using Pal Park. However, this covered in the 4th Generation section, and We're talking about keeping it in the GBA games.)

    If any more questions are asked often enough, I'll add them here. That ended up being much shorter than I had expected. :D

    Edit: 23/12/2011 -Big Nutter
    Apparently there was a GameBoy Micro version of the Wireless adaptor, but I never found one. (The Gameboy Micro was a GBA as small as Nintendo could make one. Almost all Accessories for the GBA or GBA-SP were incompatible.) The Wireless Adapter does fit the GameBoy Player add-on for the GameCube, the only software that could use it was the Gameboy Advance games that could use it in any other GBA/GBA-SP.
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 23, 2011
  2. PeteDHeat

    PeteDHeat Well-Known Member

    Man,I loved That Wireless Adpter,it was so Handy.I could trade All my pokes form Emerald to Leaf Green and Restart Again.Lol
    Hope that in D/P you can get a Free Wireless again,Just like you did in Leaf Green.
    HUrray first Post of this Thread =D
  3. Jophish

    Jophish Guest

    In Diamond and Pearl you will not need to get a free wireless adaptor because they will be on the DS and that has wireless capabilities built in

    Say for example you were playing emerald an the DS
    how would you trade a pokemon that you were playing on the DS to a Game that you were playing on the gameboy advance?

    can a GBA with a wireless adaptor trade through the DS's wireless thing to a game on the DS?

    Double posting is not allowed here, please read the rules. Use the EDIT button if you want to add something. -Mod
  4. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Nope, the GBA and DS aren't compatible that way. You can't trade between the two.

    Actually, you can't trade between DS and DS using GBA games either.
  5. @lex

    @lex Myth Collector

    But you COULD trade between DS and GBA by having both cartridges in the DS system. This is, after all, the easiest and most likely possibility. And it has been confirmed that PKMN GBA will be able to trade with PKMN DS.
  6. duragon

    duragon Guest

    I admit it kinda surprises me (and annoys me too) that DS's wireless is not the same as GBA's, plus, we can't trade GBA poke-to-poke using multiple DSes.... what can I say, Pokemon is a Nintendo franchise, whyever the heck they limit their own stuff?

    I'll be waiting and seeing how the DS/GBA poke-trading goes. Anything unsatisfactory and I guess I'll call it quits.
  7. The Power of Pika

    The Power of Pika Way Past Cool!!

    I think that the trade will work like the transfer pack and Nintendo 64 when it comes to the DS. You have a GBA game in the GBA slot and a DS game in the DS slot at the same time similar to Pokemon Dash reading the Advance cartridges. It's not that hard to do since it's been done with Dash. Dash was able to read the Pokemon GBA cartridges Pokemon and create race maps from them.
  8. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Yes, while you can't trade between GBA games using the DS, Nintendo has announced that Diamond and Pearl will be backwards-compatible, by using the DS game and the GBA game in their respective slots.
  9. obada

    obada frontier champion

    if I play my leaf green on a Ds can I go to the union room without an wireless adaptor since it has wireless features built in.
  10. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod


    Like I said above, the DS isn't compatible with the GBA in any way. You can't trade between GBA games using a DS and a GBA OR a DS and a DS.

    Going to add this to the guide since it's been asked pretty frequently.
  11. You might bother to note the relation between Altering Cave and the wireless adaptor. (Basically, it doesn't work)
  12. cxoa

    cxoa Heat Trainer

    Got a quick question for anyone that may know. IS the mystic ticket available all year frm the ny nintendo store, or only at certain times of the year?
  13. Whompithian

    Whompithian Dynamo Trainer

    They only offer it for limited times. You can check either Pokemon.com or NintendoWorldStore.com regularly to see when it's being offered...which appears to be right now.
  14. GodFather

    GodFather The PokéChamp

    i find it stupid that they did Mystery gift away it was good because ppl in other countrys cant go to wonderspot's because they havent events in their country , so it would be good that D/P would have mystery gift and that we could use it between them

    ( i live in Belgium and i really want a Jirachi / Celebi / Deoxys / Mew and the 2 legendarys bird's but i cant have them because we dont have Nintendo events here :( )
  15. I heard that with a Wireless adapter, and a friend, you can get a star on your trainer card by getting more than 200 points on Dodrio berry and pokemon jump. Is this true?
  16. Serebii93

    Serebii93 too... much...

    I have a question.
    Can the wireless adapter in the Union Room only work when there are other real people around you? Because on the site, the pictures show a lot of people in the room.
    And for the chatroom, can it only be used with other real people near you?
    Thank You!
  17. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Yep, there aren't any computer-controlled players. You need actual people within thirty (or so) feet of you to trade, battle, and chat.
  18. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    I Think this answers it but will you be able to trade gba with ds or will we need ANOTHER link cable to tradfe with dp?
  19. TRJessie579

    TRJessie579 Obsessive Beader/Mod

    Actually, based on how the GBA and DS Mysterious Dungeon Pokemon games trade, you'd just put Diamond/Pearl in the DS game slot of the DS, and the GBA game in the GBA slot, since the GBA and the DS aren't compatible with eachother (you can't trade between them).
  20. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    do u know the process because it seems unbelieveable

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