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New Places... Familiar Faces! (770)

Mrs. Oreo

It was neat seeing Ash's group back in Nuvema town as well as seeing that new beginner trainer who chose Tepig hee hee. Team Rocket returning with a Frillish and Amoonguss surprised me however, in a good way. :D


I was taken aback when Satoshi arrived in Kanoko Town and actually spoke with Araragi-hakase and Okido-hakase and planned his next move, because we all know that he usually doesn't think ahead. The Rocket-dan returning was fine with me, although I didn't like that they had Pururill and Morobareru.
Well, I thought this was a pretty good episode to shift gears into the delayed Team Plasma arc. I found Team Rocket to be weirdly tolerable, where they've got some of their old spirit, but still look don't look like total pushovers.~


Standard rehash of getting the Starter. TRio is giving me mixed feelings. They just shoehorned the classic elements on top of the BW personalities, which doesn't mix at all.


In hindsight, I do wish that Satoshi had stayed in Kanoko Town longer since he barely had a chance to explore the area. I also thought it was amusing how quickly he arrived there since it took him ages to get around Isshu, yet he made it back to Araragi-hakase's place in a flash.


I call you honey
I was pretty much entertained the whole time and it was definitely a nice episode after episodes of intense battling. We had a lot of interesting scenes like Team Rocket's old motto, their new Pokemon were cool, Meowth's balloon, etc.


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I was mad when Team Rocket showed up because I thought that they were gone for good after the Abyssal Ruins episodes.

But what I liked about this episode was that Ash made a decision to go back to Kanto after his Unova League loss and seeing a new trainer begin their journey was cool.