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New Platinum Manga


Beyond repair
I found it (with my friend Kazuki's help :p) on CoroCoro Special website. It's the second one, with that black-and-green haired guy.

It's a new Pokemon manga called "Pokemon Platinum: To Become a Battle King". Its art looks pretty Asada-ish to me (the main hero resembles Hiori a bit).

It sounds like those short "instructional" Pokemon game mangas, but still, I wish to see it.

It's featured in April's Coro Coro Special Magazine (remember that CoroCoro Special is not the same as normal Coro Coro).

If anyone had more info on this or could get that issue, I would be enormously grateful.

I'm very interested in that, since it's something new, something we've never seen before.

Thanks in advance, so...


Me too. Also it seems that it has some kind of Movie 12 news. Or is it just a poster? Either way hmm seems cool.