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New Pokémon Discussion/Speculation Thread

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Erik Destler

cool cool cool
Arceus = "God" Pokemon
New 5th Gen Pokemon = Demon/Devil Pokemon?

Nah I'm just kidding but it does look Lucarioish like lots of people say.
They wouldn't reveal an antithesis to Arceus / bigtime event right off.

It reminds me of Lucario and Smeargle to say the least. ):

But I'd say more the former rather than the latter. :)


It could be an alternate evolution for Riolu. Since Riolu evolves into Lucario during the day, but it would evolve into this thing at night?
Hm, like Eevee with Umbreon and Espeon? You know, I'm actually incline to think that. That would be pretty cool, actually.

I also kind of have a theory. Since this Pokemon is "Z," I'm pretty sure the Pokedex will put what abilities that Pokemon has in the anime (assuming its ability is shiftshaping like Ditto, but more on an extreme level).

Mr. Joker

keep calm & carry on
I highly doubt it has anything to do with Lucario. I think that the Lucario family has had enough. Time to move on from generation 4 and onto generation 5.


Written Insanity~
You can kind of see color on it from the pic on the site, but idk. What I see of it, I'm not sure if I like... D: It just doesn't look like a pokemon to me so far. Oh well. Watch, I'll probably end up loving it when we find out more. xD


It looks super evil. Maybe it's satanic?


Building My HG Team
it could be Fire alone, or Fire/Fighting. thts my guess


Merukimon, anyone?

I'm pretty sure its overall design will look similar to Merukimon's, which is pretty awesome in my opinion.

And I doubt it'll be Legendary. Blaziken and Lucario are still heavily imprinted in my brain...
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Vinn Croix

Missing Number
Parents will ban Pokemon in the US if that were the case, so let's hope it's not a Devil pokemon.
I'm willing to put money against that. Think about it. Kids not old enough for 6th grade play Call of Duty and Gears of War. If they think its ok for their kids to play against and with people who are profane and in games that are violent and bloody, I don't think a devil pokemon will make much of a difference. Except for those who are quite religious.


Pokemon Master
Now that i look at the head it appears to look a bit like shaymin, possible new Shaymin form anyone?


Rotom Trainer
When I looked at that silhouette I thought it being either a Grass, Dark, or a Psychic type.
So I'm glad we can FINALLY do a speculation on the 5th gen.


I reckon it will be one of these types (or maybe a combination); Dark, Ghost, Psychic and Fighting.

I would like it to be a Lucario like Pokemon - meaning that it has a pre-evolution or two (so it is a second or third stage pokemon) and it is not a legendary. Because I don't like to carry legendaries with me.

Witch of 'Cos

i love the pee pees
If it were to be part of the Lucario family, I imagine it would work kinda like Gardeviour/Gallade.


Join BLD
I think it's given that it's a Fighting pokemon though idk about a Lucario evo.


Grass Trainer
looks grassish to me, kinda like shiftry. I hope lol
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V Faction

Why do that, when we can fill our hearts and/or postcount with go-nowhere speculation?

Now that's the Serebii spirit.
I know. I'm contractually obligated to say that as a disclaimer in every thread. It's a union thing.

Olympichero191 said:
I'm just waiting for it to be revealed so we can start the "it's a Legendary pokemon" conversations and then have it turn into the Riolu/Lucario conversation that had people saying it's baby stage made it the first Legendary to evolve. That's always fun to sit through, right?
There's a certain charm in it.

Also, that's totally a Kecleon evoluton guys.
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