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New Pokémon/Formes Discussion & Speculation

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by emeraldellie, Jun 6, 2017.

  1. Cyclone

    Cyclone ^ where it all began

    I really really hate how Solgaleo looks like he has a little smiley face
  2. Janovy

    Janovy Banned

    This is amusing.

    I preferred Solgaleo over Lunala, but I think I prefer Ultra Lunala over Ultra Solgaleo. :D
  3. Lord Godwin

    Lord Godwin The Lord of Darkness

    I have it the other way around:)
  4. Exsception

    Exsception Born Completionist

    You can already tell from the trailer that the protagonist still has that derpy face on during what looks like a cutscene. I don't think that there will be much of a graphical difference between S/M and US/UM, unfortunately.
  5. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    Necro-Lunala looks ridiculous to me, but Solgaleo's form is pretty cool. I'm interested to see where they're going with the concept. It's a cool way to incorporate Necrozma but I hope it doesn't end up being to similar to Kyurem's forms. And while I'd LOVE new Alolan forms, I don't think they're very likely. They wouldn't be compatible with SM and I think banning a subset of Pokemon from online battles would be... weird.
  6. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    That's part of the reason I put them on my "maybe" list. Although, they did it to some extent with ORAS and the new megas. They didn't ban it, you just couldn't use the new megas against X/Y players.

    I do think they'd be better off doing it, because it would give player's a larger incentive to buy the games. I mean, I only really play one video game and that's Pokémon so I'd get it anyway, but it is a desired feature of a lot of players. So I guess it depends on what their marketing strategy is.
  7. Trainer Yusuf

    Trainer Yusuf VolcaniNO

    I have seen some discussion about this elsewhere so I need to clear something:

    4 means fifth form. In computing languages, numbering starts at 0. So:

    Midday: 0
    Midnight: 1
    Totem Midday: 2
    Totem Midnight: 3
    Eclipse: 4

    The "fourth" Lycanroc does not correspond to the totems.
  8. Endless

    Endless Sun God ☉

    I'm with Janovy on this one.
    Lunala looked a bit odd and flat without any sorts of legs to me, a little too much like a circle. I'm glad that the arms break up that silhouette now and give it some more flexibility.
    Solgaleo is the opposite. It already felt fleshed out and the new Necrozma parts look kind of pointless.
    Last edited: Jun 6, 2017
  9. KingMinun

    KingMinun Dawn/Sinnoh Fan!

    I thought that was what was going on when I checked the main page in work earlier, and saw the thumbnail of the trailer video, which had Decidueye from Pokken and then the alternate forms of the legendaries, since the colouring on Decidueye looked different to normal (because its Pokken artwork) but yeah, I'm hoping the starters get something, and the Johto starters too.
  10. Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

    Lunafreya Nox Fleuret Don't look here.

    I really want to know how Necrozma is affiliated with the Ultra Beasts identified by Looker.
  11. Cometstarlight

    Cometstarlight What do I do now?

    Yes, this! I remember going through the whole game and just seeing this almost eerie smiling face whenever anything happened. Lillie kidnapped? Smiling. The world ending? Smiling. Yeesh.
  12. Golden_Arcanine

    Golden_Arcanine Well-Known Member

    Pretty much what I thought. Smells like BW2 all over again. Not sure I'm going to buy it.
  13. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    With the megas though you could just ban the stones themselves. I'd find it kind of weird if, say, Parasect was banned from online battles. I'd really like if they added new ones too though, especially since the Alolan forms we have are kind of underwhelming, but I'm pretty skeptical.
  14. Aetius

    Aetius Sky Emperor

    I suppose that with "new Pokèmon" they're refering to Solgaleo's, Necrozma's and Lunala's new formes.
    It would be cool if Alola Formes would be also considered as such.
    This way we would get new Pokèmon on the base of the old ones.
    Either way, I'm happy that Necrozma wasn't forgotten like a certain gen 6 legendary...
  15. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    Too true though. That's why I'm not holding my breath for it or anything.
  16. Sulfurian

    Sulfurian Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's just me, but I do kind of miss the days when a Pokémon only had one great set that you would mostly use. With these forms you get "well this is my normal base necrozma, this necrozma is fodder to upgrade my legends, and this necrozma is my new form one" it's just the more new forms, the multiple duplicates are created. It's not necessarily a bad thing, I just feel like it sort of ruins their identity a bit.
  17. .Aerodactyl.

    .Aerodactyl. Well-Known Member

    Fair enough, understandable. I, on the other hand feel the opposite because I feel it adds uniqueness and unpredictablity to the game. I think it gets too boring when I can perfectly predict what set each Pokémon is using, plus it allows me.to use more of my favorites that are otherwise uncompetitive by finding different strategies and combinations.
  18. Sulfurian

    Sulfurian Well-Known Member

    Ah, I don't disagree with you there. It's why I enjoy using charizard for the mind games of which form I am. But I swear those moments of "I brought the wrong one!" Get to me too.
  19. Leosnake

    Leosnake Well-Known Member

    This so while not guaranteed we might very well see another form for Lycanroc.

    Also on a side note I would like to see Alolan Butterfree and Arcanine this time around just to finish up those two pairings then have the rest of them all be Johto Alolan forms if we are getting any.
  20. B. Thunder Tiger

    B. Thunder Tiger Well-Known Member

    Wow, that is actually a neat idea. Another idea I have seen floating around is that the legendaries we see, is just Necrozma constructing a body out of light derived from Solgaleo or Lunala, hence why they're glowing and look like they're solid energy constructs with black armor holding it together. That too is also very interesting I'd say.

    For names, I'd think they'd be called the following:

    1. Ultra or Eclipse Forme Solgaleo
    2. Ultra or Eclipse Forme Lunala


    1. Necrozma Sol Forme
    2. Necrozma Luna Forme

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