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New Pokemon Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Pokémon - Generation VII Discussion' started by afrior, Feb 26, 2016.

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  1. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    No I said it's my opinion, as I said earlier it doesn't matter but don't worry sir, you're a pokemon fan in your head all in all and to whoever else considers such!

    I hope the bouncsweet evo's aren't too much like the Roselia line. Budew and Bounsweet remind me of each other. I'm really hoping for that grass/fire type!
  2. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    Bounsweet reminds me more of Cherubi than Budew so I'm guessing it won't turn into a weird flower hands leaf hero.

    Though ideally if it "blooms" it wont just be alola cherrim, haha
  3. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    ooo yeah, they really have a few of those small cute grass pokemon that all look like the size of a head :p I still could still see it having an inkay evolution that you need to turn it upside down (itbounces on it's head), and then it's bottom starts on fire, which would now be it's head.
  4. WolfCypher

    WolfCypher Well-Known Member

    I was considering Bounsweet for my Moon team, but then Lurantis happened. Still, I'm waiting for Bounsweet's evolution to be revealed.

    I may be the only one, and I know it won't happen, but I want Bounsweet to evolve into a (literal) Dragonfruit, with draconic features (its still a fruit, mind you) and Grass/Dragon typing.

    It won't happen, but whatever it evolves into, I hope it strives higher than Cherrim-levels of blergh.
  5. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    Also I take back what I said about the fan thing, you're a fan through in through in my eyes :D

    I think that could be cool too, this idea for a draconic dragonfruit, but I'd still prefer it to be grass/fire if they can just give it fiery draconic features XD
  6. Luthor

    Luthor Well-Known Member

    Ordinarily i'd really like the dragonfruit idea as it would be cool to have a dragon like that. But i'd be highly shocked that they'd have another grass/dragon given Alolan Exeggutor is introduced this time around. It's still possible but i doubt it at the moment.
  7. Charmander27

    Charmander27 Very Melon

    I highly doubt that a dragonfruit Pokémon would be dragon type, as that joke doesn't translate to other languages. It only works in English. Even farmers don't call it dragonfruit; that's just a consumer name, like clementine, and not the real name of the fruit.
  8. Wadeledge

    Wadeledge Till all are One

    There's Pokemon based on puns/quirky things/sayings in other languages. Wobbuffet comes to mind, it's literally based on a famous Japanese stand up comedian.

    Never underestimate how much TPCi loves their puns.
  9. lemoncatpower

    lemoncatpower Cynical optimist

    i know its wiki, but the dragonfruit is commonly called the dragonfruit in other languages as well apparently.
  10. Hauke_von_Arding

    Hauke_von_Arding Well-Known Member

    Dragonfly also only works in English... but they did it.
  11. Julia Artemis

    Julia Artemis Well-Known Member

    Honestly the only reason I'll use Bounsweet if it's the Flygon of grass Pokemon. So hoping they do this since otherwise seems useless ala Cherim
  12. WolfCypher

    WolfCypher Well-Known Member

    I just want this now. Bounsweet becoming SM's Flygon. Please let this happen.
  13. future.newyorker

    future.newyorker Well-Known Member

    I think they're going for Drampa being more of the Flygon of this gen.
  14. ABC595

    ABC595 Well-Known Member

    I really can't see Drampa evolving,
  15. future.newyorker

    future.newyorker Well-Known Member

    Drampa would equal Flygon. It's pre-evolutions would be Trapinch/Vibrava.
  16. Julia Artemis

    Julia Artemis Well-Known Member

    I hope so. I really want to see Drakid. Think it could look amazingly cute.
  17. future.newyorker

    future.newyorker Well-Known Member

    Back on the topic of missing Ice and Dark types. I'm fairly certain that there will be quite a few new Ice types, seeing as how there is a very large icy mountain.
  18. R_N

    R_N Well-Known Member

    there was an entire ice mountain with icy town, 2 icy routes and an ice gym and XY added 2 new ice families, one of which was a fossil and thus not normally available, so its probably not the best thing to expect. Especially when we have ice retypings for encounter filler.
  19. future.newyorker

    future.newyorker Well-Known Member

    But because of the fact that we only got two new Ice families in XY, that's another reason I think we'll get quite a few.
  20. PsychoIncarnate

    PsychoIncarnate Well-Known Member

    This is the first gen I had fire types compete to be on my team...I like Salandit, Marowak and especially Turtinator. I also was considering picking Litten but I don't like his wrestling theme
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