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New Pokemon Discussion Thread

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Legends Arceus
Passmian is awesome!

Oranguru is Harambe awesome as well.

The Lycanrocs are version exclusives as expected. I'm getting Sun so I'll be seeing the Midday form.


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Pure Rock for both Lycanroc forms was unexpected, as was its Midnight Form retaining both of Rockruff's Abilities, while the Midday Form was the one that had one change. Who'd have thought that, huh?

Passimian (brilliant play on prosimian, by the way) is not only another notch on the Chinesee leak's belt (though it's a lemur, not a monkey), but also a fun new Mon for VGC, as is it's counterpart Oranguru (yet another great name).

Grey Wind

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I love Passimian. The design is awesome and receiver seems like a cool ability (and its nice to see another tick for the Chinese leak). Oranguru has a neat concept but I'm indifferent to it. Thinking they're both standalones, although I guess I could see a baby monkey prevo.

Lycanroc being pure rock in both forms is disappointing, I was hoping midnight form at least would gain a secondary type. Midday form has grown on me a lot seeing it in game though.

Class Zero

We have arrived.
I do love how pretty much everyone, myself included, saw various secondary typing options for both Lycanrocs and yet at the end of the day they're both simply Rock type.

Really glad I'm getting Sun at this point, to be honest, with the exclusives shown.


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They made an Orangutan Pokémon and it's not Orange....booo

Love passimian though. That Chinese leak is true after all.
Lycanroc having version exclusive evolution confirmed. Does this mean the starters will have version exclusive evolutions as well?


Forever now
Yay for more new pokemon and abilities.

I find the Moon version exclusives so far are better (but I think I'll get both versions).

Oranguru though. I always wanted an orangutan based pokemon.

I'm kinda 50-50 w/ Rockruff's evolutions. They're both look basic. But I prefer the midnite one.


Ice Master
Now that I know both of Lycanroc's evo's are just rock type I'm definitely getting Sun. The midday form has a much better ability with Sand Rush and looks cooler imo. I was heavily leaning to Sun anyway but now that they're confirmed version exclusives it's a definite. Personally I think making them both just rock types is a missed opportunity. Rock/Normal and Rock/Dark could have been pretty sweet.

Passimian is pretty cool. No complaints.
Oranguru is amazing. I love the design and the typing. Only issue is it's Moon exclusive so I'm gonna have to trade for it. And on that note - Wonder trade will be returning, yes? There's been no mention of it.

Trainer Yusuf

tfw no non-Alolan Form Dark-type.

Mr. Reloaded

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Harambe memes will never die at this point.

I like its design though.


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Why on Earth is Lycanroc's midnight form pure Rock?!


Cynical optimist
so since lyanroc's forms have the same typing, I wonder if this means that if the starters end up with two different forms depending on the version, they'll still have the same typing as each other.


I like both Passimian and Oranguru, whereas Lycanrocs both forms being pure Rock is disappointing.

Most likely not going to use any of them on my team, though.


Ice Master
so since lyanroc's forms have the same typing, I wonder if this means that if the starters end up with two different forms depending on the version, they'll still have the same typing as each other.

Then I hope the designs are drastically different or what's the point?


Master of the Legend
Out of the two brand new guys revealed today, I'm liking Oranguru more - though as I'm getting both versions I'm not too worried about the availability of either of them.

I'm a little disappointed in both Lycanroc forms being pure rock type, but never mind.

Also, if you include the Lycanroc and Oricorio forms as separate (types and abilities), we've already got 2 more evolution lines than in gen VI. And whilst not fully revealed all of them, the dex is already at 53 for Alola.
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