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New Pokemon Platinum Team!

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
If you look in my signiture, you'll see the basics of the team. That is it, but they will be evolved. If you can, please reccomend me a 6th member. The natures are what I got given, so don't rate about those. So yeah, here is the team!


Data@ Wise Glasses
Brave| Trace
~Tri Attack
~Ice Beam
~Nasty Plot
Tri Attack is STAB, T-Bolt and Ice Beam is coverage, and Nasty Plot is to help boost these moves. I hate the nature, but I will have to make do.


Liam@ Muscle Band
~Flare Blitz
~Close Combat
~Swords Dance
~Stone Edge
Physical set. Flare Blitz and CC are STAB, Swords Danceboosts and Stone Edge are coverage. Life Orb gives more power.


Juggernaut@ Leftovers
~Iron Defence
~Metal Burst
~Rock Slide
Iron Defence is my partnership with Light Screen. Metal Burst and Rock Slide are STAB, Earthquake is coverage is is almost QuakeEdge. Juggernaut is my favourite on this team, as Shieldon managed to defeat a Grotle (friendly battle). I was impressed.


Aquapelt@ Leftovers
Quiet|Water Absorb
~Ice Beam
I really don't know about Aquapelt. Surf is STAB, and Ice Beam is coverage. Toxic and Protect for stalling along with Leftovers.


Jenny@ ???
Naive|Poison Point
~Sludge Bomb
~Stun Spore
~Shadow Ball
~Energy Ball
Energy Ball and Sludge Bomb are STAB, Stun Spore is to help slow down opponents, and Shadow Ball is a sort of coverage. I don't know her Hidden Power.

Well, there you are. If you can, can you reccomend a 6th member? Item and move suggestions are helpful. Thank you in advance!
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Aura Sensei™

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It looks good,but try this:

Infernape Adamant Nature
~Swords Dance
~Fire Punch
~Stone Edge
~Brick Break

This set is conservative.Set up,then sweep.


Be a Man!
Aquapeltwhy Aquapelt as a Nickname? Use mermaid hahaha?. Just kidding!
*Modest Nature*
~Ice beam
~Shadow Ball
Do you care about Breeding? If not, go with this Vapy, if you care, then
~Ice beam
Data@wise glass
~Nasty plot
~Thunder bolt
~Tri Attack
You don't LS in-game, so stick with NP


<3 Flappy
1.Porygon Z@Leftovers Wise Glasses
-Tri Attack
-Ice Beam
-Light Screen Nasty Plot
Nasty Plot to set him up for his Special sweeping.

2.Infernape@Life Orb Muscle Band
-Flamethrower Flare Blitz
-Close Combat
-ThunderPunch Swords Dance
-Stone Edge
Flare Blitz for simply better base power + the STAB. Then SD to set up him for sweeping, sharply boosting his attack moves. And who wouldn't want that?

-Iron Defense
-Iron Head Metal Burst
-Rock Slide
Metal Burst for STAB and it goes good with his sluggish speed.

4.Vaporeon@Wise Glasses
Ability:Water Absorb
-Ice Beam
-Shadow Ball
Wish for healing and goes good with his bulk.

5.Roserade@Wise Glasses
Ability:poison Point
-Sludge Bomb
-Giga Drain Stun Spore
-Shadow Ball
-Magical Leaf Energy Ball
Ok first off having the same type moves isn't needed. Stun Spore to cripple your foe, which can also help your team set up much easier. Energy Ball over
Magical Leaf for greater base power and chance to lower your targets special defense.

6.Dragonite@Muscle Band
Ability:Inner Focus
Nature:Whatever you can get, since your not worrying about natures.
-Dragon Claw
-Dragon Dance
-Fire Punch
Dragon Claw for STAB and great accuracy along with base power. Fire Punch for coverage against Steel types for example Will's Bronzong which has a
nice defense. Then Earthquake for more coverage, and its an overrall good move.

Hope this helped out.

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Thank you! I never knew Data could learn NP. That is cool. And I went with Flamethrower for no recoil, but I guess I'll change it. I'm at Veilstone. Can anyone reccomend a 6th member? I'm just curious.


→ s o a r i n g
Flappy did. A Dragonite would be a good addition to the team. Not much else to rate with the team really. looks pretty good.


Be a Man!
You only have acessa to Dragonite after the E4, so you can go with Garchomp
Garchomp@Muscle Band
Jolly Nature
~Dragon Claw
~Stone Edge/Rock slide
~Fire fang/Swords dance
I found Garchomp more easy to raise than Dragonite. Dratini and Dragonair are a pain the ***, Gible and Gabite is a lot more easier, thats a matter of prefence, tough.

snivy trainer

Driving myself batty
Oh sorry! I was in a rush. I think Garchomp would be a nice addition, but I need a Flyer, so how about Altaria? It's got the same typing as Dragonite, but I can catch it soon. It could be a nice idea?


Be a Man!
Oh sorry! I was in a rush. I think Garchomp would be a nice addition, but I need a Flyer, so how about Altaria? It's got the same typing as Dragonite, but I can catch it soon. It could be a nice idea?

Altaria Is Amazing, and can do the job very well
Brave Nature
~Dragon Dance
~Flame Thrower
~Dragon Claw
Mixed Altaria. With This Altaria, you wont Get walled, Brave Nature+DD allow you to do this, since the Speed loss wont be a Problem with Dragon dance. Hope i helped ^^