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New Pokemon Stadium

Discussion in 'Stadium 1 & Stadium 2 (Hidden)' started by Shade Sigma, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Shade Sigma

    Shade Sigma Lone Trainer

    I'm wondering is there ever gonna be a REAL new pokemon stadium? Pokemon XD and the one for Wii were disasters. The one on the Wii you couldnt even pick your pokemon. What have they done? Pokemon Stadium 2 was the best one made and they need to at least make a 3 for the Wii. They should do this when the 5th Gen come out. Pokemon has changed alot since I played.
  2. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    "Pokémon Stadium 3" is nothing more than a meaningless name. Colossum was "Stadium 3" in that it was the console battling title that followed Stadium 2. Everything you would have gotten from a game titled "Pokémon Stadium 3", you got in spades from Colosseum, XD and PBR.

    Claiming Stadium 2 was "the best one made" is subjective at best and claiming they "need" to "make a 3" for the Wii can't even call itself that. You're putting an inordinate amount of importance on what is nothing more than a name.

    Furthermore, you can in fact "pick your Pokémon"; you unlock more Rental Passes and greater levels of customization of those Rental Passes as you advance in the game. And honestly, who buys a game like PBR without a loaded DS game to use with it, and beyond that, who does that and then complains about it? It's like buying a console but no games and claiming you don't have anything to play.
  3. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Therein lies the problem for me i'm afraid. Pokemon Stadium was my first game, meaning I had to initially play it without having the extra perks of Red, Blue and Yellow to call upon. Still, I had bundles of fun just with Rental Pokemon and indeed rattled through most of R1 before I even got Red and Blue months later. Unfortunately I cannot say that PBR allows you as much freedom without a DS game card, and the restrictive Rental Passes seem like an excuse for the player to go out and buy a 4th Gen game.

    Plenty of entertainment could be had on HAL Labs' two Stadium games without even buying a Gameboy cartridge, so I can't say I agree with your analogy that "it's like buying a console but no games and claiming you don't have anything to play". It is the linear design of PBR as a standalone game that makes it suffer when standing against these games; it should treat the game carts as a bonus in the players' armoury, rather than highly relying on them. In my opinion, it was a poor effort from Genius Sonority (and a chronic one considering its early promise and being a fan of Colosseum and XD myself) and we are perhaps yet to see a true spiritual successor to Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2.
  4. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    The entire point of the game is that it be used with a loaded DS title. It was designed largely for that purpose. They did not make a game allowing you to battle your Pokémon in more realized fashion/on the Wii/online with the intent of having you do it with generic rental Pokémon. I have the game box right here: it specifically says that your gaming experience will be enhanced tremendously for using the game with a DS game full of trained Pokémon.

    And so again I ask the question: who would buy this game without a DS game to use it with in the first place?
  5. Blazing Charmander

    Blazing Charmander Well-Known Member

    Then fair enough. I was ignorant towards what was said on the label so I simply assumed that the game was to fulfil the same purpose as its N64 cousins. At least those games, in my experience, worked exceptionally well without the need for the sister GameBoy cartridges. Again delving into the realms of opinion, the Pokemon Stadium titles, for me, were far more complete and accomplished as video games for giving non-handheld gamers more than enough to enjoy without the GB titles at their disposal.

    Where is the flexibility with PBR? You either cash out on it along with a DS title or you don't buy it at all. On the other hand, Pokemon Stadium made the accompaniment of a handheld game a bonus. While in PBR you are limited to a small pool of Pokemon via several Rental Passes, Stadium let you use most Pokemon as a Rental, but with less desirable movesets. This was a more subtle incentive for going out and buying a handheld game as you were given the option of using crummy but workable pre-chosen movesets as a challenge, or hand-training your own Pokemon to strategise and comfortably work your way through each CPU opponent.

    It was a luxury to have a handheld game at your disposal, not a near necessity.
  6. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Which is why PBR launched three months after D/P in just about every territory. The assumption, and correctly so, is that anyone who really wanted PBR would have a cadre of trained critters ready to go by then.

    Not really. Maybe you did have a greater pool of rentals to choose from, but the two Stadiums weren't designed with using rentals in mind any more than PBR was. They were created for the primary function of giving you an outlet to battle your Pokémon with a console and on a television just like PBR was. That your personal experience involved the rentals more than it did trained Pokémon does not change that.

    You really think it's a coincidence that the N64 Transfer Pak was packed in with Stadium in North America? They certainly didn't do that because they intended you to go through the whole game with rental Pokémon.

    No, you think of it as a luxury. A loaded Game Boy/DS title isn't any more of a "luxury" than an extra controller or the Transfer Pak or the console itself: it's an essential part of enjoying the game to the fullest. Again, if your personal experience had you playing around with the rentals rather than using trained Pokémon, fine, but that does not at all mean that any of the games were designed with the rental Pokémon in mind and that the use of trained Pokémon is a luxury. If anything, the rentals are included only so that someone who buys the game without having a handheld game to use with it has something to do. They are most certainly not the focus of any of the involved games.
  7. GengarsRevenge

    GengarsRevenge Well-Known Member

    They have technically already made Stadium 3, 4, and 5.
  8. GengarsRevenge

    GengarsRevenge Well-Known Member

    They have technically already made Stadium 3, 4, and 5.
  9. Ghostie

    Ghostie Unidentified Ghost

    No, they did not have that idea in mind. They wanted you to use your Pokemon from your cartridges. But you help the opposite argument. You said that they put the rentals there so you would have SOMETHING to do if you don't have a cartridge. But you say that they don't need rentals for PBR...but if you can't afford the DS games to go along with it, you pretty much have nothing to do. I know; I had PBR and the small amount of rentals sucked. I was lucky I had pre-trained Pokemon myself...
    It does seem like a gouge for money, to me.
  10. LiChampion

    LiChampion Veteran Trainer

    First of all they didn't make any new pokémon stadium because the developers changed. Stadium was developed by HAL Laboratory and Pokémon XD, Colosseum and Battle revolution were by Genius Sonority. Now if HAL Laboratory were to try a do a pokémon battle game again it will not be named pokémon stadium but it might get close however i think that there will be no more games for the wii because the new Nintendo 3ds gives a better output that the wii that cannot do 3d. So at least until a new console can work with 3d i doubt there will be a new tv game much less a Pokémon Stadium (sorry).
  11. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    Again, the game's box says that for the best experience, you need a DS game to go with it. I can't see how there is any ambiguity as to what purpose PBR served and how best to enjoy it.

    You do realize that this a franchise where the easiest and quickest way to obtain certain Pokémon is to buy what are essentially two copies of the same game, right? And where they take what is largely the same game, tweak it, clean it up a bit and give you some incentive to buy it and release it as a completely new game two years later? And they're perfectly justified in doing all of that and more because it'll all sell?

    I don't see why "a gouge for money" would be all that surprising.

    Or because names have less value than people often realize and a game's content depends on what's in it rather than some letters printed on a case. "Pokémon Stadium 3" would have done no work in indicating the point of the game that was Colosseum.

    What the 3DS is capable of doing is completely unrelated and irrelevant to what the Wii can do and any potential future console Pokémon titles, for the Wii or otherwise.
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2010
  12. LiChampion

    LiChampion Veteran Trainer

    So you think that a change in developers doesn't lead to a change in the name and in it's features. Sure that might not be the main reason Nintendo change it, never mind that they tried to make the obvious connection with the name Pokémon Colosseum but i think you cannot say that releasing a game that is supposed increase the battle experience without 3D when the portable games have it is a good idea (especially after how Pokémon Battle Revolution did).
  13. LiChampion

    LiChampion Veteran Trainer

    So you think that a change in developers doesn't lead to a change in the name and in it's features. Sure that might not be the main reason Nintendo change it, never mind that they tried to make the obvious connection with the name Pokémon Colosseum but i think you cannot say that releasing a game that is supposed increase the battle experience without 3D when the portable games have it is a good idea (especially after how Pokémon Battle Revolution did).
  14. BCVM22

    BCVM22 Well-Known Member

    No. Again, names are largely meaningless. The change in naming scheme and the addition and later subtraction of the "story mode" were a function of development decisions, not a change in developers.

    And the connection you think they made was...?

    First and foremost, you've managed to confuse definitions of 3D.

    PBR - and any console game - is claimed to have "3D" graphics because all of the involved onscreen graphics are built from polygons rather than sprites. Being composed of polygons gives the game's models depth - the models can appear to move in any direction, including "towards" and "away" from the viewer - height, shadows and everything else associated with an actual "real" image. The punchline is that the image is still created and displayed in two dimensions - the image is not designed to fool your brain into seeing actual physical depth or seeing it "leave" the confines of the display.

    On the other side, the 3DS is capable of displaying in what's called autostereoscopic 3D, which is the technology of displaying two identical images that are slightly offset from one another, a process designed to fool your brain into fusing the two images into a single super-image with actual depth when it processes the two images together as one. Look at the image output by the 3DS and you will experience the illusion of seing an actual physical image with depth, appearing to extend "deeper" into the display and appearing to move "towards" you.

    With all of that said, the 3DS is not a Nintendo console: what it can do visually has no bearing on anything in this discussion. And to further that, Pokémon is not a visually-heavy franchise even when it is on a console. What is it you think "3D" would really add to the "battle experience"? Water and fire "coming out of your screen!"? That's gimmicky. They wisely avoided doing something like instituting motion controls with PBR that required you to "throw your Wii Remote!" to "throw" a Pokéball or anything like that; let's leave the gimmicks to developers who have nothing worthwhile to contribute.

    Again, what the 3DS can do is completely irrelevant to the discussion, as is most any Nintendo handheld, given that the entire point of the console battling titles is that they give gamers an opportunity to battle their Pokémon in 3D - that's polygonal model 3D, not autostereoscopic 3D - on their televisions rather than their handhelds. That's not a function they will ever move to the handhelds, because it removes the console benefits from the equation and because a completely polygonal game, Pokémon and all, is still too resource-intensive for even a stronger handheld like the 3DS.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2010
  15. SoulSilverMstr411

    SoulSilverMstr411 Hikikomori

    Gen 1 had Stadium, Gen 2 had Stadium 2, Gen 3 had Colloseum and XD and Gen 4 had Battle Revolution. So I think it's safe to assume that Gen 5 will get it's own "Stadium" too.
  16. Bla7kCaT

    Bla7kCaT Well-Known Member

    gosh you all walk on eggshells to avoid getting attacked by other members..

    anyway, pokemon stadium was great, i loved the mini games too. it was a really fun 4 player party game, and i loved playing stadium one on one against my friends to see who could think up the best teams. colosseum wasnt pokemon stadium 3, it was just colosseum. and then there was AMAZING secrets like surfboard pikachu, and how you could play your game pack pokemon, and actual game pack with doduo speed. then you could print those pictures off on your game boy printer and use them into stickers, sigh those were the days
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