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New Pokemon you want to see

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Ethereal, Nov 5, 2005.

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  1. Wolf Goddess

    Wolf Goddess ~Lupo Di Autunno~


    And, no, Lombre/Luicolo are kappas. >_>
  2. Flaze

    Flaze Burn bright & strong

    I wonder if they will put pokemon that are like cameos? like one pokemon resemble Kirby etc.
  3. Polursine

    Polursine Leave my posts alone

    Wouldn't Jigglypuff resemble Kirby?
  4. Flaze

    Flaze Burn bright & strong

    Then what about the Fire/Ghost Idea I suggested just now?
  5. Polursine

    Polursine Leave my posts alone

    Yeah, I can see a "Spriritual Flame" Pokemon now. Small ghostish body, with a pitch black head. It has spiritual flames emmitting from its hands.

    Cool! I just thought of that then! Thanks Flaze.
  6. Snorlax 360

    Snorlax 360 Sea Ruby Trainer

    I want a Kraken/Giant Squid. That would pwn.
  7. Flaze

    Flaze Burn bright & strong

    Then the Giant Squid fights Wailord all the time?¬_¬
  8. Metagross123

    Metagross123 Guest

    more Fossil pokemon
  9. Flaze

    Flaze Burn bright & strong

    Personally, Fossil Pokemon are annoying. I don't like Fossil Pokemon. I think we already have too much fossil pokemon. Or thats just me.
  10. Eszett

    Eszett one love

    How about a legendary Rock/Electric type based off of Zeus or Thor? Sure, the 4x Ground weakness could cripple them, but they seem like reasonable candidates for Levitate.

    Anyways, it would certainly be at least a Tier 2 Pokemon with an incredulously large moveset. For stats, I'm thinking:

    HP: 105
    Att: 140
    Def: 100
    SAk: 110
    SDf: 90
    Spd: 105

    Or something like that; that exactly might be a tad overpowered.
  11. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    I'd say that a rival would have been introduced, if ever, at the same time as wailord.
  12. Dilasc

    Dilasc Boip!

    Legendary vikings? That'd be interesting. We'd have Leafrikson (grass/steel), Thoraxe(Bug/Electric), and Skidi (Flying). They would certainly be th most interesting legendary trio to date.
  13. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    Heracross says hi
  14. JazzJazz

    JazzJazz Well-Known Member

    I this just SPAM or are you trying to say that heracross has a rival? If you're talking about pinsir, that rivalry was only in place for the sake of an anime plot...
  15. Zaralt

    Zaralt 4x Pokemon Master

    I think it is partially, more body-like at least, but Lombre has the kappa-type head (that collects water, yeas I know it's a lilypad, but still).

    Okay, so they have two parts of it in different pokemon.
  16. PDL

    PDL disenchanted

    well, the "rivalry" is well more then just an anime plot...

    both are big horned beetle pokemon, with simlair movesets and stats (focusing on high attack power)

    and they're both found in the RS safari zone (both accessable in different places, one only available with the Mach bike and the other only with the Acro bike...

    anyway, there's nothing wrong with adding a new pokemon to be a "rival" for an older one...
  17. I would like to see a genie Pokemon (but not too much like the genie in Aladdin, either). It would be either Ground/Psychic, Ground/Dark, or Ground/Ghost. Its ability would be levitate or something like that. It could possibly be a legendary.
  18. The PikaMew Fanatic

    The PikaMew Fanatic Go go Poké-Rangers!

    I'd like a Pokémon that is like the Wizrobes from Legend of Zelda.
  19. Jirachi kinda says hi,but another Genie could be interesting...Just so this isnt spam...I think someone on this forum mentioned a rubber tree pokemon with 1 speed,which I think sounds cool,though Im not too open about 1 speed,but meh.Oh ya,a flaming rock pokemon would be cool.
  20. Dark Venusaur

    Dark Venusaur Banned

    I would like to see MORE Pokemon that rezemble plants. I will also like to see a Pokemon that is a spider with wings.

    ;003;Dark Venusaur;003;
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