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New-Power, and New Power Pokemon Building, the concept of building pokemon impossibly powerful.


A new pokemon building concept, team-building concept, and battling concept, made by me.
New-Power, a new power-making concept for building pokemon beyond their perceived possible levels of reasonable base power.


2ndary Title: "New-Power, a new pokemon building concept, team-building concept, and battling concept, made by me.
Summarization and Synopsis of Concept:
So, I was inspired by some games on the ladder to come up with a new meta-game team-building concept that I wish to write some on to submit to have published for new-writings for the competitive section for tactical battling concepts of the Meta and in the Meta, here on Smogon. I am posting this shortly after just making a team with a new-meta moveset Virizion, which I made for the team, that was inspired by and built off of Leafeon. You guys can see the summary and explanation of this technique in the Virizion summary of the rmt of this classically-built stall team, which was innovated on all levels by me. Virizion is the 4th mon on it. New-power is a theory and theorhetical technique, and (real!) technique for building a pokemon impossibly powerful beyond another. So since Leafeon is defined as a hard-hitting defensive pokemon we look to Virizion to boost it beyond as that since it has a similar moveset, by this I mean, the fact that Virizion has a similar antithetical moveset to Leafeon on the SpA side, as a similar one to the one Leafeon has for physical attack. Let it be noted that pokemon don't necessarily have to be the same type when power-building. Similar movesets are the most important thing, even if they are antithetical. For example, I give Virizion 176 EV's and 72 DEFENSE EV's with the rest in SpA to make it a harder hitting and more wallish Leafeon, in combination with the fact that it runs Calm Mind and Iron Defense, which makes it more powerful than Leafeon offensively, even though it's impossible for it to be. As Shakespeare says, "To be, or not to be." "That, is the question!" See, I was inspired by this phrase by Shakespeare to come up with the concept of "New-Power." It is based off the phrase, "To be, or note to be" and as I write, "more powerful than a pokemon before." Which states my adding to the phrase, and new 2nd pokemon, the less hard-hitting (offensively, that is...in the case of Virizion and Leafeon, since Leafeon is basefully more hard-hitting, offensively) pokemon. It is impossible for the 2nd pokemon to be more powerful than the mon before it, in terms of hard-hittingness, as just explained between Leafeon and Virizion. Unless, one employs the use of self-made formulaic and mathematical EV and tactical moveset tactical new-concept construction, which make up the concept of the building-of-power technique I came up with called, New-Power.
See, the 136 SpD on Virizion and 72 in defense with calm mind and iron defense allow it to boost to wallish defense power on both sides, and special attacking power beyond Leafeon's basefully more powerful attack stat compared to Virizion's basedful SpA stat by original baseful comparability. This makes it to be a boosted and more powerful wall than Leafeon (even with iron defense, and SD), even though this is fundamentally impossible without this new technique I came up with. That is to say, this is not impossible without my new concept and technique, I came up with, the technique of New-Power.
Because of this, one can title this Virizion set a New-Power pokemon because it defies original expected power and defies origin fundamental boundaries as well, as compared to a mon before. In this case, Virizion defies the fundamentals of Leafeon. As one can see between their original power relations. This is to show that the concept of New-Power is all about defying original power relations. That is to say, on the first fundamental level.
So, please enjoy this new team-building, pokemon innovating, and pokemon-building, and even battling technique. Made up by me, your kind friend, Psilo, aka Alex Amaterasu.