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New. Rain Dance Team.

Terra Force

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Hi everyone I'm new to competitive battling. This is my first ever team so I'm very open to suggestions. It's a rain dance team as the title suggests.

Politoed@Choice Specs
Ability: Drizzle
EVs:4 Hp/252 SpA/252 Spd
-Hydro Pump
-Ice Beam
-Focus Blast
-Hidden Power Electric

So I obviously have Politoed as my lead to generally set my whole team up with Drizzle. Hydro Pump has amazing power and hits even harder with drizzle although I may go for surf since it is more reliable with accuracy. Ice Beam is for grass types and flying types. Focus Blast hits ferrothorn and hidden power takes down gyarados and other fliers.

Kingdra@Life Orb
Ability:Swift Swim
EVs:24 Hp/252 Attack/232 Spd
-Dragon Dance

Dragon Dance set. I use substitute to set up Dragon Dance and go. Outrage and Waterfall are resisted by few. However one of the biggest issues is that Ferrothorn can pretty easily wall her. Other than that it's ok

Kabutops@Life Orb
Ability:Swift Swim
EVs:74 Hp/252 Att/184 Spd
-Swords Dance
-Stone Edge

Swords Dance obviously gives him a big boost in attack. Waterfall with all the contributing factors(SD, LO, RD) is extremely powerful. Return has great coverage with waterfall. Stone Edge is a great STAB move to have. I'm not sure about Kabutops though since I've already got a water type physical sweeper.

Raikou@Life Orb
EVs:4 Hp/252 SpA/252 Spd
-Aura Sphere
-Shadow Ball
-Calm Mind

Raikou is probably my favorite member of the team. Thunder never misses in the rain. Aura Sphere does well against ferrothorn, tyranitar and blissey. Shadow ball is really only for celebi so that could be replaceable. And calm mind sets up the whole thing.

Wash Rotom@Leftovers
EVs:252 Hp/168 Def/88 Spd
-Hydro Pump
-Pain Split

He's my bulky water type since he's only got one weakness. Hydro Pump is great with a ton of power. Thunder is the same power but never misses. Pain split is his source of healing and will-o-wisp burns which is always a great status.

Toxicroak@Black Sludge
Ability: Dry Skin
EVs:4 Hp/252 Att/252 Spd
-Bulk Up
-Sucker Punch
-Stone Edge
-Drain Punch

Dry Skin, Black Sludge,Bulk Up and Drain Punch all allow Toxicroak to be somewhat bulky even with all attack and speed EVs. Bulk up is so that he gets both a defensive and offensive boost. Sucker Punch is a great powerful priority move that always helps. Stone Edge does great against fliers. Drain punch is a great STAB move and recovery move.

Overall I don't think this team is too bad and will lead me to some wi s in the future. But do I not have enough bulk? I mean is only one pokemon focused on defense enough? Or should I make toxicroak's EVs more defensive based? Thanks!


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A Ferrothorn couldn't hurt. Ferrothorn's already got 564257237 resistences. And rain would add fire to it. Could probably bail on kabutops or raikou for this, and, it's always nice to have some to set up entry hazzards. by the way you don't have a rapid spinner. :l you're team would get rapehaxed by spikes and stealthcock.


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The Tier list and rules that will be used on Serebii (to be used on Wi-Fi)

You may not use a Pokémon team carrying both Pokémon with the ability Swift Swim and the ability Drizzle.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you plan on playing competitively on serebii, you can't exactly have Drizzle Politoed, Swift swim Kingdra, & Swift swim Kabutops on the same team.


Anyway you might want a rapid spinner on your team like Leche mentioned. Pokemon like starmie, or forretress.

Terra Force

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Well in that case I suppose I'll have to replace Kingdra and Kabutops. I was thinking of having Swampert as a Stealth Rocker and Starmies as a Rapid Spinner. What do you guys think?


Arm Wrestle?
Or y'know you could just have a Wet Rock lead. Toxicroak might work:

Ability: Dry Skin
Item: Wet Rock
EVs: Dependant on attacks. Always 252 Spd.
Nature: Modest/Jolly/Hasty. Modest or Jolly preferred, but Hasty if you go mixed.
-Vacuum Wave/Bullet Punch
-Drain Punch
-Rain Dance
-Shadow Ball/Physical Filler

*Edits Crit*

This would be able to take advantage of the rain, set up for your other Pokemon, and be able to do considerable damage itself.

Other than this set, discounting Politoed.

...You've got a few choices on yours that are interesting.

Kingdra is cool, and it's got nice power backed up. It's also a rare Pokemon to see in OU, so it makes for a surprise factor worth mentioning.

Kabutops is a nice Pokemon in general, and after a SD in the rain, he dominates. However, you'll want to consider Aqua Jet istead of Return, because in the rain it's got mad power, and aftr the rain goes you can finish off a straggler.

Raikou is cool and all, Yeh he's nice in rain and he takes out Ferrothorn and them. He's a big player in your team, as you already understand. Though, if you havn't already sent it to B/W, I'd say replace Shadow Ball with Signal beam. Hits morestuff and OHKOs Celebi easier.

*Scratching and ripping sound like on those DJ panels or something* Hold on, you've already got Toxicroak? Ugh. I will suggest the prior as a change still, because then Kabu and Kingdra can win.

Rotom-W: I've got no help with this one, ask someone else.

Toxicroak At The End: I would suggest subbing this guy with Ferrothorn, Ferro's a great wall in rain, and Lead Croak is better than nothing. Anyways, Ferro should be placed here for another reason; you've got quite a weakness to Dragons. No Steels is usually a very bad thing for teams. LS/Spikes/Power Whip/ThatOtherThingINeverRemember is the standard and it works well. Do it.
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Terra Force

<-- Current Hunt
Wow thanks a lot it helps. I will probably turn Toxicroak into my lead RDer because I do like Kingdra and Kabutops and they're quite helpful. Also I've been thinking of getting a Ferrothorn for a while now so I suppose now would be the time. So my new team(in short) will probably be:


I can see how well Ferrothorn would do in the rain considering fire moves' power gets reduced.