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new rival appears!


*petal dances*
hi, i'm new to serebii. i've been playing pokemon for awhile, but i found out about this site a month ago -_-
so today, i guess i made an account!

some things about me:
i like roselia! ..and other cute pokemons, of course. i like to read, ride my bike, cook sometimes? hehe. and i also like to battle! =o and dance! (for fun!) lol.
and the only two animes i've watched are pokemon and cardcaptor sakura. i feel like watching another one. any recommendations??

other than that, it's late here and i have church in six hours. so i'll check on this thread later today! <3

*uses sleep powder on self*


That Guy
Hi welcome to serebii

As for the snime Gundam Wing FTW!!!

Lets dance sometime xD

And enjoy your stay
Hi there, and welcome to Serebii!

As long as you post quite a bit here, and keep one eye on the rules, I'm sure that you'll have a good time here =)

And yay, someone else who's seen Carcaptor Sakura! It's the first anime I watched, and my absolute favourite (the undubbed version, of course). The only other animes I've seen are Karin/Chibi Vampire and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya; they're both pretty good, but I've yet to watch them over and over again as I have with Sakura =D

Anyway, enjoy your stay here, and I'll be happy to help if you're ever stuck with something ^^



Vintage much?
hi, i'm new to serebii. i've been playing pokemon for awhile, but i found out about this site a month ago -_

Of Course you did ;)

And May I say to you, How do you do, Have fun and Follow the rules, You will come and see this and think that this yser is drinking, well I tell you this, I am but not Alcohol just coffee but You shared a few things about yourself and I please to tell that you are more interesting then a log which is infact more interesting then 56.24% of all users excluding me and many others that could be found in the adoption thread plus the user who posted ahead of me is very helpful as well as me.

So in other words, Welcome


*petal dances*
thank you everyone for the warm welcomes!

and treespyro's post made be laugh =) =D =o

Blue Snover

Cold as ice
Another grass fan, yay, unfortunately not a Snover fan but what ya gonna do.

Welcome to the forums, i hope you enjoy it.


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Have fun here! If you need anything contact me : D

~ Phendrona